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 My testimony

I am writing my testimony so you guys can sort of see where I have come in the last couple years. I am still living at home with my family and will be attending college soon. Let’s get going. A few years back, it seemed like the right thing for me to do to profess Christ and be baptized so I went ahead and was baptized. For months afterward, I felt miserable because my profession did not give me freedom from guilt and sin, or give me a good relationship with God. I soon figured out that my profession was not working. But I continued to believe in professing and for the next two years kept on professing Christ. Then sometime in June 2004, our family went up to northern Vermont for some Revival meetings that changed my life. The speakers were Brother Denny Kenaston, and Brother Kenny Nolt. The messages were so obviously for me. I needed to get right with God and take him on as my Lord and Savior. These speakers knew how to speak to the soul and it was terribly hard to resist the call of God. Nevertheless, I did. After the late night meetings were over, about several young people got together to play Volleyball until late that night. Most of my family went to bed but I stayed up until the numbers of us dwindled down to about 8-10. Among these people was a guy named Ben Cook, my best friend. As I watched the behavior of these teenagers, I wanted what they had. The freedom from sin and guilt, their peace and joy, and their relationship with God. The pull was so strong to give in to God. I knew I could not last forever. I was very emotionally moved and was so close to giving up all to God. I was able to talk to many young people who pointed me to Him. These people have blessed me tremendously. The next night, there was a powerful message preached and an alter call administered after it was over. Slowly but surely, I was being worn down. After the next morning message, my friend’s family got up and sang a song for us about giving up the secret sin up for Jesus. I couldn’t keep holding back. Over the next few nights, God was getting closer and closer to my heart. I did not leave those meetings with God in my heart though. I left feeling miserably uncomfortable. For about 6 more weeks I resisted Him. Then our family went down to Greenwood Hills and on July 31st, a tall guy, Bill Spry was asking everyone how they had gotten saved. I could not keep holding on so I gave up and decided I would quit professing and let the truth out. As soon as he found out I was not saved, he was all over me trying to get through to me that I needed to be saved. 6 weeks before that I figured out that I needed to get right with God but I kept putting it off. God used Mr. Spry to push the limit for me and later that day, July 25th, I decided to get right with God and make him Lord of my life. From then on, I continued to have the same problems in life but I also had a peace, joy, freedom from sin’s guilt, and Christ, which I had never had before. The next Sunday we were coming back from Greenwood Hills and we stopped and spent the night at my best friend’s house in Ephrata, PA and went to church with the Cook family at Charity Christian Fellowship. Ben was so happy for me and it was really great to be with him on that date. Ben Cook has encouraged me to be baptized. He has been a great blessing in my life. So, I was baptized on July 14th, 2005. I have grown tremendously since. I first heard of sermonindex from a guy named Michael Attwood, my favorite preacher. Today, I have come a long ways in my walk with the Lord and am following the Biblical pattern for the NT church through the light of a Brethren perspective. Nate P.

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 Re: My testimony

Nate, welcome to SI and thanks for sharing your testimony, I love listening to how God has changed lives, it always brings me back to my own turning towards Him and inevitably to be reminded of His incredible love and mercy!

You are blessed to sit under Denny Kenaston's ministry, I've been greatly blessed and encouraged by his messages on the godly home and family. Those messages had a tremendous impact on our decision to home-school our children.

Again, welcome and enjoy the gold mine of resources here. May I humbly suggest you check out some of the Keith Daniel and Zac Poonen sermons on this site.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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 Re: My testimony

Hi Nate...

Thanks for sharing! It is always delightful to hear a testimony! The Lord bless you!


By the way -- welcome to SermonIndex!


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