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Harare, Zimbabwe

 Persecution from the closest one

Kindly pray that my wife sees the sense in what the Spirit is trying to do for us. Also that she reads the spirituality of our unnecessary arguments over material things.

We have been blessed with a baby girl and her future looks bleak because my wife will do anything to make me look stingy in the eyes of her parents. We are blessed with just sufficient finances to get by with basics but my wife feels we should always do something for her people. But I feel as a young just married couple we should concentrate more on the building process and help both inlaws when it is possible with what we can afford. I surely do my bit of what I can but it has never appeared sufficient in her eyes.

And all this is happening in the backdrop of a serious economic meltdown in Zimbabwe.

And my story is just an epitome of what other families are going through, both believing and non-believing. May you all brethren pray not only for my family but for the church and all families in Zimbabwe for the Holy Ghost to continue interceding for us with sighs too deep... (Rom 8:26)

May God Bless all of you.

 2006/4/14 2:58Profile

 Re: Persecution from the closest one

Persecution sometimes or far too often, does come from those closest to us.

At work we can get away and elsewhere, we can walk away, but living with it or having it from family members is the hardest of all.

My heart goes out to you brother, but you must stand on that you are the head of that family ... but you already know that and all of Ephesians 5.

I wish there were some way that you could move to the States or some other freer, less oppressive country.

Whenever I hear Zimbabwe, my heart aches inside me.

You have our prayers brother and most especially for HIS strength as you endure and for GRACE for your baby girl also.

Lord Have Mercy - amen.

 2006/4/15 9:11

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 Re: Persecution from the closest one

God will come thru for u . yo wlfe will c the light.believe God-He is Elohim

liberty nobula

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