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Discussion Forum : General Topics : The Road to Reality - KP Yohannan

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 The Road to Reality - KP Yohannan

I just finished reading this book and it has really cut me up, exhorted, and encouraged me in a way no other book has. Saints I would encourage you to read this book as soon as you can.

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 Re: The Road to Reality - KP Yohannan

I agree Ricky, Road To Reality was one the best book I have ever read. You can buy "Road To Reality" on for 1 penny at the link below. For that price you can't go wrong.

[url=]Road To Reality - K.P. Yohannan[/url]

Patrick Ersig

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Thank you brother Patrick, as well I'm trying to get a case or two of them from GFA.

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You can buy "Road To Reality" on for 1 penny at the link below.

Wow! I have never read it but maybe now I will.

Thanks for sharing this. I'd like to share this ministry with others more so maybe this will be a way I can do it at low cost.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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I would also recommend a few books from George Verwer. From my understanding George has had a bit of an influence on brother K.P. Check out, [i]The Revolution of Love[/i], [i]Hunger for Reality[/i], and [i]No Turning Back[/i].

You can find them on

edit: they are all included within the [url=]George Verwer Collection[/url]


Combat Chuck

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I just read a book by George Verwer (a very small one) called: "A Hunger for Reality" and I bet "Road to Reality" would also be speaking of something of the same thing! I would definetly recommend you get both of them dear brothers and sisters! we need a revolution to seek Christ in His fullness and truly life the cross life.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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