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 Truth in love

I prayerfully hope that you reconsider reinstating her membership.

Actually, have the same hope. Again, this is not as 'personal' as it may seem, there is a lot of misunderstanding as to that being the case. There are some issues that need to be dealt with and I don't feel I am in any position to outline them...

Time and prayer

Mike Balog

 2006/4/29 23:31Profile

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Dear SI members,

I've read this thread and other posts here and there since and my heart is feeling what words are going to be hard to express .... but this should not drag out any longer .... it's not fair to those who have cared for me as a sister and have shown me so much that I've respected and loved since I've been here. I feel I've learned so much from these posters and many were half my age. Dear loving people and sincere and understanding with me and my odd methods or bent or whatever they'd personally call it, they know what I mean. They've tolerated me for the good and have brought such fellowship into my life, that I will cherish until I see them in Glory.

I have decided after much prayer and even time, that it is best for me to not be on this Forum. And felt that the evening and nite of my last posts here after that time of praying, for about a month prior to that nite. I anticipated the outcome of the post I did on the Power thread yet at the same time felt torn that I would miss the fellowship we had.

I have to share again, my daughter is Catholic and I told you all the story of how we just met 8 years ago, when she was 29. And the reason I even shared such an intimate part of my life here, was because we were about to lose a sweet member here who is also Catholic. I exposed my own life to keep her here because she loved the Classics etc. as we do, but was about to leave and not come back .... otherwise, I doubt I would have shared that story here at all. But I'm glad I did.

My daughter accepts that we don't agree with each other, but we love each other so deeply it's literally beyond words and have faith for each other that Jesus 'Himself' will get us to our "eternal meeting" One Day.

She believes I'm "saved" and I asked her, if a man was left alone with just a Bible on a desserted Island with no "religious" training at all, could he still get saved alone there ? And she said "Of course."

You know that I'm not ecumenical, but in my heart, I know the girl I met on one of these threads and another lady I worked with and my daughter, for just a few, "know the Lord".

I just recently gave my daughter the link to this Forum because she had given me the link to hers and I peeked at her posts, so I thought it only fair that she be given the right to peek at mine.

Then the other nite happened on the Power thread and many other thoughts that I expressed after that on other threads that nite came out of me from sheer frustration of "Where is JESUS in all of this anyways ?" I wanted or needed to read about Him-Himself here at that point more than ever. My own pent up burdens for many things spiritual burst out in one explosion after that last post on that "power" thread and was distributed on all the posts that followed it.

Well, nevertheless, Jesus is between us who have connected on here and no cyberspace distance or geographical distance will ever seperate His sheep in Spirit and We WILL see each other when we see HIM.

He IS The TRUTH, The LIFE and The WAY. He left us HIS Book and we love it, because it's HIS and He left it as the direction guide of how to get to that final destination of where He is.

We Love Him because He first Loved us. We Love His Word because He is The Word.

Our Blessed Hope is His Return and by His Spirit and Truth, we'll run the race until that Day and pray one for another. I look forward to this more than my next breath. And we'll find each other somehow in the crowd :-) .

Lord Bless and Hold Him High & Tight.



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Well, Annie, I wish we had started on this graceful note, rather then ending on it.

Please forgive any offense of mine, especially those through sheer insensitivity. I suppose if it were possible, I wish we would never discuss theology sometimes.

These issues get in the way of how we really feel about each other and our forceful opinions mask the reality that all of us would be lost and confused if Jesus did not hold onto us himself.

I'll miss you around here sister.


Mike Compton

 2006/4/30 13:43Profile

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 Re: Love is corrective

I wasn't addressing Annie, I've observed our sister over the long haul and I fully trust her heart. I was addressing individual(s) who I saw log in as "anonymous". At least thats how I saw the posts by the time I got around to reading them, by than they were locked. I laid down for those here on SI the scripture from the book of Jude as a balance and protection from sweeping statements noting the word "some", A protection against others who make sweeping statements and against ourselves when we make sweeping statements.
Lastly I noted a proverb and admonition to keep ourselves "in" the Love of Christ.
As I read everyones follow up I realized that my points were missed and prehaps I was missing much of the puzzle. So I will go on public record and note that I have the uttmost confidence in the moderators of this site to use discernment and exercise good judgement in thier administration of this site. They are not perfect, they make and will make mistakes, we all do. But practically speaking, we have here a great resource and we all should rember that it was God who gave this vision to Bro. Greg and he in obedience has just followed that call, he only needs to be faithful, as for thoughs who come against what God has set in place, :-o I'll keep them ever in my prayers for mercy. Can a man fight against God??


 2006/4/30 23:07Profile

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