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 Re: Is this a Christian Prayer ?

While this poem is not devoid of anything true, its flavor is indeed "new age".

It implies a "plan for man" that has little to do with God's eternal purpose for man, Christ's redemption and resurrection and the indwelling Spirit of Christ for the accomplishing of God's purpose which is to regenerate many sons of God from among fallen man and to produce the body of Christ to be His eternal expression.

Absent is even the concept of man's fallen and dead condition before God and the need for redemption and regeneration. It seems to imply that all that is needed for man to get back to "The plan" is some light, knowlege and determination, not redemption, regeneration, sanctification, transformation, conformation, and transfiguration into the image of the First Born Son of God by the indwelling Spirit of the incarnated, crucified, resurrected, and ascended Christ.

Absent is God's eternal plan or economy of the fullness of the time to "head up all things in Christ".


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 Re: reach the heavens

its flavor is indeed "new age"

I see you put "new age" in parenthesis, no doubt implying the really it is just a label.

This kind of thinking has been around since the beginning.

In Christ's times Stoics said that the way to get along in this life is to live clean and good according to the laws of nature, and not to wish to have too much.

Platonists said that the thing to do is to train oneself toward the good and beautiful and true until the self becomes one with these.

Cynics said that just plain goodness was what is realy needed.

Maybe we'll never find a box for this poem because it is a prayer of a humanity in general, expressing man's yearning to reach the heavens, without the cross ... same motive as for the Babel Tower project... to reach the heavens.



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