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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Davinci Tries To Hang Ten

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 Davinci Tries To Hang Ten

Greetings brothers and sisters.
Haven't signed on in forever, sorry guys! Been quite busy, but after some vexations came my way from some Christian friends reading the Davinci Code, I was sadly vexed by this. So I am putting this back out on Lounge Blogger, to remind us all of the inevitable outcome of such enemy agenda. This came to me in Spirit a few days ago:

"...The Davinci Code is just another wave in the vast sea of oppoisition to the True Living Gospel of Jesus Christ. And as a wave it will come crashing down on the shore hoping to cause damage to the sands of authentic time. But accomplishing nothing, it will like ever other wave receed back into the sea waiting for another new tide, another new wave, and another chance to come and try destruction again. But like all the others it will not prevail against the One True Living God, and the Saving Powers of Jesus Christ who is Unchangeable, The Rock of Ages."

 2006/4/18 16:22Profile

 Re: Davinci Tries To Hang Ten

So is this "Davinci code" just some kinda trash? What is wrong with it? Somebody with bible knowledge please inform. Expose this heresy with a vengence!

 2006/4/18 18:21

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Gonzales, La


It comes against the very basic cardinal doctrines of the church...

Jesus as God....made Him just a man
His sinless life....basically equates Him to us
His atonement....shows He didn't die at Calvary

HIS RESSURECTION....running off to Eygpt with Mary Magdaline and having kids

Pure heresy from the pits of hell!!!!!

Mike Androne

 2006/4/18 19:48Profile

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