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I have bro.s' & sis.s' in christ in our church who had the "snip snip" & I believe they did the right thing in their own situation. It is all according to your faith.

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Amen Ginnyrose,

this is an interesting perspective.

I don't believe we can take, "Children are a blessing" and run with it and build a doctrine of birth control (or anti) around it.

Having children is not a law nor is it always a blessing as Paul even says marriage is not always good because "he who is married is taken up with how he should please his wife" and so one who is single is freer to serve the Lord in the ministry.
And Children are definitely a time consumer and we lose our freedom when we have them.

We need to seek the Lord and have His mind on how many children we should have or whether we should just leave it up to Him.

My wife and I left it to the Lord for 5 years and did not have children. Eventually we felt we were past the age where we felt it would be good for us to have them and one of us (me) eventually had surgury.


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