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 GODS holiness

Im looking for sermons that can help me see and understand gods holiness better.. im praying about this and meditating can anyone recomend some sermons for me i would be much grateful.

gods peace to you


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 Re: GODS holiness

Here's a link to an A.W. Tozer sermon on God's holiness...

[url=]Attributes of God : the Holiness of God[/url]

Also, here is chapter 21 from Tozer's book [i]The Knowledge of the Holy[/i]
[b]The Holiness of God[/b]

Glory be to God on high. We praise Thee, we bless Thee, we worship Thee, for Thy great glory. Lord, I uttered that I understood not; things too wonderful for me which I knew not. I heard of Thee by the hearing of the ear, but now mine eye seeth Thee and I abhor myself in dust and ashes. O Lord, I will lay my hand upon my mouth. Once have I spoken, yea, twice, but I will proceed no further.

But while I was musing the fire burned. Lord, I must speak of Thee, lest by my silence I offend against the generation of Thy children. Behold, Thou has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, and the weak things of the world to confound the mighty. O Lord, forsake me not. Let me show forth Thy strength unto this generation and Thy power to everyone that is to come. Raise up prophets and seers in Thy Church who shall magnify Thy glory and through Thine almighty Spirit restore to Thy people the knowledge of the holy. Amen.

The moral shock suffered by us through our mighty break with the high will of heaven has left us all with a permanent trauma affecting every part of our nature. There is disease both in ourselves and in our environment.

The sudden realization of his personal depravity came like a stroke from heaven upon the trembling heart of Isaiah at the moment when he had his revolutionary vision of the holiness of God. His pain-filled cry, “Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts,” expresses the feeling of every man who has discovered himself under his disguises and has been confronted with an inward sight of the holy whiteness that is God. Such an experience cannot but be emotionally violent.

Until we have seen ourselves as God see us, we are not likely to be much disturbed over conditions around us as long as they do not get so far out of hand as to threaten our comfortable way of life. We have learned to live with unholiness and have come to look upon it as the natural and expected thing. We are not disappointed that we do not find all truth in our teachers of faith, fulness in our politicians or complete honesty in our merchants or full trustworthiness in our friends That we may continue to exist we make such laws as are necessary to protect us from our fellow men and let it go at that.

Neither the writer nor the reader of these words is qualified to appreciate the holiness of God. Quite literally a new channel must be cut through the desert of our minds to allow the sweet waters of truth that will heal our great sickness to flow in. We cannot grasp the true meaning of the divine holiness by thinking of someone or something very pure and then raising the concept to the highest degree we are capable of.

God’s holiness is not simply the best we know infinitely bettered. We know nothing like the divine holiness. It stands apart, unique, unapproachable, incomprehensible and unattainable. The natural man is blind to it. He may fear God’s power and admire His wisdom, but His holiness he cannot even imagine.

Only the Spirit of the Holy One can impart to the human spirit the knowledge of the holy. Yet as electric power flows only through a conductor, so the Spirit flows through truth and must find same measure of truth in the mind before He can illuminate the heart. Faith wakes at the voice of truth but responds to no other sound. “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Theological knowledge is the medium through which the Spirit flows into the human heart, yet there must be humble penitence in the heart before truth can produce faith. The Spirit of God is the Spirit of truth. It is possible to have same truth in the mind without having the Spirit in the heart, but it is never possible to have the Spirit apart from truth.

In his penetrating study of the holy, Rudolf Otto makes a strong case for the presence in the human mind of something he names the “numinous,” by which, apparently, he means a sense that there is in the world a vague, incomprehensible Something, the Mysterium Tremendum, the awesome Mystery, surrounding and enfolding the universe. This is an It, an awful Thing, and can never be intellectually conceived, only sensed and felt in the depths of the human spirit. It remains as a permanent religious instinct, a feeling for that unnamed, undiscoverable Presence that “runs quicksilverlike through creation’s veins” and sometimes stuns the mind by confronting it with a supernatural, suprarational manifestation of itself. The man thus confronted is brought down and overwhelmed and can only tremble and be silent.

This nonrational dread, this feeling for the uncreated Mystery in the world, is back of all religion. The pure religion of the Bible, no less than the basest animism of the naked tribesman, exists only because this basic instinct is present in human nature. Of course, the difference between the religion of an Isaiah or a Paul and that of the animist is that one has truth and the other has not; he has only the “numinous” instinct. He feels after an unknown God, but an Isaiah and a Paul have found the true God through His own self-disclosure in the inspired Scriptures.

The feeling for mystery, even for the Great Mystery, is basic in human nature and indispensable to religious faith, but it is not enough. Because of it men may whisper, “That awful Thing,” but they do not cry, “Mine Holy One!” In the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures God carries forward His self-revelation and gives it personality and moral content. This awful Presence is shown to be not a Thing but a moral Being with all the warm qualities of genuine personality. More than this, He is the absolute quintessence of moral excellence, infinitely perfect in righteousness, purity, rectitude, and incomprehensible holiness. And in all this He is uncreated, self-sufficient and beyond the power of human thought to conceive or human speech to utter.

Through the self-revelation of God in the Scriptures and the illumination of the Holy Spirit the Christian gains everything and loses nothing. To his idea of God there are added the twin concepts of personality and moral character, but there remains the original sense of wonder and fear in the presence of the world-filling Mystery. Today his heart may leap up with the happy cry, “Abba Father, my Lord and my God!” Tomorrow he may kneel with the delighted trembling to admire and adore the High and Lofty One that inhabiteth eternity.

Holy is the way God is. To be holy He does not conform to a standard. He is that standard. He is absolutely holy with an infinite, incomprehensible fullness of purity that is incapable of being other than it is. Because He is holy, His attributes are holy; that is, whatever we think of as belonging to God must be thought of as holy. God is holy and He has made holiness the moral condition necessary to the health of His universe. Sin’s temporary presence in the world only accents this. Whatever is holy is healthy; evil is a moral sickness that must end ultimately in death. The formation of the language itself suggests this, the English word holy deriving from the Anglo-Saxon halig, hal, meaning, “well, whole.”

Since God’s first concern for His universe is its moral health, that is, its holiness, whatever is contrary to this is necessarily under His eternal displeasure. To preserve His creation God must destroy whatever would destroy it. When He arises to put down iniquity and save the world from irreparable moral collapse, He is said to be angry. Every wrathful judgment in the history of the world has been a holy act of preservation. The holiness of God, the wrath of God, and the health of the creation are inseparably united. God’s wrath is His utter intolerance of whatever degrades and destroys. He hates iniquity as a mother hates the polio that take the life of her child.
God is holy with an absolute holiness that knows no degrees, and this He cannot impart to His creatures. But there is a relative and contingent holiness which He shares with angels and seraphim in heaven and with redeemed men on earth as their preparation for heaven. This holiness God can and does impart to His children. He shares it with them by imputation and by impartation, and because He has made it available to them through the blood of the Lamb, He requires it of them. To Israel first and later to His Church God spoke, saying, “Be ye holy; for I am holy.” He did not say “Be ye as holy as I am holy,” for that would be to demand of us absolute holiness, something that belongs to God alone.

Before the uncreated fire of God’s holiness angels veil their faces. Yea, the heavens are not clean, and the stars are not pure in His sight. No honest man can say “I am holy,” but neither is any honest man willing to ignore the solemn words of the inspired writer, “Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.”

Caught in this dilemma, what are we Christians to do? We must like Moses cover ourselves with faith and humility while we steal a quick look at the God whom no man can see and live. The broken and the contrite heart He will not despise. We must hide our unholiness in the wounds of Christ as Moses hid himself in the cleft of the rock while the glory of God passed by. We must take refuge from God in God. Above all we must believe that God sees us perfect in His Son while He disciplines and chastens and purges us that we may be partakers of His holiness.

By faith and obedience, by constant meditation on the holiness of God, by loving righteousness and hating iniquity, by a growing acquaintance with the Spirit of holiness, we can acclimate ourselves to the fellowship of the saints on earth and prepare our-selves for the eternal companionship of God and the saints above. Thus, as they say when humble believers meet, we will have a heaven to go to heaven in.

How dread are Thine eternal years,
O everlasting Lord!
By prostrate spirits day and night
Incessantly adored!

How beautiful, how beautiful
The sight of Thee must be,
Thine endless wisdom, boundless power,
And awful purity!

Oh how I fear Thee, living God!
With deepest, tenderest fears,
And worship Thee with trembling hope,
And penitential tears.
Frederick W. Faber

Ron Halverson

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 Re: GODS holiness

[url=]Be Ye Holy For I Am Holy[/url] by Keith Daniel
I think I will never forget this message. It was the first one that I heard from Keith Daniel. Staggering.

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 Re: GODS holiness

Digging for gold again and found More.

Thank you three!

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 Re: GODS holiness

Hi christian,

The links on this page will surely bless you. One of my all-time favorites is Milt.


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Php 3:10,11 That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;
If by any means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead.

I just finished listening to this sermon that Brother Kire posted

This thread is over SIX yrs old and I know that Brother Christian could fill a thread with all the sermons he's listened to over the period of all of these yrs - as well as Brother Ron and Brother Kire - but my heart is so grieved at what my reaction to this sermon is.

I'm not even going to think of what to say - I've got to just type and not worry about what comes out.

Since finding Sermon Index in June of 2005 and having always dug back to the earlier threads, from the Founding of this Site, I've taken three seperate yrs off of the internet completely and have come back after each yr long break to see how everyone was.

This last break was 14 months long. From Oct of '09 until Nov of 2010.

This topic of "Holiness" was being Mocked when I returned online this time and being called "works salvation" - "legalism" and "a religious spirit". Oh My GOD - I'm shaking as I type for the grieving in my heart and soul of what I've read ever since.

Brother Keith Daniel begins this message linked above with words to the essence of "Those that are praying for Revival will be fearful should it truly come, for seeing what they themselves are Not."

His message could easily be better titled "You're as Holy as you WANT TO BE." Oh, Amen and Amen to those words.

Though this thread could easily be filled for pages with Sermons by these three Brothers that posted this thread over 6 yrs ago - this Sermon by Keith Daniel is one that I personally cannot compare to any that I've heard of late.
We used to hear messages like this in the past - but something dreadful has happened in the Body of Christ to where we are not much different than the world that we live in. We want to fit in. Like the analogy that Brother Daniel gives here - Sheep will stop all they are doing to follow just one sheep, that decides it wants to cross the street.
Oh how true this is. We've wanted to fit in. I'm just as guilty in this, in that, since '05 I've wanted to "fit in" here and with the passing of time, I was at my wits end because of it and broke down every time into fits of rage and knew I had to get off and quietly away and made it happen so that I had no recourse and no way back on until I would take time away - off of the internet completely to recover my senses. I 'knew' what I was doing and can show you which threads I did it on. Screaming inside my head - BAN ME. I knew I needed it. I knew I needed the doors locked to me, to be face to Face with The Only One that Matters, to get back His mind or presence or whatever is possible to a human being that wants anything from Him.

Look back at the bottom of any of these Index pages and see the quality of the posts and the number of views.
Look back and see how far we've fallen.
See that this beautiful Godly thread was on "General Topics" and look at thre cravings of the hearts of those that posted here since 2002.

Yes, there were and always be contentions arise over doctrine and beliefs - as it's been since our NT was written. Since the first Church - but look at what's become of the Church in just these last 10 yrs that this wonderful Site has been on the Net. Look at the average thread and then wonder - where have sermons like this by Keith Daniel have gone. These were the messages we heard in the beginning from Leonard Ravenhill, Keith Green's ministry, the early David Wilkderson and back from them to the earliest messages we can find from the past and then Look at the Church now.

This sermon that Kire posted is the crux of the whole matter pertaining to Christ. Of Being His. Of being "seperated onto Holy use" but these type messages have been spurned here in the last few yrs and this is one of the best websites out there for finding these types of messages - so one can only imagine the state of "the church" at large.

Rather than finding a hundred more messages to hear until our senses are dulled by a voice saying - "You've listened to So many that you 'are' what they're saying." ... Just listen to this one for now. Shut off the constant stream of thoughts that invade one's mind and just listen to this man closely.
He preached this in 1997 and Compare the church now to his words.

No, I haven't lost my mind - but the beauty of what this man was able to convey through a human mouth is the treasure of a thousand pearls. The way to GOD. The way to "see GOD", as Jesus said in His Sermon on the Mount.

"Revival" - do we know what we're praying for?

Do we have to wait for it? Will we have the spiritual strength to face a global catastrophy and persecution without this revival coming into our lives by our 'own choice' First?

I don't think so and I think it's time we face off to that fact.
We're not where we need to be. We're not who we need to be in Him. We haven't sought Him as we should - but that Door is open even now. We're as Holy as we Want to be - Amen, Brother Daniel, Brother Christian, Brother Ron, Brother Kire and all of us here. And than we can teach transgressers His Way - if we go the Psalm 51 way first.

Have mercy on us all Dear GOD and forgive our lack in searching out your will for our own lives first. Forgive us LORD GOD - through the Blood of Christ our Saviour. Make us followers of You Alone and not man pleasers that follow that one sheep across the street - even if we need to be alone until we See You - we'll follow with those that are serving you in the highways and bi-ways, compelling them to come into Christ and out of this broad way that leads to destruction - come what may to this present evil world.
Cause us to see our utter need to truly "hunger and thirst" as if our very lives depended on it, after righteousness and to turn a deaf ear to those that would call us names for doing so.
In Jesus Holy Name.

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BLESS you,

May we get fitted for His kingdom !
'The kingdom of God,....the resurrected Lord IN us.!
Not a dead Lord, but ALIVE !


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My HEARTCRY as well....

FOR ANN: Can you email me somehow Ann? I am concerned to have lost touch with you....Mama27

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Amen Sisters. Encouraged to see that you 'heard' his message.

I can't think of a more important message than this one that he spoke. He prayed in the beginning that GOD would speak and not him and that's what happened.

'That' is prophesying! ... The Need of the hour - in words that you know are being 'Given' from GOD directly.

Brother Keith laid The foundation -- upon which, All Else needs to be built upon.
Without This foundation - all else is sinking sand.

GOD 'Bless' you both!

[am working on a way to email from home]

 2012/8/1 9:11

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