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 The Whole World is Waiting for an Encounter

All creation is eagerly waiting for God to reveal who his children are. (Romans 8:19 GNT)

It was 8 am and we were on way to San Jose for a Conference with Charlie Robinson for the day. We had just stopped to get gas and when I stepped out of the car I declared, “The Whole World is waiting for an Encounter!” I went in the store and got a coffee and when I returned to the car I entered a full blown church service with praise, tongues, prophecy, and prayer. Wow!

A small group of Believers were on their way to go fishing when the Spirit of God fell on them. God began to speak to them specifically and in detail about their jobs, families, and ministry with drug addicts all through a revelation of the spirit through us. Wow! The day was just starting and the world was expecting to see the sons of God and we were on our way. We left the whole gas station saturated in the glory and joy of Jesus.

Everyone I meet—it matters little whether they’re mannered or rude, smart or simple—deepens my sense of interdependence and obligation. (Romans 1:14 TMSG)

After the morning meeting with Charlie we went to Chop Sticks to get lunch. When in the middle of our meal, the Lord spoke to me about Miranda having a word for the girl at the counter. When I asked Miranda if she had a word she said, “Ya, man... the Lord just spoke to me”. I said to her, “You’ll know when to deliver it”. When the time came she moved into ACTION (That’s where they got the name for the book of ACTS in the Bible). As she spoke with the girl at the counter I commissioned an Angel to keep anyone from entering the restaurant at the door. Just then an elderly couple came to enter but they could not. For over five minutes Miranda shared the love of Jesus without interruption with this girl. Miranda ended up in the women’s bathroom with her and leading her into relationship with the father and prophesying over her. She was serving us and we served her. For one bite of Heaven’s food can not be compared with even the best on earth. If you hunger for Revival read John 4:1-42

Truly the Whole World is waiting for an Encounter. Will you show them Father? If you got God in you, you got the goods. So go, you’re obligated to deliver and serve the world the goodness of God that is within you. It’s Christ in YOU the Hope of Glory.

Christ’s love has moved me to such extremes. His love has the first and last word in everything we do. Our firm decision is to work from this focused center: One man died for everyone. That puts everyone in the same boat. He included everyone in his death so that everyone could also be included in his life, a resurrection life, a far better life than people ever lived on their own. (2 Corinthians 5:14—15 TMSG)

The bus stop was packed with people and Miranda was sharing with them the love of Christ. Some were mocking, some were questioning; you could feel the resistance. But when an elderly Mexican woman approached with arthritis throughout her whole body Miranda was move to heal her. She commanded the arthritis to leave her body in the name of Jesus and it went. The woman was shocked and excited and started jumping and gave testimony of her healing to all at the bus stop through a translator, for she did not speak English. The crowd immediately understood the Good News of the Kingdom, “For the kingdom of God depends not on talk but on power.” (1 Corinthians 4:20 NRSV) Miranda didn’t declare the Gospel message with persuasive intellectual arguments but she showed the spiritual power behind it. She demonstrated the heart of God. The people at the bus stop that day encountered the love of God in a tangible way right there in the open air.

When I first got saved, I came to the knowledge that God loved people. And I believed since God loved people He would sure like them to know, so I said to God, “Since you love people so much, show me the secrets of their hearts so when I talk with them they’ll know it’s you speaking, not me”. I had no idea this was all spelled out in 1 Corinthians Chapters 12, 13, and 14 of the Bible, but I believed God would speak through me if I open my mouth. It was that simple.

We were in Barns & Nobles Bookstore waiting to see what God would do. I saw two young girls looking at books about the Ouiji Board. I began to talk with them about some of my supernatural experiences; they were hungry. Just then Jacob showed up. He began to share the love of Christ and said to one of the girls, “God says, ‘You’re Beautiful’”. Immediately God spoke through me to the other girl, “God says, ‘You’re Smart’”. Just then both girls looked at one another with puzzled looks and then joy flooded their faces with a glow and one said, “Wow! I always say I’m stupid and she always says she’s ugly”. God hit them both with the truth. God then began to reveal intense detains about the life of one of the girls. She was backslidden but when Christ came with the reality of His love for her she took off the pentagram from around her neck and prayed with me. Go Jesus!

Jacob and I were coming from a little pizza shop when I said, “The Whole World is waiting for an Encounter!” He said, “Lets see who’s waiting in the bookstore”. When entering I knew I was to go strait to the New Age section. There were two girls in there 20’s looking at books. I asked if they were interested in the supernatural. They said, “Yes, sort of”. They were hungry, they were waiting... remember Ro. 8:19, it’s true. I began with a Word of Knowledge: “You have dreams.” Then more came, “You have dreams of flying,” and then even more, “You have dreams of your teeth falling out.” She said, “Yes, yes, yes! How did you know?” I began to give understanding about the Gifts of the Spirit and interpreted her dreams for her right there on the spot. I then told her about Jesus and how He sees her heart of compassion for the hurting and sick and those with incurable diseases beyond the care of medical science. I said, “Jesus desires to use your hands for healing”. I asked if she had a desire for nursing. She said yes, I told her it’s because it’s part of her DNA, God will use her as a Healing Evangelist. Both of the girls’ eyes were welling up. They were seeking for the supernatural and the Supernatural God was seeking them, and He found them in a bookstore! Heaven was so near and I was intoxicated with a love for their souls with a joy that was unspeakable. Barns & Nobles was full of glory that afternoon.

Just as You sent Me into the world Father, I also have sent them into the world. Therefore, Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. (John 17:18 Amplified Bible, Mark 16:15 New International Version)

Zachary Gudelunas

 2006/4/1 3:33Profile

 Re: The Whole World is Waiting for an Encounter

Oh yeah, The Whole World is Waiting for an Encounter .... that's for sure .... and boy are they gonna get it along with the majority of Revival seekers.

It's called the Strong Delusion.

And because I've been physically disabled and out of the loop for a while, I had fallen behind on the "latest Prophets" until today ... April Fool's Day ... and what a fool I've been.

I just spent this whole morning feverishly researching and digging into many of the more newer names that have come up around here lately and I'm the fool for not doing it sooner.

My my, don't we have a flood of Prophets lately.

What a wake up call I've had today.

The only Encounter there's going to be is the Strong Delusion, because we've been well into the Apostasy from Truth for a long time now.

And any "supernatural" phenomena that we see that hits the majority will be straight from the pit of hell.

Seeking signs and wonders, etc. etc. and all that I've heard on here of late has been overwhelming and all the recent "articles" by these new Prophets and Teachers have just about leveled me in disbelief that we stand on some of the greatest Authors this world has ever seen and right behind them or along side them, we're bringing in the world's greatest and Last Deception ... the Mother Load of Deceptions.

The only Revival there will be on a grand scale will be the Strong Delusion and that is it.

Now I understand why my heart's been so terribly unsettled lately. I've left the narrow way and opened my heart and mind to a delusion that I knew just a year ago was a False Teaching.

God Have Mercy On Us All.

 2006/4/1 5:05

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 Re: The whole world is waiting for an encounter.

Hi Annie,

Its called the Strong Delusion!

Where is everyone at on this? Can't they see the ditches being dug, there becoming deeper and deeper. Don't they see the ditches? Da, :-? of course not, their blind.

There is a new prophet and a new doctrine being taught every few miniutes, the thing I can't believe is the amount of so called enlightened, lining up to follow. Am I missing something? Is the new thing, falling in a ditch?

The more ditches I fall into, the more spiritual I become. No, No, No, people this is not a joke! What our dear sister is saying is very scriptual, And those who have ears should take heed and listen. It could save you from looking up from the bottom of a ditch.

Why do you think Jesus gave us such a stern warning? Matt. 24:24 For there shall arise false Christ,(Look, these false Christ, will be so effective at deceiving, that the word Christ, is capitalized here) and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Mark 13:22 For false Christ ( notice capital )
and false prophets shall arise, and shew signs aqnd wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.

WHY WILL PEOPLE BE DECEIVED? Because they obeyed not the Word.
2 Tim 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God,( notice, approved unto God, not man ) a
workman that needeth not be ashamed,( It will keep tou out of the ditch ) rightly dividing the Word of Truth.
YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for your own SOUL! Please, chose the Word.

Love to all


 2006/4/5 17:17Profile

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 Re: The Whole World is Waiting for an Encounter

Hi Zac,

Welcome to SermonIndex. Sorry for the rather rude compliments prior here...

You certainly have some zeal there brother and hope you might find some refining here, maybe we might catch some of your zeal in return...

There is certainly much to be on our guard about in these days and you will find a very studious and serious minded brethren here as a whole, just as well a very deep concern for each others welfare as the days grow darker. So it is with that in mind that I could hope you would find some challenges welcoming and Berean like to see if these things are so and that they align with scripture.

One of those that stands out mostly in this, is your 'commanding angels', there is no biblical reference that I am aware of that one could rest this on and we have wrestled this issue elsewhere here.

Perused your site a bit and have yet to read your testimony but will do so. Just wanted to again welcome you and hope you find much to draw on from all that is available.

Mike Balog

 2006/4/6 0:12Profile

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 Re: The Whole World is Waiting for an Encounter

Please accept my appology if my post was taken as an attack on you. It was not meant that way.
I am in full agreement that we need to be out in the world proclaiming the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Many today are following every new thing that comes down the pike. Their is going to be a revealing of the sons of God, and all creation is groaning for that to happen.
But, before they are revealed, there will be strong delusion as Jesus spoke of in Matt. 24;
Mark 13; all through the letters of Paul, Peter John and etc. My warning is for those who do not read and study the Word with the Holy Spirit teaching them. If the elect can almost be deceived what about the rest. simply the Word
brother, simply the Word.

All for His Glory,


 2006/4/6 6:59Profile

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