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 conviction of sin

hi due to my other thread around the subject of sin it got me thinking..i became a christian at 15 (40 now)pretty much backslidden from day 1..but its dawned on me of late i am not convicted of sin i'm really not..I'm fully aware of the ray comfort kind of preaching,but the truth is when ive watched them shows or heard the sermon i'm amazed thats all it takes to turn people around..i know ive broke every sin but i dont feel woe woe i just dont,i wish i did..all i have is a head knowledge of sin..which worries me i guess its really contributed to being double minded.
i guess the spin off of this i also dont have a heart for the unsaved :-( ..all my family are unsaved all my friends too,i dont know if i am just looking for loop holes for them by not facing up to sin and hell etc..
how do u get convicted by God right? so is it fault i am not hahah i alway end up blaming God

 2006/3/25 19:14

 Re: conviction of sin

Andy, I will pray for you, about what you said about "not feeling convicted" ... I'm not sure how true that is ... you may not "feel" period, but that doesn't mean a thing. We're not to go by "feelings" anyways. They're deceptive. Good feelings or bad, it doesn't matter a hill of beans ... we walk by faith alone.

The whole ball of wax is faith bro. Even the burden for the lost. You know in the back of your mind, that you pray for your family to find Jesus the Christ and that they'll be in Heaven when you get there. "Feelings" don't matter a thing.

Someone mentioned "Hitler" ... well that's the thing brother .... we ALL have Hitler in us, or actually worse (but we can't face that) ... and it's only when we realize how evil the "heart of man is" that we can realize how much HE took on Himself on the cross. The heart of men are all the same. He sweat like drops of blood, NOT because He was afraid to die ... but picture taking every single sin like trillions of Hitlers on yourself. That's what He did. Can you imagine ? Wow ... I can't even bear up under my own sins.

But He knows we're only flesh and knows we're not perfect till we see HIM.
Until then, we need just to walk in faith that "He Who began a Good Work in YOU, will bring it to it's COMPLETION".

Glory to God and Alleluia to THE LAMB.

Hebrews 11

me again

 2006/3/25 19:35

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 Re: work out your salvation in fear and trembling

Andy, thank you so much for sharing with such honesty. I think that it is far better to be questioning your spiritual condition than to be blindly complacent.

I just posted this link to Earnest O'Neil's audio sermons on another thread, and will do so here for you. I suspect that he can really help you.

[url=]Earnest O'Neill[/url]
HEre are some of the topics (I copied from Jim's post, thanks Jim):



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 Re: conviction of sin

[size=small][color=0000FF]How do you get convicted by God?thur His Holy Spirite,will break your heart,and show you in your tears.The need and the Love that you so desire,from the Farther.[/color][/size]Just ask Him to show you!

 2006/3/25 20:08Profile


so green i just wait & pray? its been 20 odd do u get knowledge from ur head to ur heart? andy
ps road sign i will listen now! thks GB

 2006/3/25 20:30

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prayerbone wrote:
so green i just wait & pray? its been 20 odd do u get knowledge from ur head to ur heart? andy
ps road sign i will listen now! thks GB

I too struggle with this kind of thing. I do feel conviction, but I do wonder how to get the knowledge from your head to your heart. I'm with you, prayerbone. I love the Lord, I want to please Him, I don't want to sin. I know the right thing to do, I just catch myself after the fact....

Jesus Help Me!!!!


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This is a very real condition that I'm glad was brought up. I personally flutter in and out of obediance, even during the course of the day. I would say from my own experience, that the cure is self-examination, faith, and action.

Look at yourself from outside of your reality. Imagine there were a camera on you for one full day. If someone were to watch you during these 24 hours, and compare you to the Scriptures, would they believe that you were a Christian or not.

Secondly, understand, just as when you were born again, that you are a sinner desperately in need of a cleansing that only Jesus can bring. Know that God loves you regardless, but your carelessness of the lost is nothing more than laziness, and cheapness on your part. You are being greedy with the grace of God. Repent.

Third, you must change something, even if it is small, in your routine. Step out of your comfort zone in some area of your life, ie:

-Pray longer, and not in routine, but just beg God that He would crack you out of the rut you are in. Try tears, or praying out loud, if you can't muster this up, pound on the ground. Know that He may not work the change immediately, but the next day, or over time.

-Get into the Scriptures. If reading through them like a book bores you, don't stop, but add to your reading a random opening of the pages and read a few verses. Sometimes this will open a fresh breeze of words that will hit you right where you are.

-Determine to speak to someone about Christ, and try to expose yourself to as much teaching as is reasonable on the subject. Find the most godly soulwinner that you can be accountable to. Tell this person your sin problems and pray for one another.

-Get rid of sin in your life. If something is doubtful, give it up. Even if it takes you several months, and habits only go one at a time, still get rid of them. If you are content that you already have, give something up for the sake of Christ; a meal now and then, an activity that makes you lazy, a hobby that takes away from time that could be spent doing one of the above, or that could be spent doing something that would glorify God, or make you a better witness.

Know that I am speaking to myself with this. Though I often go for long periods without witnessing to people, I use this formula to get back into evangelism. I know from failing God so often, that there is no substitute for prayer, Bible, and obediance. It is no wonder Jesus called his 12 'disciples.' It takes discipline to be a soulwinner.

These lyrics by Keith Green are gut-wrenching. The rest of the song is just as cutting:

Do you see...
Do you see all the people sinking down?
Don't you care, don't you care?
Are you gonna' let them drown?
How can you be so numb, not to care if they come?
You close your eyes and pretend the job's done.'

-Asleep in the Light

Hal Bachman

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It is God's goodness that leads to repentance as stated in scripture and oftentimes the conviction of sin wanes because my heart has grown calloused. (Romans 2:4 Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?)

When I'm not regularly convicted of sin, I know I'm in trouble with my walk with Jesus. During these times I've often read to the lord in my closet Revelations 3:17 and he has met me with conviction. Thank you Jesus for the conviction of sin and purging that comes through the power of your blood...

Ed Pugh

 2006/3/29 8:22Profile



Have you been influenced by any calvanistic teachings. This could explaine the BLOCK. Many people who have been influenced by these techings become convinced their not one of the elect and lack the faith to simply believe. I've dealt with several people who have become victims of this theology. Listen friend, the bible says whosoever will may come. Are you willing to give up your sin and turn to Jesus? This is what it comes down to. It's that simple. You must in your heart be willing to give up everything for Him. All or nothing. I'll be praying that God would impart the knowlege you need to be converted. Dwell on the cross. Read the Gospel of John over and over and over again until something happens. Don't move on until you got it.

In Christ

 2006/3/29 10:30

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