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 Da Vinci Code Tracts

Here are some good Da Vinci code tracts to check out. We should at least show up to pass out a few tracts and try to engage in some one2one evangelism. We should use this movie as an opportunity to be a witness for Christ. With all the people that will be talking about the movie at work and other place, it might be a good idea to have some tracts on hand with you.

If anyone else knows of good Da Vinci code tracts please post them here.

[url=]Living Waters Da Vinci Code Tracts[/url]

[url=]Da Vinci Code Digital CD Tracts[/url]

[url=]Da Vinci Code Tract - scroll down to see tract[/url]

Patrick Ersig

 2006/5/4 18:35Profile

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 Re: Da Vinci Code Tracts....some initial impressions

Hi everyone.

I've been using a 'homemade' tract which poses the question on the front about the Da Vinci Code to start conversations about eternal matters and thought I'd share some initial impressions here.

What has sort of surprised me so far is that when I ask whether people think the claims of the Da Vinci Code are fact or fiction, most have said....


That's right. Although the movie has not come out yet, and this may change, so far my initial experience with the public concerning this is that they think it is fiction, those that have read the book anyway. After that, I ask them the same question concerning the Bible which leads to spiritual matters more directly. But this has sort of surprised me.

I even had the opportunity to use this tract at a homosexual gathering downtown and the response was pretty much the same. The only person I can solidly remember saying they thought it could be true looked to be the visiting parent of a student at a local university I was walking through. Maybe the older generation are more likely to believe the claims of the book are true rather than the young? I certainly don't know and this is by no means a definitive 'survey or sampling' of any sort.

Whatever they endup believing, I think this is a great opportunity to bring up the matters of our faith.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2006/5/11 19:59Profile

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