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 Paul a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Paul a servant of the Lord Jesus christ.I thank my God and my king for giving me breath to be able to write these words even though thay stem from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil thay are the dust of the earth.serpents food,there is no glory in the old nature,the man that i am no glory is in the tree of life,my house is built with the wood of that tree.In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth was without form, and void,and darkness was upon the face of the deep.and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.In 1964 i was born into this world system,england was my birth place,i was two when i left england,we migrated to sunny Australia.And this is where i have spent most of my childhood years,i did spend some time in papua new guinea.i remember papua very well i had lots of fun, as a child there.My Mum and Dad seperated,my mum went back to australia,and got devorced from my dad.And we have been living hear since 1970,i was living in sydney and my mum got married new dad was a football player a good player too.But ten mounth of the year was hell for me,he was a mad man.I was six years old and he gave me the beltings of my life.i truly was terrifyed of him.he made some deep wounds on my family moved around alot up and down the east coast of steap Dad was was looking for the golden football,if he dident hurt is leg he would of played for Qeensland maybe dad did alot of good things as well he had good moral he tort them to me with great vigor.When i was 8 i had a visertation from God he spoke my name in a aterable voice it came from the sky,i remember it plan as day,i can see it in my minds eye.HE SAID PAULLLLL.I freaked out,i didnt understand who it was,i ran all the way home thinking it was my dad calling me.he had a loud voice to,when i got home i looked in my mum and dads room and thay were fast to sleep.year went by i dident hear from God again.when i was ffourteen i left home, and sayed with friends here and there.until one day i meet this man name john willams,his nckname was JW.He made me feel good about myself,my dad didnt he made me feel stupid.jw gave me food to eat and beer to i throght i was a real man.i fell in love with jw he was like a dad to me,i looked up to jw, he had a wife too her name was parents lived in a place call airly beach and i lived in a place called was about ten minits away from my parents place.i told my mum that i was going to leave Qeensland and go tto victoria about 2 thousand khp away.She said no you are not i said yes i am.and i did,i was gone for one year.i found out that the world has got teeth and thay bite.when i was gone for that year i found out that jw was a biosexual it took a year to find out the hard way.i was molested by him.At the time i dont know how it happend but it i said im leaving i wont to go home to my mum.And we did. .and jw drove me home to my mums.jw and his wife seperated.and i never saw her again,but i do remember something that cut to the heart of my soul.she said its because of you that we are separated he likes you,more than me.i can still hear her voice.Well i landed on my mums doorstep,my mum had a dress shop my dad worked in it.I walked into the shop and said how ya goin,yes can i help you,he didnt know who i was i looked differant i was smoking as well ididnt care what he would think if was smoking as far as i was concernd i was a man and knowone was going to tell me what too do i was a grown up now.i was 16 drinking and smoking thats what i did.makhey was the place we were day i meet up with jw i had forgiven him for molesting me.i hung out with him again aas long as he didnt touch me it was alright.Well one day i went out to one of jw's friend and we had a smoke of some pot,and i over dosted and i was tripping out somthing bad i didnt want to go home to my mums place.i didnt want to freak her he took me to a motel somewere i dont know were.i said to him IM GOING TO TOO SLEEP,see you when i recover from this pot,so i went to bed,i was laying there tripping out bad,a little bit after JW come into my room.he start taking my clothes off and jumps into my bed im laying theer parilized i couldnt move i couldent scream,but i somehow got some words out im not a poofter.i staggered out to the car and told him to drive me to some of our friends house.ther names were JC AND HELENS. I JUST HAD A THROUGHT I ASK JW TOO DRIVE ME TO JC PLACE(jesus christs house well well ive never throught of that in all these year)when i got to j c house they wernt there but we could get in side there house.Jw was saying sorry,on the couch,and all of a sudden i sore something i was still tripping on that pot i saw jw's feet and they looked like the devils feet too me i freaked out.i went home too my mums place.and didnt want too see j w mum and dad said that they were moving again.this time we were moving to the gold coast.this is the place were my youth was stolen the most the gold coast was sin city and i bathed in it for four years,i was 16 years old.(TO BE CONTINUED)

 2006/4/18 7:32

 Re: Paul a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Paul tell us more..very interesting testimony!

 2006/4/19 5:53

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