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 The day American where held captive

It's almost been a year, of very sad moment. Terri Schiavo, was starved to death, I Remember,and my heart still hurts think about what had happened, By our own very laws, we where held captive,In so we could do nothing.I believe this is the day when we as a country sinned. The term comes to mind, w.w.j.d.....So if you fast around this time, or not. keep her and her family in prayer!

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 Re: The day American where held captive

Amen GQ, thanks for caring. Pray for salvation of all and His divine comfort and understanding of where we're at as a country by this murderous act.


 2006/3/28 1:07

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i watched in amazement as so many people banded together about terri schaivo, all-night vigils, praying all day, even political grandstanding all for terri to be spared but it was all for nought.

a few questions if i may, did what happnened with terri catch God by surprise?

was God unable to save her?

how come the common prayer was not answered?

i remember my mom asked me to pray for her, i told her i felt no such burden from the Lord so my prayer would have been wasted. at the time the darfur issue was heating up in the media and that's what i felt a burden for, to get the word out. i said that on s.i. whoa...boy did i get chided. in it all i learned that God will not be coaxed into doing anything outside what He has already decided to do as evidenced by Him not answering the prayer from most to spare terri. no amount of prayer, nor number of people praying the same thing moves God at all. what moves God is 1 person yielded to Him and praying His will.

Michael Schaivo broke no law of the land, not if he did in fact break God's own law in some way the Lord will hold him accountable.he said that he simply was upholding her last wish. in terms of that being a sin we all committed, that's hardly a drop in the ocean for all the things we have done as a nation. now i was grieved deeply in the overwhelming show of concern for terri compared to the lack thereof for the thousands who suffer and die daily in the darfur region of the sudan. at one point it was like having september 11th every day in terms of the number of deaths. i know we have a capacity to care and be compassionate but i was puzzled at how much attention was afforded terri daily and how little was afforded our brothers and sisters in the sudan. perhaps it is because i am an African American in the truest sense of the expresion, though having been born here, i grew up in zimbabwe so when people see my name or hear me speak they say "you're Arican huh?" maybe that's why that issue was so close to me.

it seems to me all that fuss in the end was kicking against the goards of the Lord's will. i also wonder why it is we value our lives so as to not want to lay them down for God. why is it that it seems we prefer to hold onto this life and not look forward to the life to come? :-(

Lord correct us where we are wrong. AMEN.

Farai Bamu

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Sorry, this is important brothers. It's the Beginning of the Nazi 'QUALITY OF LIFE' issue ... same old stuff.

Nazi's decided the mentally handicapped didn't have a right to live and on it went.

In some countries Right Now .... the family has no right to keep their elderly parent alive. They cut off their feeding.

Back in 1971 they killed the sweetest little old lady we all loved at the Hospital where I worked, because the DAUGHTER wanted nothing to do with her mother and wanted the inheritance.
All of the Nurses cried, we all cried.

DEHYDRATION IS VERY PAINFUL WAY TO DIE. And that's a proved Medical Fact.

WE are determining When people should die and Michael was NOT innocent. That was from BIASED FOR/PRO-DEATH NEWS.

The Word of God says, we are to defend the innocent from death and those WHO HATE GOD LOVE DEATH.

We're living in that PRO-DEATH generation now, and we can only stand up for all that we can, that are being slaughtered by the millions everyday .... we HAVE to be their Voice.

I'm not 'chiding' you my friend Ironman ... but Scripture will Never back up "killing the innocent".

 2006/3/28 23:06

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sis annie
i see whatyou're saying and like i said, if michael schaivo is indeed guilty of transgression against the Lord then he will surely be held ot account. i suppose in the interim then the law must be ammended. i'm not advocating the killing of the innocent at all though.

however it is interesting to note that despite all the prayers for sparing terri that were said, they weren't answered as desired. it makes me wonder what the motivation for some was...then also it highlights what the Lord had been showing me at that can't strongarm or coax Him into anything.

but you're right sister annie, there is a spirit of death going about in which people want "to have control of their death" (not sure how much sense that makes) and all kinds of other evil things. yet somehow the Lord allows it to be so for His own glory somehow...His ways are so far above our own...

Farai Bamu

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Hi brother IRONMAN, I hope you know my emphatics were not 'at' you. I understand half of what you meant and mean you no harm, but we've got to understand what "Genocide" is.

That's what a Lot of this stuff is. Even Joni Eierickson Tada was fighting for Terri to live (and me too) because the issue fell on "quality of life of the elderly and disabled's - right to life".

That was the battle and not a 'necessarily' religious issue. Though, where on earth was the Vatican on this ?

Terri never said she wanted food withheld and never filed a "Living Will" stating so ... they only went by her rotten husband's word and the testimony against him was strong, from the Nurse's etc. that he wanted "the b---- dead".
X-rays "after the fact" showed broken bones and injuries" that her parents etc. knew had to have come from him and also a possibility that he strangled her into the condition she was in AND the videos and testimony that she was NOT in a "persistent vegative state" were kept out of the News and squashed at the Court level by Pro-death paid off attorneys and Dr.s.
I heard top Neurologist who examined her and was fighting to say, she Could be rehabilitated being interviewed on the radio and he was heart broken and his voice squelched.

Pro-death doctors FIGHT for Abortion and Euthenasia ... they love it. They're Nazi Dr. types in my mind.

Compassion my foot. The pro-death people claim it's only "compassion" ... what a bunch of tripe.
Proof is, there are pain meds that can adequately relieve their suffering and those in wheel chairs and all ... man, you should read some of these stories I've read about wives who have their disabled husbands "taken out" in the rehab centers they're in because they want to "move on with their own lives".

If someone commits suicide, there's nothing we can do ... but these cases stink to HIGH HEAVEN.

There were the folks that explained what a person goes through who's feeding is taken away from them. God Bless them for telling the truth on that from a Medical Perspective, because I heard some "Nurse" on the radio saying how "pleasant" it was. How could she LIE like that ?

Well, I think Ironman, we just don't get the truth on our T.V.s and radios anymore At All.

Viva la Internet, for as long as we can use it.

God Bless and Help us.

Edited again ... On man - rough day ....

 2006/3/29 4:36


Just to give ya some directives.

Check out their Site map.

This page was one off there


 2006/3/29 4:57

 Re: Speaking out ...

This quote has been used by many and at times the titles were changed to prove a very good point. So change the titles/types to any that suit us and see the point ... if it could Help 'anyone' of us or help us to help anyone out there.

[b]"In Germany, they first came for the communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Catholic. Then they came for me – and by that time, there was nobody left to speak up."

—Martin Niemöller (1945) [he served seven years in a concentration camp][/b]

 2006/3/29 5:22

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sis annie
i know your emphatics weren't at me and that this is a tender spot for you.

i think the vatican said something about being for terri's right to life on this though u'm not certain. at any rate whether or not michael schaivo lied (and he may well have and will surely have to give an accounting before God) about terri wanting to die rather than live in the case of such an event we won't know probably till the last day. since we all saw that by the law this was allowed we'll have to see that it is ammended accordingly so this won't happen.

i heard conflicting stories of testimonies by neurologists saying she was in a vegetative state and other's saying she wasn't so by the end of it i didn't know which was was up :-?

i'm with you that there is a spirit of death, even a spirit of deep selfishness which is rising up in this nation. in times past children would take care of their parents when they got old, now it's "send nana and papa off to a nursing home so we can live on" my mom works in such a place and i've been there a couple of times and it's pitiful to see these old folk sitting there eagerly waiting for someone to come see them, sometimes noone comes. it's especially sad on holidays. my wife and i decided we would not do this to our parents. in our culture only barbarians and people with some wickedness to hide do this sort of thing...look how we have become such slaves to mammom, to the point where we even put our parents out to be cared for by strangers...

Lord help us. AMEN.

Farai Bamu

 2006/3/29 7:59Profile



Good for you for not wanting to put your folks in those death camps. Sorry, I worked in them too long and I wouldn't put my sick cat in them.

About anyone, "wanting to die" .... that is "suicide" and no "health facility" should "kill" a patient ... that's a contradiction of terms.

To not want to be put on a respiratory or have a DNR (do not resuscitate) order by self request if we have a heart attack is our choice ... but to kill (or kill ourselves) by dehydration or drugs is murder, even if it's the patient's wish to be killed because of suicidal thoughts.

They may have depression organically caused by their illness for all we or they know.

I'm against "assisted suicide" and suicide, as it's just plain murder.

I've read too many cases of people in full blown comas, that came out of it 10 years later ... one was a cop, rejoined to his family after that long.

Not wanting artificial breathing apparatuses are one thing, but starvation or dehydration of man or animals is 'murder'.

That's what we're fighting against. And drug induced death's like that wacko Kevorkian (however you spell that demon possessed "Dr").

But again, good for you and your wife :-) .

His Love.

 2006/3/29 9:21

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