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 Modern Day Pharasees

Hello I'm new here this is my first time here.I just wanted to add a couple of thoughts about these Pharasees.Did you know that there are modern day PHARASEES.Yes modern day these are the people who say things like",oh you have to do this or that'or you can't do that you must do things this way.I would say that there is a spiritual element in this to.Yes the people who try to control everything are modern day PHARASEES.They think they know best,they think they are better than anyone else.Question",Does anyone think that The Devil could be considered as A Modern Day Pharasee.

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 Re: Modern Day Pharasees

I hope you are not reffering to your Preachers as pharisees......

Well we are to have people to teach and preach.....they use Gods word.

Are there modern day pharisees?? Yes "a little leaven leavens the whole bunch" the biggest warning is not to be hypocrites like them.

The church of Laodicea was lukewarm.....many people who are hypocrites......

They claim to believe in Jesus yet deny works.....which are required to make our faith perfect (James 2).

The devil is a deciever i would not call him a Pharisee i would call him a clever deciever.

God bless u!

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Depends on what they are telling you not to do. If they are telling you not to do the following, they are preaching the Word:

Gal 5:18-21 "...Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings..."

If they are forbidding the following they are legalizers:

Col 2:16 "...drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days."

1 Tim 4:3 " marry, and commanding to abstain from meats..."

Hal Bachman

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 Re: Modern Day Pharasees

Modern Day Pharasees are a real problem in many chuches. I live in a community church in the U.K. and although we have a tried and tested system of leadership/shepherding ministries, I do find quite often, those who wish to sound 'good', or look to be really on the cutting edge of a move of The Spirit of God. When you get up close and personal, you discover it is a 'front' to hide a generally self seeking heart and purly selfish motivations. It's like, the 'holier' I come across, or the more prophetic my spirit appears, the less chance I have of being actually challenged about the things that really need sorting. This sort of heart condition can, after a while strangle the new birth or growth in others. It is a slow creeping cancer in the Body of Christ. Insisting on the highest standards of living or the greatest acts of self denial from those they cover, yet in their secret place, they indulge their own base desires as they climb the 'christian' social ladder. I think that is a pretty good description of one. Bless them, and may God open their eyes to their sinfull state, and cause them to join their brothers and sisters on their faces before The King of kings.

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What I am about to say is NOT to be taken as a slam on anyone who has contributed to this thread! I am not talking about or to anyone... simply responding with my thoughts on the term "Modern Day Pharisee", which from time to time gets thrown around here... and has been directed at me a few times.

I get a little nervous when I hear the term "Modern Day Pharisee" because usually it means someone who is not afraid to preach the Word, stands up for holiness and exhort others toward holiness, usually has strong convictions about the KJV, and isnt afraid to sound a warning about different false doctrines, teachings and movements within Christianity.

The charge of "Modern Day Pharisee" usually comes from folks who are not interested in submitting their lives wholly unto God, and don't want people to tell them "what to do". Usually this charge comes from immature believers who have either not been saved for long, or just havent matured in the Lord for whatever reason.

What was the sin of the Pharisees? Legalism. What is legalism? Legalism is basically imposing the Law on people, and persuading them that without obedience to the Law one can not be saved. If one looks at a woman who is wearing a revealing dress in a church service, and thinks "she cant wear that and possibly think that she's saved!!"... that's legalism. But if an older woman comes to her and teaches her about modesty and exhorts her to a more modest way of dressing so that she is living in obedience to the Bible... that's simply holiness.

The problem in the church today is that most believers do not know scripture, so they tend to throw around Biblical terms without even knowing what they mean.

Another interesting thought... I've noticed that those who love to say "Judge not your brother!" are the first ones to label someone a "modern day pharisee". Isnt that judging??


 2006/5/15 16:06

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