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 Re: Most Impacting Sermon You've Ever Heard?

Hell's best kept secret and True and False conversion...both by Ray Comfort...

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Cleveland, OH


RavinHills-Sins of Laodicia(video)
What is your life?(Video)
Who's touching the ark?(video)
The judgement seat of Christ(video)

Rolfe Benard-The God of the bible kills people

Paris Headreid-So great a salvation
Ten shekels and a shirt

CH Spurgen-The great sin of doing nothing
Joy in God

David wilkerson-A call to anguish
Hell, what is it like?

Rev Wagner-Gods hell
The holy war

Ian Paisley-Five steps to ginuwine revival
Turns us again O Lord of Hosts
Revival acutal and possible

Vance Haver
Getting used to the dark
The christian in this world

Richard owen roberts-Sin crouching at the door
Seek my face

Lester Roloff-The axehead
What are you gonna do?

Jim cymba-My house shall be called a house of prayer

B.H. Clendeene-Soldiers(listion to NOW!)

Art Katz-Be ye perfect
Recongize the influence

Alan carins-The curse of using carnel methods for Gods work

These should start a person off..just a scath of the iceberg of what God hath wrought by so many Holy Men. May our Lords spirit quicken his word to whomever seemeth good in his sight.

Sean Hobson

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 Re: Playing Games with God

The sermon that impacted me the most was one called, "Playing Games with God" by someone none of you would know. I even forget.

God used that message to point out to me that I had made a choice (thought seemingly insignificant) that was a step in the direction of independance from him. The message hit me hard. I'll never forget it. I might add that there was nothing wrong with my choice, in itself. It was just a little thing, in fact, something that right now is the very thing that God desires of me.

A year later I heard the sermon on a cassette, and it seemed like a completely different sermon - quite plain.

Through all that I learned that God is most capable of getting my attention and give me warnings when I am prone to stray. He is also able to speak any way he wants, and also through any sermon.



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 Re: Most Impacting Sermon You've Ever Heard?

The first I can remember clearly, was GW North preaching at a conference. His style, if you've listened to him, is to flip from scripture to scripture, backwards and forwards, often between the Old and the New Testament. I have no idea was name was given to this talk, but I rememeber two things from it which changed my life.

The first, was his reading of the list of consequences at the end of Romans 1. You can think of them as a list of sins. He always maintains Paul does not put together a random list, but the list is progressive - one thing leads to another. Therefore, when he got to 'implacable', which is second from the end, I knew there was no-where to go, unless I started saying 'yes' to God, from a deeper part of my being.

Then, he was back in Isaiah 40, emphasising that God had fought the all-important battle FOR us. HE had accomplished the warfare [u]on our behalf[/u]. THAT just blew me away. I had never understood that aspect of the gospel.

It was, still, many years before I understood the link between the first two verses of Isaiah 40 and Romans 6:6, but, I did get there in the end.

Praise God!

 2006/5/21 7:55

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 Re: Most Impacting Sermon You've Ever Heard?

Hi all,

"And They Crucified Him" by Art Katz.

I would have to say that the present featured sermon is impacting me right now. If you haven't heard it, take the time. I cannot add to anything Bro. Katz says here. All I can do is pray that God gives all of us - myself included - the grace to live and die the Way of the Cross of the Lord Christ Jesus.


J. Buzza

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I thank God for Sermon Index, so much. Lately, I've been blessed to hear "A Time to Cry" from David Legge, the Art Katz message "And They Crucified Him, and several others that have all ministered and encouraged me (rebuked as well).

Hell's Best Kept Secret was a blessing in many ways to myself two years ago. It really answered alot of questions and thoughts I had for years that I never got. It was through HBKS and Living Waters that I came across Sermon Index, which in turn has been a tremendous blessing to be able to learn from many godly men.

To God be the Glory! As one faithful brother re-iterated to me based on Scripture "to whom much is told, much is expected". I pray that God really moves us all to stand up for truth, righteousness and holiness in our hometowns and church families world-wide.

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 Re: Most Impacting Sermon You've Ever Heard?

i remember i just got saved.... i gave my life to jesus...i knew nothing about him or walking whit him... and i asked a friend... he gave me two names benny hinn and david i searched the internet i found something from benny hinn i turned it of and was thinkin to myself that cant be true.... he was talking some crasy things about giving money... then i found this page...and the first sermon i downloded was
GOING ALL THE WAY WHIT GOD by david wilkerson
i remember it hit me hard..... the spirit of truth was guiding me showing me truth.

and i strongly recomend u to listen to that sermon.... lifechanging

thank u for sermonindex.... in my country the"churches" teach lies and made god unholy... i thank god for this page so that i can get some good teatching somewere.
thank u for the work u do...and god bless u

thanks from sweden
brother christian J


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Cleveland, Georgia


Glory to God! Outstanding.

Hal Bachman

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Woohooo! That's Awesome, HmmHmm :-D

David Wilkerson is awesome. It's great that the Lord lead you in the right dirrection.

It's funny though, that Benny Hinn and David Wilkerson (two guys on completely opposite ends of the spectrum) were used together in the same sentence! :-P

Combat Chuck

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