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 Cops Crash Open Air Meeting

We were able to spend a week preaching in Tennesee on two Universities; Memphis University in Memphis and Tennesee State University in Nashville.

Both campuses were open and we were able to have good meetings.

In Memphis the security didn't know exactly were to put us, but they eventually gave us a spot and allowed us to preach.

In Nashville the police halted us and said we needed a permit from the school and also a lisence from the State of Tennessee. We went to the administration and I was able to negotation with them to allow us to preach for two days in a specific location. Once we recieved permission from the admin, we went back out to the campus, but the police rolled up on us again!

But they checked with the admin and said we could preach since we approved it through the admin.


[b]Quote from Memphis:[/b]

"What you ar doing is the right thing. Don't ever doubt that." [i]Mark, a Christian Student[/i]

[b]Email from Memphis Student:[/b]

I was walking across campus yesterday and heard your preaching from across the way. I totally disagreed with what you were saying, but had to get to class and was not able to participate in the discussion. Then today I was between classes yet again and heard you. I came over prepared to argue. It was then that I was touched.

I listened to you for a minute or so then proceeded to talk to the gentleman in the brown coat that was doing all the picture taking. I had planned my strategies carefully and was ready to debate. I found it very easy to talk to him. He was very gentle and calm in his responces to my questions instead of your typical in your face answering. And what really hit was how he admitted that it WAS difficult to overcome the sin (in subject)... he kept it real.

Though I did not agree with things you preached, I am not writing this to argue about what is right/wrong but to tell inform you on what I thought. I believe in God, but am far from where I should be in my relationship with him. My opinion about the three of you (being that of your typical bible pusher/holier than thow) changed when I watched the ugly, hateful mob try to tear your words, signs, ideals to pieces. I am so imbarressed that my University... that anyone would act in such a manor. But when the three of you stood there,on your own accord, and took all that abuse without lashing back, that earned mad respect in my book. And the fact that you are so pationate in what you believe that you set out to spread the word WOW.

As I left, after talking to the gentleman in the brown coat, there was the abuntant amount of joy and saddness that fell upon me at the same time. I belive that was God saying 'Hey, I'm here.' It just so happened I was questioning him just this weekend. Point being, I admire what you are doing, and wanted to let you know that you did in fact make a difference in someone's life, me. Thank you.

-Alex "


"Glad somebody is doing it." [i]Random Student[/i]

"You are very brave for doing what ya'll are doing." [i]Random Student[/i]

"I saw you guys yesturday and I said it was hate. But I actually listened today and you guys are just preaching the Word. So I just wanted to say I'm sorry." [i]Courtney[/i]

"Ya'll just keep it up." [i]Random Student[/i]



 2006/3/25 19:58

 Re: Cops Crash Open Air Meeting

Praise God Jesse for the work he's doing through you guys. I'm curious if you're audio recording these? I'd love to hear it if you can make it available.

Out of sheer curiousity, how many people so far have you seen who have, after the conclusion of the preaching, became broken and convicted of their sins in a visible way?

Take care,

 2006/3/25 20:59


1. We have hours, maybe days worth of recordings. We are working on making good audio recording.

2. Very few come under heavy serious conviction. Broad is the way of destruction, many go that way. Narrow is the way that leads to life, and few there be that find it.

 2006/3/25 22:28

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Cleveland, Georgia


Very good testimony from Alex. Sounds like you guys are standing in truth.

As Paul would say, 'I salute you.'

Hal Bachman

 2006/3/26 17:12Profile

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 Re: Cops Crash Open Air Meeting

Hi Lazarus1719...

I really enjoy reading the testimonies of your experiences at the various Universities. It is greatly encouraging, and it also reminds us to pray for such mission trips. Thank you for sharing!



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 Re: Cops Crash Open Air Meeting

This kinda stuff warms my soul. from what ive heard we've had some open air guys here at auburn but i've never heard anything but bad things about them(dont really know how this reflects on their message cause i wasnt there).dont know if yall got any plans to come as far as auburn but if your ever coming gimme a hollar and we got some lodging for ya.


 2006/3/26 22:08Profile


I know of some preachers who have been there but I haven't yet.

I've very glad this report warms your soul. Praise God! And it would be great if we connected if we come there.

We are on the University of Georgia, Athens this week. We are expecting great meetings. The whether is great and the team is ready.

 2006/3/26 22:34


[b]Campus News[/b]

[b]Traveling ministry visits campus, students discuss[/b]

[b]SOURCE: [/b]

by Elbert Jaquess
Meter photographer
March 29, 2006

In today’s society where “getting crunk” or being extra enthusiastic appears to be the right thing to do, last week some TSU students found themselves on the receiving end of such an act.

Through biblical methods of evangelism, members of the Open Air Outreach group took TSU’s campus by storm, on Thursday, March 23, and Friday, March 24.

But why have such an abrupt, unannounced entrance unto the campus?

“We are kind of an alarm clock,” said Jesse Morrell, a member of Open Air Outreach. “We tell people it’s time to wake up and get out of the comfortable bed of sin and go shower in the cold shower of repentance.

“Some people want to hit the snooze. Some want to throw the alarm clock out the window, but some wake up.”

Morrell said Open Air Outreach is a New England area outreach ministry whose main focus is reaching college students through open-air preaching on college campuses. He said they want to reach the lost with the gospel of Christ Jesus through open-air preaching on streets and college campuses and to train other Christians to do the same.

The general consensus of the spectators seemed to be OK with Open Air’s message, but some students weren’t completely sold on it.

“Half of what [Morrell] says is true, but the way he’s coming at us isn’t the right way.” said Amber Hunter, a junior English and literature communications major from Moreno Valley, Calif. “The way he speaks of sinning and repenting multiple times and that you’re still going to Hell is wrong. [Morrell] also doesn’t explain all sin. He just focuses on premarital sex, drinking and drugs without speaking on gluttony and lust, and when asked he has no response.”

Charles Rushing II, a sophomore English and literature major with a minor in philosophy from Baltimore, shared Hunter’s sentiments.

“He has a good message,” Rushing said. “But he hasn’t researched and the way he’s delivering it may scare away people who really, really want to be saved which is a very bad thing.”

But if nothing else, the presence of Open Air prompted discussions, according to member Miles Lewis.

“The students have good serious questions and they are really listening,” Lewis said.

[b]SOURCE: [/b]

 2006/3/30 17:36

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Are you guys coming back through my area in Ohio?? I know we got rained out last time to preach open air in that dark city we talked about. I like to see if we could hook up again for us to preach their? Let me know.
In HIm, Brentw


 2006/3/30 17:45Profile


Ohio and California are the only two states I know of that have classes through May. But I have some travel plans to Canada coming up that might conflict with a trip to Ohio. We will see.

 2006/3/30 19:44

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