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 Re: Prayer meetings every day

Hi brentw...

I really enjoy praying while I am alone. The intimacy of fellowship with Christ while no one is around is wonderful. It is the highlight of my days. It is not necessarily confined to a designated indoor spot, though. I love to find a place outdoors where I can pray in secret.

While I also enjoy praying corporately, I sadly find that there are times where such prayer meetings are merely formal and distracting. I have been at prayer meetings where the more "spiritual" individuals felt the need to pray (or even "prophesy") over myself. Instead of just focusing on Christ -- our thoughts are often turned on one another.

However, there are often times where a few of my most trusted brothers in the Lord gather together in prayer. This is sometimes in my college dorm, but it is also in apartments or houses. The Lord has blessed me tremendously during many of such meetings. I really wish that many of our "official" Church prayer meetings would turn into such.



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