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 “Light” -Joshua Daniel

A matter of grave concern has been heavy on my heart. Why are we not exalting the name of Jesus Christ, unable to set up such a flood of light around us that men and women readily recognize that Jesus is the author of Light, Jesus is the Sun of Righteousness, and Jesus is the Light of the world?

How is it that in the prevailing darkness around us, our light is scarcely visible? This seems to be a grave contradiction, as much as to say, is there light at all? If there is light it should be seen, because of the prevailing darkness. I cannot understand how people can become so totally irrational. If our churches are a light that means crime rate around us should go down.

If you are a light, if our families are a light, then there should be people clamouring all round us, saying, “Please give us some of that light which makes you so effective, so happy, so stable, so secure.” There should be a clamouring around us saying, “Give us that light.” The world should be looking at us and saying, “We need the light which is in you”. Why is it that we are not able to arrest that normal attention that light automatically begets?

Even the creatures of darkness seem somehow to draw near to light. I once saw what appeared like creatures of darkness seem somehow to approach the light, rather timorously it might be. I once saw what I thought was a bird which was on the ground late at night but slowly crawling towards the light that emanated from my tent. I said, “What is that?” I went out of the tent and took a good look, and it was a huge scorpion, I don't know what caused that scorpion to draw near to the light, but I have often seen that to be the case. Now the normal reaction of a creature should be to turn away from the light, to look for some dark corner. But sometimes I have seen these creatures of darkness even advancing towards the light, perhaps to get some of their prey near the light which they can devour.

Why should we say we are Christians? Why should we say we are those that walk in the light, as He is in the light? Our Lord has no darkness at all. There is no darkness in Him, we are told. All right, then, is there darkness in us? Is there gloom in us? Why is our light not shining in the prevailing gloom of our day? Now, this to me is a matter of great sorrow. There are some causes for this lack of light. I would say first I notice, people do not know how to pray.

If a person ceases to breathe, he is immediately declared to be dead. When a person who says he is a Christian does not require the breath of faith you can be sure he is as dead as a door nail. This talk of being a Christian without adequate prayer which begets light, example and blessing, cannot any longer pass unchallenged.

“For we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ” (II Cor. 2:15). We are a sweet savour before God. If we are sweet savour before God, then there should be something very attractive about us. We are losing out in that quality of being spiritually attractive. Why be repulsive? Why be loathsome? Why be a contradiction as we show one thing outside but are something else inside. Why give a false signal around us? These things are inexplicable. You cannot cause true Christianity to live with these contradictions.

I believe there should be repentance in us preachers first. I always maintain if the preacher is right the people are right. If there is a prophetic word from the Lord then sin will be unmasked. The sources of darkness will be quickly identified and dealt with. But when a preacher is without prayer and when there is no prophetic light then you know you can have a very deathly and dark situation. I believe that that is our present condition around the globe.

We are actually destroying the world through the lack of revival, lack of power in prayer, and lack of credibility in the pulpit. Why should we say we are Christians if our light does not so shine that men will see our good works and glorify our heavenly Father?

Light is seen, light illuminates, light enlightens the dark corners. People want light around them. Are we a source of light? Are we able to pray till there is light? Are we creating light? Are we emanating light? Are we illuminating every dark corner? Oh, it is so sad that even in Christian work people love comfort, ease and to have a little niche for themselves. And as they enlarge that niche and grow in self-satisfaction and in other comforts, they feel they have arrived. What a curse to be those that get easily satisfied with one’s own comfort! What a curse! Are we called to seek and design our own comfort? Oh, to be a source of light in this dark world! Oh, to be an example to others! Oh, to be an inspiration to those who are crying to be inspired!

Now, dear readers. I cannot come to terms with an apathetic, dull, stodgy lifeless kind of presentation. We have got to lay hold of Christ. We have to repent of all these sources of darkness which we have permitted to permeate us. We have got to be faithful to God.

-Joshua Daniel

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