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 It's been awhile but...

Hi to all my brothers and sisters in The Lord at SI. I haven't been on SI for some time now due to me seeking God on so many issues. But praise God He brought me through a lot stronger than before.
Where my husband and i live it's quite a tough area and last year there was an attempted murder which shock us all. I then shrank into depression and battled through it purely by seeking God and God alone. As i was going through that i began to get intense irrational fear and to top it off my close friend felt led to leave our church. It was a hard time but i praise God for it because he strengthened me and prepared me for whats to come.
I have re-applied to go to the GNN bootcamp so i pray i'll be accepted. No-one at my church really could understand why i wanted to go last year and i came up against a lot of opposition IN the church. BUT praise God i now have full support from those whom it really matters and our church has begun to increase and swell. We have more children attending and you can truely feel God's presense there.
So praise God and to Him goes all the glory. It's good to be back even though i may not post too often im always checking in on you guys at SI. ;-)

 2006/3/27 14:03

 Re: It's been awhile but...

Hey welcome back Geraldine. And thanks for checking on us ... we need a lot of that. Ha.

Sabbaticals are good. I've taken two myself. But only one from here.
Missed everyone, as you probably did, but it was a fruitful time as you said, for the same fine-tuning reasons.
I minister to folks with anxiety, so my heart goes out to you completely. Been there - done that. And it's refreshing to hear someone be candid about the ordeal you went through.

What is GNN bootcamp ? Forgive my ignorance.

Sounds like your Church is flourishing and that's good news also.

Well, I hope you will post a lot. Ha.
Looka how many posts I have already (blabber mouth :)

Well, again, Welcome back and glad to see you again.

 2006/3/27 14:39

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