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 Love your enemies

Just a question. Does anyone on here have any good suggestions for a good audio on loving your enemies. Matt 5:44 or any other reference to this idea.
I've been asked to teach the adults next Wednesday and the Lord has been laying this on my heart, just needing some good material.



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 Re: Love your enemies

Hi Aaron, how are you?

The messages from Richard Wurmbrand might be an excellent source for providing some practicle examples of living out this command. Perhaps sharing some of his testimony could supplement your teaching?

In case you are not familiar with his story, he was a pastor in Romania when the communists came to power in 1945. He and his wife spent many years in communist prisons for their faith in Christ; he spent 14 and she 10. They also endured torture and other terrible abuse but testified of the power of God to keep them and enable them to love thier torturers.

The messages from Corrie Ten Boom are similar also and might be just as suitable(she and her family were imprisoned by the Nazis for helping Jewish people escape from capture).

I pray this will be helpfull.

Peace be with you in Christ,


Christopher Joel Dandrow

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