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SEEK the Lord our GOD and conform yourself to the likeness of Christ. Nobody can defeat sin on their own; the attempt would be quite foolish. Instead do not worry because the Lord is with us. Take your sin to the cross each time you find it in your life, cut the ties that bind you to your own flesh. We do not belong to ourselves, WE BELONG TO GOD, WE BELONG TO JESUS CHRIST! We do not deserve the deliverance that we are given by Christ. But he seeks us out to conform us anyways to the likeness of him in his love. CHRIST DESERVES ALL US! SO GIVE HIM WHAT HE CAME AND DIED FOR! LOVE GOD WITH YOUR MIND, HEART, SOUL AND SPIRIT! LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF! BECOME TRULY CHRIST-LIKE AND YOU WILL HAVE YOUR VICTORY THROUGH GOD AND CHRIST ALONE!

Brothers and Sisters, I beg you, stop the Strife within the body. Love one another as Christ not only Loved you but commanded you to Love as well.

I love you all in Jesus name


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God help your hastiness to judge and condemn without full investigation of a post or knowledge of the person's prior posts through-out.

That is incorrect and the exact opposite of what we are attempting to correct at the moment throughout this forum. Judge with right judgement and leave off the condemning period.


Re-read what you have written and look at the tone and manner of your words. This is not a place to be making either demands nor accusations.

As to the original posting.
Part of the problem applies as well with the way this was headed. Again, whatever the intent, you got off on the wrong footing with a dictating statement in "Do not reply", regardless of what follows. In an open forum it is a self defeating statement and quite out of line with the thrust of this ministry.

To all.

Please, mark your words carefully, there has been enough bickering and bitting amongst each other and the tolerance of this here is at an end. You are, and will be held accountable for your actions and words here.

Mike Balog

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Joined: 2006/4/13
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Dallas, TX

 Re: Caution

Amen, Bless you Brother Mike.


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 Re: DO NOT RESPOND - unless you have victory over sin!

There is only one way for victory over sin.

First, victory over sin is not the goal of the Christian Life.

Rather, the goal is to be conformed to the image of the First born Son of God.

And how does this come about?

Only Christ is Victorious over sin. Only Christ is holy, only Christ is rightouse.

The only way to obtain victory over sin is to feed on Christ. That is, unless daily, we are contacting Him, enjoying Him in His Word, feeding on Him not just individually but corporately along with others of His body, can we enter into the genuine experience of Him as victory in our personal experience.

We are tripartite. We have a body, a soul, and a spirit. When we believe into Christ, our spirit is regenerated, resurrected from the dead and Christ Himself indwells us.

God is not interested in our moral reformation, Rather He is interested in building Himself into us as our Life.

When the crowed asked the Lord Jesus, "What must we do to do the works of God" the Lord responded, "This is the work of God, that you believe into Him whom He has sent". He then went on to expound upon the experience of the Isrealites in the wilderness and the eating of the Manna concluding with, "I am the Bread of Heaven."

It is only as we take Christ as our daily manna, as the Bread of Heaven, feast On Him, assimilate Him, that He becomes the contents of our inner being. And as we do, we begin to live Him out, not according to rules and regulations, but according to the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus.

Only as we take Him in and are reconstituted with Him, can we live Him out. He said, "as I LIve because of the Father, so He who eats Me shall live because of Me.

Christ is the only victorious Life. If we are looking for a method, a way, a teaching, then we will remain in ourselves. God has given us a Person, the Living, crucified and resurrected Christ to indwell us and to be our all sufficient supply.

There is no other way but Christ. To know HIm, to feed on Him, to apprehend Him, to assimilate Him, and to live by Him.

Our need is to be strengthend by His Spirit into our inner man, that He may dwell in our hearts through faith, that we, being rooted and grounded in love, may be made strong to apprehend with all the saints, what is the length, the breath, the hight, and the depth, and to know the knolege surpassing love of Christ, that we might be filled up unto all the fullness of God"

When I came to the place where I said, 'Lord, all these things are either true for me or they are not. Either you are within me and all the promises of God are yea and amen to me, either I can live and experience the victorious Life of Christ or I cannot, then I began to find the Lord responding. The Bible became alive. I began to find Him within me working, I found all the truths to be effectual to me.

Our work is to daily obtain the Bread of heaven. to come to Christ, to call on Him, to feen on Him, to enjoy Him as the Bread of Life. As we do this we find our inner being strengthened. We find the Spirit working within us. We act, not out of obligatin, but just act according to His Live within us. We are regulated by His Life and we find fellowship with Him to be our satisfaction.


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These verses say something I believe.
1 Corinthians 15
55 O death, where [is] thy sting? O grave, where [is] thy victory?
56 The sting of death [is] sin; and the strength of sin [is] the law.
57 But thanks [be] to God, which [u][b]giveth us the victory[/b][/u] through our Lord Jesus Christ.
58 [u]Therefore[/u], my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.

 2006/4/26 17:25

Joined: 2006/4/13
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Dallas, TX


Bless you Sister Linn

You dont find victory through anything other than Christ. Christ is the end of ourselves and the beginning of NEW LIFE. "Give me less of me, and more of you." We must cut ourselves out, deny all that which is you in the flesh. Become more like Christ, seek his face, seek his will, and by that you will no longer be a slave to sin. Sin is no longer your master in Christ, but rather The Lord HIMSELF.


In Christ,


 2006/4/26 17:38Profile

 Re: Caution


crsschk wrote:
God help your hastiness to judge and condemn without full investigation of a post or knowledge of the person's prior posts through-out.

That is incorrect and the exact opposite of what we are attempting to correct at the moment throughout this forum. Judge with right judgement and leave off the condemning period.

This is one time I DO think this needs to be cleared up and brought to the light --- because if anyone would go back and read my 'first' post on page one ---- I am asking - Can you understand why Only WDJD Reacted to that post in the way he did below here and cause the stir to begin with and why did Dorcas stir it up again - AFTER I had handled it calmly ?

I "bickered" with no one and did not "bite" when being "bitten" from two sources.

What on earth stirred those two against that one post ?

I answered WDJD calmly and I thought the issue was over until Dorcas stirred it up again with --- ""Is it really necessary to flare up every time someone challenges you?"" --- more false charges and inuendos and now to ask you Mike ---- What would you have said to these charges, if said to you and how would you have reacted to ...... "the spirit of the anti-christ is behind you" ... etc. etc ?

My responses again were very calm and I do not feel I said anything over-the-top considering these remarks to my one post ......

From WDJD Posts 1 and 2 regarding Just my first post on pg 1 -

in resonse to MeAgain's response....

do not mock God and His word.

Just because you have not experinced true victory do not shoot someone down for seeking it.

You are teaching contrary to the word of God MeAgain,

im sorry but it is simply the spirit of the anti-christ that is behind you....

i did not read your whole post because it from the start is against scripture

you are causing a young christian or a strugling christian to RELAX because it is "too hard" for YOU to keep God's commandments....

Luke 17:1-2
Then said he unto the disciples, It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come! 2 It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.

Listen not to the false prophets/preachers/people who commend your sin weather directly or inderectly......

Can i also suggest that MeAgain that that view you hold that "it is impossible to do what Jesus says to do" that view is at odds to what the majority of what the older generation of strong preaching says that is on this very sight....

To the original post......forget what everyone says to you just go back to the scriptures and follow them....listen not to those decievers who say "Peace, Peace" when there is no peace.....

Post 2


i went through it very roughly the first time....and the second time wasnt worth it....

i dont care what else u think u wrote that was so briliant...

what you wrote in your post was NO different to what i hear from any other spiritualy dying church out there.....

again i say answer me clearly (can we live perfect?)

Forget your teachers and go to the bible...

go back to my post and answer me where do u get your theology or doctrine from???

What was done here, "this time" to me by WDJD and Dorcas, is something that should not have been done ... not if either had REALLY read my first post pg 1.

These two have wrecked a thread that was going in good directions from ALL the other contributors before they turned it to evil.

Many good posts from everyone else on here that will now be "missed" because of WDJD and Dorcas.

Sorry Joe, but it is true that many brothers gave beautiful responses and I did my best on pg 1 .... but I fear all the good has been "muddied-up" now and I will not be the "fall guy" again .... not on this one, that mattered a lot to Joe and others.

I say shame on both of you, WDJD and Dorcas, who did this to a thread that was going very well.

I pray whatever good all the other guys posted can be salvaged by those who needed comfort.


 2006/4/26 21:08

 Re:entering into his rest.

The letter kills but the spirit gives life.
i think that the sons of God manifested in the world,do not eat from the tree of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil.But thay eat from the tree of life.
Therefore inso doing thay enter into His rest.
if you eat from the tree of good and evil,you are living from the sap of that tree,it will bring forth the fruit of the flesh,within is every evil work,it teaches you how to be good and how not to be bad,it is wood set for the masters fire.
Nowtherfore take up the tree of life,and you will enter into his rest, for the sap of the tree of life will only fullfill the spirit fruit,love joy peace, ect, ect.

 2006/4/27 4:15


Romans 8;1
There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus,who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit.amen and amen.

 2006/4/27 6:09


christ in us the hope of glory,amen brother

 2006/4/27 6:18

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