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Hello Brothers and sisters! I hope i caught your attention with that one! What am i talking about? Spies! Is your walk Spy proof? Do you have good spyware? Perhaps some understand what im getting at...Remember the "Toronto Blessing"? Remember the strange noises and other Extra-biblical happenings? I remember! What a charade of satanic hoaxterism!
I used to fall for all the false teachers at one time. I let them pray over me, give me false prophesies ect.. I didnt know what was what, until one day God told me that the preacher preaching was gonna get it! Little did i know that (I) was to get him! Part of my call from God, is to Bust Wolves! Im not trying to boast, i would not want this job if i could choose, but God is God! I would love to be coddled, praised, loved ect, but my job is to "Crash the party" and throw out the "Hoodlums". Oh, how so many in the church love these con men! Who did the Jews choose when asked who was to be set free? Remember? Jesus or Barabbas? Well..the church(or should we say, Blind) still choose barabbas! Barabbas is a type of False Christ. Barabbas was a thief! These servants of the devil infiltrate our churches with impunity! God aint dumb though, he sends the spyware! Spyware(the prophetic), with the Discernment of the Holy Spirit, picks up
these vermin. We have to get scriptural proof on their error, and then go to the pastor and present it! I dont say all spyware works the same, but after doing this many times, i have found that having their false teaching documented, helps alot! Kind of like police radar! So if here are any young people out there, who pick up things from the Spirit concerning a speaker, listen to God! We have spies in our midst, so says 2Pet. chapter 2...The Word of God is the best "Spyware" on the market. If you know it, no spy/wolf will fool you! The enemy works on the ignorant. Dont be! And be AWARE!
"But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies" 2Pet.2:1 "And MANY SHALL FOLLOW THEIR PERNICIOUS WAYS" God Bless, and be ALERT! I want to add that not everything that happened at the "Toronto Blessing" was of the devil, but i saw alot of things thatthe Apostle Paul would cringe at! People hopping on one leg, ect...Not exactly a work of the Holy Spirit eh? Lets be smart next time!

 2006/4/18 18:04

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