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Joined: 2006/3/23
Posts: 10

 Chuck Colson and his dream.

Anybody is aware of the dream published by Chuck Colson in the early part of January. Here's the link:


 2006/3/26 1:32Profile

 Re: Chuck Colson and his dream.

Brother Claudius, this post is not going to be to you O.K. ?

Hey Chuck, been reading Albert Pike's dream again ?

Yeah, I see you're right there fulfilling it.
Aren't you all cooperative over there.

It's all going according to the plan, huh ?

Thanks. Jesus loves you for it, I'm sure.

Annie Bananie

 2006/3/26 2:14


Claudius, I just realized where this is posted.

I think this particular board is for SI news.

Sorry I didn't see that till I went to the Index page. Clicked on it from the Homepage.


Annie again

 2006/3/26 4:24


Colson is a political puppet. I'm certainly not against the war, and I was over there in Gulf War One as a Marine. But Colson was part of the Nixon Administration, and has been a strong supporter of the Republical Party all along. I have no doubt he is a saved man, and has done much good thru his prison ministry (and done much harm thru his ecumenical relationship with the Catholic Church)... but in this instance, this "dream" is all about politics. He is using his influence over the average American evangelical Christian to buy into his particular political beliefs.

I'm a conservative, and generally vote Republican... but I think the church has much more work cut out for them than political stuff. Like most cookie cutter American Christians, I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh 3 hours a day... vote however Focus on the Family told me to vote... etc etc. But some time ago I realized that many churches are more about politics than they are about Jesus.


 2006/3/26 5:35


I'm afraid that everything you said is true Krispy. It sounded like you were reliving my life story. Dito head. :(

Colson's biggest thrust is the [url=]Council for National Policy.[/url] It is the think-tank of the neo-con philosophy and agenda and many many Christian leaders are involved here.

There is a group that you many want to look into called "the brotherhood" or "the family" ... and

Tough stuff but good for discernment to know.


 2006/3/26 6:09

Joined: 2006/3/23
Posts: 10


No hard feelings Sister Annie! I know that Colson sometimes partake the Larry King show and also involves himself for the betterment of prison conditions. Other than that, I don't know him that well. Claude, Gatineau, Quebec. ;-)

 2006/3/26 10:01Profile

Joined: 2005/2/24
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Hey Annie,

I remember seeing that 2003 Harpers article on "the family". Were you looking at it in regards to Colson or something else? Just curious what you saw in it.



Mike Compton

 2006/3/26 13:32Profile


Hia Compton, I said I think, (ha - my memory again), in a post about our "Christian leaders" and I meant both in the Church and in Politics.

There are many such "clubs", that our leaders are involved in. They "all" speak "Christ" or "God" and jargon that on the outside sounds Christianese.

It's important for a saint's discernemnt to know that we are to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves in this area of who we 'follow'.

If I sat under a Pastor ... I would want to know what clubs he belongs to before I put my self under him in any vulnerable way.

It pays in the long haul, to check into the backgrounds and affiliations of all "leaders".

Lord Bless.
me again

 2006/3/26 13:39


Brother Crompton, a book that you may find interesting, though we're not done with it yet is "All Roads Lead to Rome ? - The Eccumenical Movement" by Michael de Semlyen - Dorchester House Publications.

Pretty interesting so far. Especially mentioning Ratzinger.

We're not of the "Rome's behind it all." persuasion, but somehow this book fell into our hands. I don't read books like that, but the Hub does and picks out points he knows would interest me.

God Bless.

 2006/3/26 15:12


We're not of the "Rome's behind it all." persuasion

Yea, that smacks of a "Jews are behind it all" mentality. They're not. I love how some claim the Jews are behind the news media... but dont ya think that if they were then Israel would come out smelling like a rose on CNN, but instead they dont and the Palistinians do?

Anyway, I think Rome has a lot more power than we think they do... and I am one of those who is 99% convinced that Revelation 17 is completely about the Roman Catholic Church and it's role in the end times. I found Ratzinger's appointment to Pope was very interesting. Anyone who knows who and what Ratzinger is knows what I am talking about.

But who knows... Christ may not return for another 5,000 years and we'll all look foolish for thinking it was gonna be tomorrow.

Oh... wait... this thread is about Chuck Colson. Sorry about that!!


 2006/3/27 10:27

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