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Lancashire, England

 It's back!!!! .... so am i !

Greetings my dear friends at SI, I'm back from honeymoon I'd like to introduce my wife Miriam to everyone, she says Hi! we went to Geneva on our honeymoon and saw the wall of the Reformers with Calvin and John Knox and Farel.

St Pierre's Cathedral was amazing inside it was so simple no gold on the altar just the Bible, a lovely peace in there, Miriam and i sat there quietly for a few moments you can see it here:

[url=]Central Nave of the Cathedral St. Pierre[/url]

anyway the other point of my post was to tell everyone here that the Redemption Hymnal hymn book is now back in print and available here :

[url=]Redemption Hymnal[/url]

I love this collection of hymns as I'm sure many here will and am delighted to see it returning to print,

God bless you all,

matt and mim (miriam) :-D


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 Re: It's back!!!! .... so am i !

Very cool. Congratulations and welcome back!

Hal Bachman

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 Re: It's back!!!! .... so am i !

Congratulations and Blessings to you both. Pleased to meet you!


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