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Discussion Forum : General Topics : I know there are more of you out there...

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Joined: 2011/9/21
Posts: 58

 I know there are more of you out there...

I am curious to know from some of you what God has been showing you of things to come. How has He spoken to you. I've been wanting to ask this question for sometime. God Bless you all. Brian

 2012/3/4 19:11Profile

 Re: I know there are more of you out there...

Brother what do you mean of things to come?


 2012/3/4 19:43

Joined: 2011/9/21
Posts: 58


Things to come in this generation. Surely God just isn't speaking to the likes of men such as David Wilkerson or carter conlon, etc...

 2012/3/4 20:18Profile


"to the likes of"

Before I proceed in this thread, how are you meaning the above wording?

Whenever I have seen those words put together in a sentence or hearing it verbally it's said in a derogatory manner.

If that is not how you meant it, please edit it for clarity.


 2012/3/4 20:46


Brother, yes, God is speaking to other people. Unschooled, ordinary men and and women are hearing from God. They are having incredible dreams and visions about things that will happen in this generation. But nobody will listen to them. For the simple fact they are not a David Wilkerson or Carter Conlin. But then the Jews did not listen to the prophets or Jesus himself.

Sorry brother. Don't mean to be negative. But the biggies are respected. The unknowns. Well in this forum they stay unknown.


 2012/3/4 20:49

Joined: 2011/9/21
Posts: 58


Approved it isn't a deragatory way at all. Those were just familiar names everyone here would know. And to be honest this is why I hardly post anything. People read into things all the time.

 2012/3/4 20:56Profile


For the simple fact they are not a David Wilkerson or Carter Conlin.

Carter Conlon was a nobody and probably still considers himself to be such as Brother David Wilkerson saw himself as well.

I know of people that have had dreams and to here them speak of them is crazy talk, none of it makes any sense, they are all over the board with it and they are nobodies, but that doesn't give the right to be right because they are nobodies. Whether your a 'biggie' or a 'smallie' it doesn't matter, it's whom God is letting you speak to in your community.

We have this idea that we have be famous to be heard. If we can minister to the few that God has given us around us, that is sufficient. "Strengthen that which remains". Carter Conlon is the senior pastor of Times Square Church. He went from being an ordinary person who had a morbid fear of public speaking and look where God brought that man from and now he can speak to thousands without having to crawl under a table somewhere and hide. His responsibilities are great. It's not just preaching in the pulpit and screaming out the truth, but it's dealing with ups and downs of people and problems and solutions.

Most of the great men of God were absolute nothings. And just because they were famous doesn't mean that they were always heard. The worse place to be is in the line of fire and these men were the ones who got it first before anyone else would.

Remember Daniel in the bible? He was educated, he was a Statesman, an Adviser to the King, and look at the dreams that that man received and also look at the persecution that came his way even to the point of death.

Jesus was not unschooled, he was not a lazy kid who jigged school. He would have gone to school like all other kids to learn about the law and the prophets.

Matthew was a Tax Collector, to do what he did he had to be educated.

Luke was a Physician.

Paul was educated to the hilt.

I'll respond later regarding the theme of this thread.

 2012/3/4 21:22


And to be honest this is why I hardly post anything. People read into things all the time.

Only if some is picking a fight. I am not.

In relationships, you have to clarify things that are said. We don't stop talking just because someone is asking to understand clearly what is being said. The reason why I asked is because we've have had posters really put down David Wilkerson in these forums in the past.

Now that I know your thoughts, we can proceed. So don't be discouraged if questions like this arise. If I heard you say it face to face I would know immediately what you meant. If I knew you I would have no doubts. But since I don't know you and you don't know me, these types of questions have to be asked, it's just the way things are.

 2012/3/4 21:31

Joined: 2008/1/11
Posts: 375
Minnesota, USA

 Re: I know there are more of you out there...

I write this post with reverence because I fear using the wrong words as this is the first I'm speaking about this. I can only speak of what the Lord is doing in my life regarding this time in Biblical history.

I was always a very chatty, outgoing person. When I was saved from the "American Cultural Christianity" (after two decades of it), I found SermonIndex and posted here frequently, enjoying the fellowship. I was this way with my church family, too. While I still enjoy the fellowship, it's changed. I've changed.

As I got more into prayer and scripture, I felt I needed to pull back and focus on the Father instead of casually chatting so much. (This is what I felt the Father would have ME do. I'm not insinuating everyone "should.") In the past, I struggled so much with prayer and now that's my calling. I observe the world through the lens of scripture, pray and listen.

In this light, I can say that I see much Bible prophecy unfolding. The draw to prayer has become so strong in this regard for me. I spend more time praying and weeping over the world. It's so strong in me.

I don't "hear" God speak to me audibly. I haven't been given special knowledge or revelation of future events, although I've had personal insights due to my studies and have come to see some of them in the works with increased frequency.

What I can attest to is an ever-increasing sense of urgency and timeliness. I cannot shake this and my only relief comes from time in prayer - only to have it return again and again. I used to pay much attention to the earthly signs and go strictly by those. But just recognizing the signs alone caused me to become stagnant, as if I'd already packed my bags and was waiting for Jesus to return. I've since learned that they are only the signposts to watch for. Our focus must be on the Lord and what He would have us do now while He tarries.

I believe Christ's return is sooner than most realize. I'm wholly convinced of it. While it's wise to recognize that, that knowledge is our hope, comfort and encouragement. It's not our resting place. It's our strength to persevere and continue diligently, relentlessly, with the work He has given each of us right now.


 2012/3/4 21:40Profile

 Re: I know there are more of you out there...

"I am curious to know from some of you what God has been showing you of things to come. How has He spoken to you. I've been wanting to ask this question for sometime. God Bless you all." Brian: gators52

Yes Brian, I have had revelation on some things to come, and each judgment I have been shown comes with a glory to His Church. Below, are a couple of significant Words He has shown me.

 2012/3/4 21:47

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