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 Man's Way And God's Way - Zac Poonen

In 2 Samuel - chapter 6 we find that David had a great desire to bring the ark of God to Jerusalem. The desire was a good one. But he didn't do it the way God had commanded to do it in His Law. The result was calamity – one of David's faithful men died. Once, when the Philistines had captured the ark, God had judged them with sickness and they decided to return the ark back to Israel. So they sent the ark back on a bullock cart. David had heard of that incident. He knew that the law of Moses had said very clearly that the ark should be carried only by the Kohathites, the sons of Levi. But David thought that method was all right for short distances. But since this was a long trip, he decided that the Philistine method was better and more sensible. So he put the ark on a bullock cart. The oxen stumbled on the rough roads and the ark began to shake. Uzzah reached out his hand to hold the ark so that it would not fall. God struck him down immediately for his irreverence and he died.

Uzzah did what he did, with a good motive. But he still violated God's law. Even if our motive is good, if we go against God's Word, we will still suffer. To do a right thing with a bad motive is unacceptable to God. But it is equally unacceptable to Him if we do a wrong thing with a good motive. The end can never justify the means. Here we see that Uzzah's end was good – to prevent the ark from falling. But Uzzah also knew the Law of Moses that said that if no-one was to touch the ark. Even the Kohathites were not allowed to touch the ark itself. They had to cover the ark with the veil of the tabernacle before carrying it, so that they did not actually touch the ark (Num.4:15). God had clearly stated that the punishment for anyone touching the ark would be death.

We can face this question, when we decide to do evangelism. How shall we do it – God's way or man's way? Shall we imitate the methods of multinational companies when we do God’s work? Many Christians say today that they need money in order to do evangelism. Is your dependence on money or on the Holy Spirit? What you should say is, "We need the Holy Spirit's power to do evangelism." If you have the Holy Spirit's power, whether you have money or not, God's work will be done. Only worldly corporations and organisations need money in order to survive. When churches also come to the place where they say, "Only if we have money we can go on", we have to say that they too have descended to the level of these worldly organisations.

In the Acts of the Apostles there is no mention of money at all in relation to evangelism or God's Work. Occasionally they would collect money for the poor believers, but never to pay the apostles! They never prayed to God for more and more money, as so many people do today. They prayed for the power of the Holy Spirit. The methods of the world (the bullock carts) have replaced God's methods today. That's why there is spiritual death. We need to understand what God is trying to say to us here.

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