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 Bob Shelton

Can anyone tell me anything about Dr Bob Shelton? Someone refered me to a book written by him, in order to defend a theological disagreement over an issue. I am hoping to draw on the discernment of many of the "sages" at SI to get a bit of foundation before reading the book.

Aaron Ireland

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 Re: Bob Shelton


I assume you are speaking of this speaker: What exact theological issue is it that is in question and what is the book title? Here is a brief bio on this speaker:

[i]Brief Biography:

Dr. Shelton Graduated from Bob Jones University, and went on to preach God's Word in Taiwan to those in the Chinese army camps under Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Chek. He also evangelized the people of the Pescadores, a chain of islands between Taiwan and Mainland China. After marrying Nancy, he went to Okinawa where they served as first term missionaries. Later they went to Vietnam where they intended to spend the rest of their earthly ministry. They learned the language and entered into a work of evangelism and Bible conferences that took them from one end of the country to the other.[/i]

It appears that Bob Jones University is promoting his materials, I am not fully sure but possibly Bob Jones University promotes calvinistic doctrine?

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