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My college semester is ending. I just pray that God may open up the time so that I can fulfill the remaining two weeks of College with a strong stride.

 2006/4/20 1:05

 Re: College

Is this the end of College for you, or, you go back in the fall? Any exams coming up?

I pray you do only those things which are in the centre of God's will for your time and energy, and that you know the differences that matter to Him.

 2006/4/20 7:20

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 Re: College

Hi YeshuaIsMyGd...

I will be praying for you.



 2006/4/20 13:02Profile

 Re: extra

I was going to start another thread, but hey, I already have 2 up, no need to be selfish.

Just resently (past 20 mins)a volunteer walked out of the ministry that I lead. A few weeks ago, my best friend walked out.

This isn't because I'm 'tough to work with'. Ha! Instead, just because one wants to have a 'good' live and doesn't want to go the way of the cross. (Not backslidden, just doesn't want to do ministry in his 'college years')

The other, I haven't gotten his reasoning.

Both of these guys I love dearly. And feel like my heart is torn a little. Because I thought both were going to stick in the ministry with me. I was wrong. This really hasn't put 'pressure' on me, instead has put a drive for me to continue the work God has given me.

Neither of them left on bad terms, both are still good friends, just quit First Priority. I ask for prayer for the right people in the future that WILL stick around and seek God for the County.

 2006/4/20 22:56


Sorry to hear this about your co-workers. Will pray into the situation, and that you find the Lord's grace and peace for what you can do alone, until the right people arrive.

 2006/4/21 6:47

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