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Interesting this interest in Evangelism recently! Its about time the church got up and did what God has called us to. What else could be more important than preaching the Gospel? Why did God Die? Why is the Church still here?
Is it to have church picnics? To just hold up Holy hands and sing praises? Evangelism is WAR and we must be about the FATHER'S BUSINESS, Enough with man's business. Church, lets rise up and take this world as JESUS COMMANDED. Enough of book reading, enough of seminars! How many seminars do we need to GO!
Before i was sent, i was with YWAM(Youth with a mission) in Kona. I did construction on the University there. I had no vision or passion for the lost. I was in God's baby crib, soaking in the Blessings. There is a time for that, but 7 years is too long, i felt useless!
I saw a Tongan handing out tracts to tourists. I thought he was doing a good work. Here we were, a huge missionary university full of missionarys from the whole world and nobody but this lone man doing God's real business!
The world is on Fire and going to hell. What are we christians doing about that? Sitting easy by the fire, warming our feet, or pulling out the willing? We have lost our Father's vision. How lost can we get? I yearn for the days i used to hangout with those missionarys in Hawaii though. So full of love for God, they seemed like people from another planet.
We are not lost church, just lost in our purpose for the lord. I dont want to call down judgement for that, He is the Judge. What i yearn to see, is the church being a Light to the World, to see christians happy to be saved and glorying in God! That is perhaps the best sign to the world that we are in the Father's hands. Lets put away little church agendas, and get about God the Father's main agenda....People! The Gospel is about Christ, His suffering, death, burial and Resurrection! Not the color of the seats, walls, and floors of the building. That is the illusion! Paul said it right "But God forbid that I should glory, save in the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world" Gal.6:14 World without end, Amen

 2006/4/28 6:56


Brother Dave, you said "Interesting this interest in Evangelism recently!"

May I ask why you are saying "recently" ... because you are new to this forum, you maybe don't know how many on here are open-air evangelists, etc. and for how long they've been at it.

You guys came on here new with strong messages to "us" .... as if you knew all that has gone on here since 2002.

Please be more aware of the type of posts that have been posted on this website since then and why so much is here in the form of Messages, Sermons, and Audio Sermons.

It's not "us" who have just "recently" gotten into doing God's work. Some of us have been "at it" for 30 years or more.

Some of you new guys are coming on as if you are talking to a bunch of sit around- play around Christians on this site.

I don't know how you all are getting that, being new here and can't you see from what all is on this forum for all these years, that these folks have "meant business" since it's formation.

We may not always agree on some issues, but when it comes to Evangelism, and sloppy organized religion, etc. .... just do a SEARCH on those topics and see the threads from years ago until now on these issues.

Look at back pages more. I spend more time reading the back pages to know where I'm at when I first join a forum or BEFORE I join a forum.

Thanks if you understand what I'm trying to say.

In His Grace.


 2006/4/28 7:16


In response to your post, i dont make it a rule to start or continue fights. I go for the juglar, and try to get people moving! Yes, perhaps we are new, but not new to swinging the Battle Axe! The church needs some Movers and Shakers, not just "Yes" men. You dont really know us. Perhaps we should all just get together for a pot luck and really share some war stories. Thats a bit tough though, since im in Finland, and Paul is in Australia. (To be honest though) There is an extreme Bandwith of believers in the world. Some of us are EXTREME in our faith, but we mean well. We are not lashing out at "People", but ideas and certain spirits that keep us back from advancing the Faith.

 2006/4/28 8:13


Hia Dave again,

May I just ask one more question ? You said on the Intro Board that you and Paul/rakkanakknal know each other, but not this new guy cutgrass3 .... but would you say that you all are part of The Manifest Sons of God Movement ?

Just trying to get understanding.

Thanks ahead.

 2006/4/28 8:44


Yes i know paul...I dont know cutgrass. I am not a part of the Manifest Sons of God.Ask Paul about that. Im sure he will gladly answer any and all questions.

 2006/4/28 9:22


Oh O.K. Dave. I just was trying to understand the "we" parts in your posts. By "we" you just meant you and Paul here. Right ?

Paul/rakkanakknal knows more than you about you guys are all about, so I should ask him ?

Thank you for having the patience with me with the answer.

Have a great day.


 2006/4/28 9:28

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~I hear what you are saying and want to jump into the air with my fist raised!

~Do not forget about the originality of the Lord. Some have been called to merely be examples, others to quietly love and listen. There are missionaries who are called into large cultish churches who claim to be pure, instead of into other countries. I know those who don't go out to anyone, but God calls the unsaved to them and they poor their hearts out time and time again.

~I lived on a YWAM base. I saw a YWAM base fall to pieces! God goes on. He uses us. As long as we are open to be used and not stubborn or stuck in our comfort zone, God will use us to get his word out. Men will be called down from their soap boxes to listen to children and the shy studderer will be called to shout out the name of the Lord in front of all.

 2006/5/1 17:22Profile

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