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 Praise Report from Canada

I just got this email today.....we went to a high school in Kingston, Ontario last fall and I just got this news today. It is such a blessing because I was planning to go back to this city to preach and witness just in a few days, and now I know to go back to this same school again.

God bless SI, just wanted to share this
Ricky Earle

...when you came to KCVI in Kingston ONT to talk to the kids out
back you asked me to take some pictures. Im sorry that its taken this long
but i completly forgot about them so Im sending them now. Please dont take
this negetivly but you really chose the wrong school to spread religion on.
He have some pretty smart people who were really trying to shut you down.
Good try tho. I didnt mind it but teachers and some students...wernt pissed
off or anything but looked at it very negatively. I just saw it as a chance
to take some pictures. Good luck in the future spreading your word but if
your in kingston again try the schools not located downtown...they will take
where we did not.
The Jew you met outside KCVI

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 Re: Praise Report from Canada

Brother, this reminds me of something Ray Comfort calls a 'memo from hell'

Please don't take this negetivly but you really chose the wrong school to spread religion on.

I got one of these one time leaving my house to share the Gospel. This person who was walking by noticed the Bible in my hands and stopped to talk. He said things like 'people don't want to hear it(the Gospel) anymore' and basically 'you're wasting your time.'

Praise God and be encouraged brother.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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Praise God!

Eli Brayley

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Bro...I got a verse yesterday in my mailbox. It fits perfectly and is a wonderful encouragement:

Consider Him who endured from sinners such hostility against himself, so that you may not grow weary or fainthearted. (Hebrews 12:3)

That's our Lord! He suffered hostility in preaching the Good news.

In Him,



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