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Pretty strong message here! I'd say there are alot of Samsons who have been side-lined by deception! BEWARE, MEN OF GOD, Your enemy the devil seeks to devour you! If you take a solid stand against his world system and its alurements, you will fight evil on every corner! Take your stand, but prepare for war! This is not for the weak and flimsy! Put your boots on, and KICK(in the gates of hell!) ;-)

 2006/4/14 16:32

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This ministered tome

The one who had known God's power in service and would continue to know it, must walk very softly before Him. He must be listening constantly to hear what God bids him do or not do. He must respond promptly to the slightest whisper of God. It would seem as if anyone who had once known God's power would rather die than lose it. But it is lost through the incoming of sin. Are there those among the readers of this book who are passing through this dreadful experience of the loss of God's power? Ask yourself if this be the reason; has sin crept in somewhere?

If we would continuously know the power of God we should go often alone with Him, at the close of each day at least, and ask Him to show us if any sin, anything displeasing in His sight, has crept in that day, and if He shows us that there has, we should confess it and put it away then and there.

How do we get this ‘Power” it starts with Obedience!!! I have been challenged in this area like you have no idea. What is the Spirit of God asking of you? What is he asking of you right NOW?

Jesus Thank You, Thank you for standing in my place, Thank You for being willing to be the ULTIMATE sacrifice on a day like today over 2000 years ago. Thank you, that because of your obedience when I am weak, I can say I am strong, because your strength is perfected with in me. Thank You, that because of you, I can say I am the Head and not the Tail, I am above and not beneath, I am more then a conqueror, and I can do all things through Christ Jesus that gives me strength.

God I want more of you in my life, I desire for this burning sensation in my stomach to never decrease, but to increase even more. Do not take the palpitations away as they confirm to me that you desire for me to speak. God I will not say that I have arrived to the place you desire for me to be, but I will continue to go forward in seeking you. I ask Father God that you would search my Heart and Know my ways. Create in me a clean heart oh God, and do not take away from me your Holy Spirit.

To you be the Glory, the Honor, and the Praise.

Saints Happy Easter

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