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 We need to change!

Greetings in the Lord! You dont know me, but im your brother. I work in perhaps the bitterest country of Europe. I evangelise, and bust Wolves! You know, those suckers who walk through our churches posing as true ministers! God has given me an Anointing to track them, find them, and eliminate them! You know, like Spyware! Its fun work if you dont mind being hated by most of the sin soaked, blind, and deceived. How many of you have felt or noticed these scum infilterating our sanctuaries? I hope there are many of you! WE got alota work to do!
Before i did this work, i was a man lost in the occult and drugs. I served the devil in spirit and lies! He demanded total reverance mind, body, and soul! Through the occult, i opened myself to many a demon. The main one was "The Force". Notice that Star Wars uses this name. It is a REAL OCCULTIC force(Demon). Look up "God of forces" in Strongs. Its in the bible. This force blinded, stole, much from me( I was possessed by a spirit of fear). The goal of the devil is your destruction! No games, just wants to wipe you out! Dont play games with him unless you realise your accended position in Christ. For an Ex-occultist, that is pretty much as soon as you are born-again!
I sold drugs(cocain, LSD, pot, speed) and also took them. By the time i was done with my charade of sin and death, i WAS nearly dead. I was involved with drug trafficers, and every filthy scum on earth! I am lucky to be alive! Praise God!
I write this to encourage those who have been, or are being delivered from the bondage of the occult and drugs! You may have thought there was no way out, or that you are misunderstood. Im seeking you! I was in recovery for 5 years. Dont give up on your walk with the Lord. You are more normal than the ones who are self-righteous. Jesus hung out with Sinners and Publicans. He came not for the Righteous. We as the body of christ need to come off our wanna-be preacher pulpits, and start helping the wounded and hurting. The next great Revival will be a Street Revival! We will have to know the Lord intimately. There are satanists, pimps, whores, homos, ect. who need compassion, and not judgement! Enough of this stiff-necked gobbly-gook! Cast those abominable ways out of your midst. The church has been a stiff-necked, judgemental, and creepy long enough! Its time we get humble, and real, because the world, not to mention Jesus, will spit us out of his mouth and declare us hypocrites! This is just the beginning of the change! All you hippies rejoice!

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 Re: We need to change!


I appreciate that you want to save in the Streets. I used to love to work streets, prisons, etc., when I could.

But "compassion" has to be seen in your writing too. If you know what I mean. I just mean all the "name calling".

Biblical names are O.K., Like "wolves", etc.

Just thought it would help for folks to really know your heart and desires for The Church and the Lost, if your writing had just a tad bit less worldly 'names/titles'.

All the best in whatever God has called you to do.


 2006/4/17 17:19

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Dallas, TX

 Re: We need to change!

Remember that the Lord is not just a loving GOD, but also a most rightous and holy JUDGE of all things.

May you have Blessings from Christ our GOD in what you are to do.



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 Re: the "Detective" annointing

Hi, Bashen, Welcome to SI! It seems like you have quite a life story. Do you mind sharing a bit more about how Christ transformed you?

God has given me an Anointing to track them, find them, and eliminate them! You know, like Spyware! Its fun work

This statement kind of threw me a bit - maybe because I'm not sure just what this "annointing" entails. Could you elaborate?


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Hemel Hempstead

 Re: I need Jesus to change me

I have been drowned in non christian music and dancing and other sins , I am so upset and miserable and need Jesus.
I have so much wrong I need Jesus help
We all need Jesus help
and forgiveness

Dominic Shiells

 2006/4/17 20:08Profile

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