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It's past time for the Church to start acting like the Church and lift the bushel off of her smoldering candle. The abortion holocaust "will" end only when the Church says so. Thus far She hasn't shown much concern over millions of dead children.

The play-dough Jesus that many serve just doesn't seem to care enough about murdered children to "call" more Christians to action. He has, after all, been molded into our image and wouldn't think of demanding something of his people that isn't self gratifying and comfortable. That's the great thing about play-dough; you can reshape it into any image you wish.

I can't understand why in most cities that have free standing baby murdering mills, you can usually count on one hand the total number of Christians who are willing to do anything about saving the children scheduled to die. I have no doubt that the Just, Holy and Ignored Messiah of Rev. 3:16 is feeling nauseous. The people of this world will never be redeemed and the children will continue to be butchered as long as the Church places its priorities on self-gratifying and time sapping activities.

As long as we home schooling parents teach our children that time is best spent at serving self, they will grow up to be the self servers that they were trained to be. To train up a child in the way he should go is to train him up to be as sacrificial and compassionate as our Messiah himself.

I am grieved as I watch so many home schooling families baptize their young in useless entertainment and frivolous activity while the world steadily marches on to hell. Protecting our children from the ungodly influences of the public school system is only a part of preparing them for a holy life.

The fields are white but it is seldom noticed by my home schooled brethren who are too busy running their children from one athletic event to another and from one Church activity to another. The very ones who actually have the freedom to reap are neglecting the harvest.

Brother’s and Sister’s, rather than filling your children’s days with endless “eternally insignificant” activity, consider regularly taking the time to show them how to reach out to the lost. Consider training them in the ways of our Blessed Messiah who gave His all and demands that we give no less.

This was written out of concern for the snoozing Church whom I love and grieve over.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

For the rest of my Game-boy brothers and sisters,

Get back to your play-dough!

Dennis Green[]Life and Liberty Ministries[/url]

Dennis Green

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I tend to agree with you brother, God woke me up from my slumber a few years ago and has tought me recently that I must prepare my children for the war we are in. They are not home schooled, I can see an advantage in that, but we are unable to do it ourselves, however I do constantly ask them what they are learning and correct any worldly teaching they are being fed. My oldest (11) will now quite openly challenge other peers and question her teachers on the odd occasion that they disagree with the bible. (most of the time they are tought ordinary stuff so there is no dispute). They see and hear me preach in the streets, and at home and I make it clear to them that the Christian walk is not easy but a sacrifice of our lives for Him. As a family just the other week we got rid of our TV and 90% of our DVD's. My daughter also sold her games console and we all agreed that we wanted to get closer to God.

Bringing up children as God would have us to is difficult, it requires us to be right with Him and to show our kids the Way. They must see us pray and read our bible, our conduct must imitate Christ, and we must show them the fruits of the Spirit in our lives.

I pray to God that, as I am responsible for their understanding of Him, I can grow in grace and be holy as He is Holy.

If you truly love your spouse and children, you will sacrifice all your comforts to give them the best - Jesus, and Him Crucified.

Our influence on our children won't last forever, so make an impact while you can.


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