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 Prayer meetings every day

Should we be having prayer meetings every day? Should this be our push for our church to see? Brooklyn Tabernacle has them every day.
Will we see revival without prayer meetings every day and if thats the case why dont we?? Revival is not formula.

Yes, Sister Annie you can reply :-P ;-) :-) Ha!


 2006/3/25 15:52Profile

 Re: Prayer meetings every day

Well let's see, a century ago and on most churches did have prayer meetings everyday. So it's just a reflection on the state of the church. The argument is proposed that people have jobs to relax from and whatnot and business to do. Well business is understandable if you have it in the evening, but otherwise it isn't. If you earnestly desire corporate prayer you will want to show up no matter how tired you are. Oh well. People don't want to meet to pray weekly anymore, so what's it to think that people would meet daily? It's sad, but it's true. At least, to the churches I've been at.

 2006/3/25 16:16


Haaaaa ! Yeah well, now I doan wanna :-P .

Cuz prayin' everyday ain't a question.


 2006/3/25 16:21


I know your being humurous, but he's talking about corporate prayer, not singular prayer. Two different things. Pentecost couldn't have happened without it, Finney's revivals couldn't have happened without it, Hebrides, etc.

Even the Welsh Revival had more than Evan Roberts behind it.

In other words, God moves when people get together to corporately pray.

 2006/3/25 16:24


Thanks jordanamo.

Unity in Spirit and Doctrine and love help too, right ?


 2006/3/25 16:46


Sorry for joking though ... my apple fell off it's leaf again there for a minute.

I just saw BTC and it's shows on their faces, Etc.

 2006/3/25 16:48

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I have had a desire to pray in a manner that would lead to revival. I say this after listening to/reading many messages by Orr, Rice, Ravenhill, Connelly, and others.

If you are moved by God to pray with others daily, then do so. But remember that God is not bound to send revival even after many heartfelt corporate daily prayers.

So I encourage you to have daily prayer, but say this as so many of us get disappointed when no immediate, visible results come about.

I have been praying for God to move in revival power in our church, community, country, world, etc. And don't let me fool you into thinking I brought anything personally, or that I am on my knees many hours a day. However, I do pray for revival, and I do think of revival all the time. There are many at our church praying similar prayers. Changes have happened in our church, but not in an immediate way, but rather like a growing plant. The creation of an evangelism ministry at our church, a Wednesday night prayer meeting, an explosion of missions support, and all sorts of godly changes throughout.

During the process of desiring revival and personal revival, I had the Holy Spirit fall upon me, individually. This was strange as people don't know how to react when you tell them.

So I say these things to let you know that in all your praying, be prepared for God to take over when you ask Him to revive you, and for Him to make changes that you wouldn't necessarily approve. Moreover, making your mind up to pray daily will cause the enemy to attack you, as Satan will try to get you to stop.

So my advise, being a fellow seeker of revival, is pray without ceasing, and if this means daily corporate prayer, then pray together daily, but be prepared for God to really work you over on the inside.

Prayer is a must, but prayer without hunger and thirst for righteousness is just formality. Sometimes I think promising God a schedule when your heart is not in it can turn your efforts into frustration. But if God is leading you to this, He has a reason for it.

All revivals come out of prayer, and many have come from daily corporate prayer, but none have come without prayer. And this being specific, fervent, continuous prayer for an outpouring of God's Spirit.

What I have found personally that I must change within my heart, is that God is not in a rush to send revival just because I am. We must 'wait' upon God.

Hal Bachman

 2006/3/26 18:16Profile


Good post LGB.

I like what you said about "God is not bound" and that the devil attacking, as soon as we start praying a lot and the general feeling in your post about pray-work-wait.

It's only when folks "sit around" Waiting that I get ruffled. ha - but your post gave the active part of your Church and that's the cool part.

Lord God Bless.

 2006/3/26 18:44


Prayer is a must, but prayer without hunger and thirst for righteousness is just formality.

That sums up what I would say.

But to also add more. Prayer is a must, but prayer without love is NOTHING. We are to love others. Let our voices rise to Him and our actions be His body working in us.

 2006/3/26 19:15


I'm sure greenquality would have loved to have some of that love too, on his thread.

 2006/3/26 22:22

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