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 3 things - Youth Movement

God has started a tremendous thing.

1. IHOP in Tallahassee
2. Clearwater High School - Christian Club/Evangelistic event on April 26th
3. 10+ schools ? (Lord willing) rally for Love outreaches.

1. Praise God. The Lord has brought our ministry across these men/women of God. They are having a 'ONE Thing' in May

2. A local Christian-club is holding a meeting and expecting Approx. 300-400 youth showing up to this event.

3. Our ministry will be teaming up with numerous youth pastors and schools to have a rally of 1,000 (hopeful) students to motivate them to have 5 solid days of "love" outreach in their schools.

Love outreach = Writing a letter to the principle saying 'If I could help you in any way, I'd love to." Or Writting a love letter to your parents on how much you appreaiate them. Paying for someone's lunch and saying 'Jesus Loves you' and nothing else. Giving away free things. Doing random acts of kindness through-out the entire week.

We are hoping that each student does 15 acts of kindness during this week of 'love'/caring. If 1,000 you dedicate to do this. 15 X 1,000 is 15,000. That's a huge impact. Not to take in the fact that some might do more.

This isn't about numbers but showing the SAME love that Christ showed us. Simple genuine kindness that led us to repentance and asking nothing in return other than acknowledging who gave the Love (God, through the instrument of His children)

I'd love to keep you all up to date on all this. I ask for your prayers.

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 2006/4/3 14:32

 Re: 3 things - Youth Movement

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for all this news. Is there going to be a prayer initiative leading up to the April event and the 'love' outreaches?

 2006/4/4 14:11


yes, we are trying to do that now.

 2006/4/10 14:26

 Re: 3 things - Youth Movement

[b]2. Clearwater High School - Christian Club/Evangelistic event on [u]April 26th[/u][/b]

That's tomorrow, folks.

Let's bear Joshua up as he works for the Lord's name and glory amongst his peers.

Is there anything particular we should pray for, Joshua?

 2006/4/25 6:50

 Re: 3 things - Youth Movement

Sounds cool Joshua, will be in prayer.

I think it would be also great to encourage the youth to sit down with the 'odd-balls', i.e. people that don't have too many friends, the loners, etc. and they could then share their lunch with them and then if the Spirit leads them to, talk with them about God and what He's done in their lives through Jesus. I think that would be another act of kindness to shoot for. :-)

Because, from my experience at least, the Christian youth tend to isolate themselves from the people who have no friends and whatnot-- the "poor" of the school.

Also, why limit the acts of kindness to five days? ;-)


 2006/4/25 11:04



Also, why limit the acts of kindness to five days? ;-)

I'd like it to be 365 :-) but their spiritual muscles are weak, and we are discipling them and encouarging them to use their 'muscles'. So, more days is too 'burdensome' for them (and us) right now. But maybe not down the way 8-)


I met with a local High school. about 10 people were there when I started to speak. 20 when I finished. It really wasn't much of a 'message' but instead a challenge.

Their reactions "wow, this is awesome, I'm excited." "Great Idea, this is going to be great." Smiles, laughing, but a zeal to show God's love to their friends.

The second school. Was a middle school. (12 yrs old to 15 yrs old) About 30-40 students were present. I spoke alot, but one thing struck me. I asked, "What is the greatest commandment?" NOT ONE knew, I almost wanted to break in tears. EVERYONE of them confessed to going to church almost 1-2 times everyweek. And they didn't know the top 2 commandments Christ gave His family. (Love God, Love others)

We broke up into groups and they were happy about this. But, I do have (well did) a fear that the 'enemy' will try to snatch the seed sown. That alot of these kids will just be hearers and not doers, I have a fear of this. (fear is 'worried')

.**Also, There was no 'huge' event of 1,000 students for the love outreach, due to alot of fustrations that arose. **

Now, for the event at my alumni, Clearwater High School. The event was great. A few music videos were played, 2 students danced, a Christian rapper performed, and a message of encouragement and an invitation to Christ was given. To my knowledge, no one raised their hands to being their walks with God. But, the message was more themed around a challenge/encouragement :'Sharing Christ with your Friends'. Plus, free pizza and drinks.

About 40 students showed up. A big difference than I was hoping, but still, quality above quanity. (Last year, our club had 200 kids, but the event was poorly done.) So, in my mind, this event was a great success. About 4 youth pastors showed up, from different churches. Great to see them.

I will be meeting with 4 schools in the next two days about the love outreach.(5 days of sharing God's love in simple ways. **well, its 4 cause their is no school on Friday.**)

Overall, it's just great to see these kids jump to share God, in one way or another. I ask for your continual prayer. (Next week for the actual movement of the outreach. This week is preparing for next week. Please pray that God may bring His children into His kingdom, and that some reap, some sow, and some water. But GOD SEND THE INCREASE!)


 2006/4/26 16:01

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