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I'm glad for the edification. But your exegeting the text still does not anser my question. I know what bible says about the gift of tongues. But the question still stands. if this is indeed a gift of God than why are the catholics speaking in them. If the proof of baptism is tongues, then why are the catholics exersicing them in their service. What the bible says and what is happening today is not the same! Please read my previous thread. I feel as though you havent taken the time to read it thouroghly.

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hi, another subject where people who know nothing about the subject are self proclaimed teachers on the subject.elliminating all catholics from the possibility of salvation is idioticly proud and prejudice because they are all whosoevers.youth is waisted on the young. jimp

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Hi Warrior,
I haven't ignored you at all. I answered you twice on previous pages on your question but you're not catching the real answer.

My last post on this previous page explaining how I see two tongues in the Word, was not to you, but to the Thread Starter's question.

They 'did' start the thread and wanted opinions, so I thought it only right to answer them and not high-jack their thread or rabbit trail it, and Not answer the thread starters initial question.

If you look what I posted to you when you first brought this up, my answer to your catholic question is in there, plain as day.

There are Christians and non-Christian in every group or denomination.

Are they all saved ? And are they ALL Un-saved ?

A good proportion of "tongues" in the non-catholic Churches are just as phonie as in the catholic churches.

Some catholics are saved ... and we have to watch our judging there. Some don't believe in going to confession and other things, but just like the 'feel' of the Church.

Most Protestant Churches are no more saved than any other Church.

That is why I said if we don't pray for Holy Spirit Discernment, we cannot 'judge' at all.

The lying signs and wonders etc. "if" it were possible could deceive even the elect and in the Greek it says that MOST will FALL AWAY from The Truth ..... I'd be more concerned about that right now personally, then what Pharaoh's magicians are doing in both groups, calling themselves Christians. Even the homosexual churches are speaking in 'tongues'.
What does the Catholic Church say about that ?

We won't know about who's saved and who's not until Matt 13 "seperating" happens.
Until then, Love one another and just preach Christ and Him Crucified.

God Bless ya.

 2006/2/27 20:46

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i understand your reply now. I just dont understand when you say that there are catholics that are saved. If they were truly saved then just by reading their bible they can tell that they don't belong there. The bible says the spirit will lead you into all truth. Unless they are there to pull people out of the fire, i just don't see it your way. But thanks for sharing the clarification for me. And this is to Jimp:

hi, another subject where people who know nothing about the subject are self proclaimed teachers on the subject.elliminating all catholics from the possibility of salvation is idioticly proud and prejudice because they are all whosoevers.youth is waisted on the young. jimp

Did you you know that is a proud and prejudicial statement? It's like saying I'm judgemental when it takes judgement to make that statement. Please dont get me wrong. I love catholics, Muslims, Buddhists,Mormons but if they dont steer away from their superstitious teachings, It's idolatry.

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Hi Warrior,
It ain't over until it's over.

Jesus said in Joh 10:16 And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.

Not many folds, but will be one fold.

Not ecumenically speaking here, but that we're not 'one' with even our born-again brother's, as Jesus had prayed in John 17, that we would be one as He and the Father are one.

We don't know, who will be coming out of where in the end. So future tense, we don't know who's saved in the end and where they presently are.

Who would have thought the thief on the Cross would have a last minute salvation just by saying, Lord, remember me when you come into your Kingdom ?

In the Last days scenario, the sun is darkened and the moon has not given it light and the heavens are shaken, etc.... it goes on to "and whosoever calls upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved".

The funny thing is ... when I was in the RCC, we didn't hear anything about the Bible and the Masses were even in Latin... so who knew what ?

Now, because they're trying to win over and look like Protestants, they've changed everything and even have mid-week Bible Studies and all have Bibles that they can study for themselves.

Only 'problem' is .... God's Word never goes out Void :-D .

So, when the end days come, who knows who will see the signs and be saved ... because if you listen to their station EWTN, they teach some things that will be like seeds to the people one day and God knows them which are His and will call them ... whatever denomination or worse that they're in.

Many Protestants, if you want to use that term, are leaving their denominations and forming remnant type fellowships every where and preparing themselves spiritually for what is coming in this world.

Just as the one world church is also forming.

Who will we be "ruling and reigning" over for 1000 years if there aren't people left on earth who weren't Resurrected, but yet didn't take the Mark for 'some' reason ?

There will folks getting saved during the Millenial Reign and then there are those who go along with satan when he is released at the end of the 1000 years for a time.

So, we just don't know who's who just yet ... not until Rev. 20 ... unless they die between now and then unregenerated.

God knows who the Elect are and I'm not a Calvinist, but He knows who will come, so we should be just praying for them and asking God to make us all evangelists in our little worlds.

This poem was very good that I read today ...

Lord Bless.

 2006/2/28 3:08

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This in the same subject,[i]What about dream's and vision?[/i]How can you tell,if you think you had one. a subject not really talked about

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Dreams only come from 3 sources... our own minds, as in what we were exposed to that day or exposed ourselves to. 2- the devil. 3-God.

To test what we may feel is a 'spiritual' dream, it first must line up with Scripture.
No experience can contradict Scripture and then we must wait on God for confirmation.
A thing should be confirmed by two or three witnesses.

The same for visions. Scriptural first and then confirmed by two or three witnesses.

That can be someone who is Spiritual in the Church that you could run it by and ask to pray with you on it.

These things are to be tested. 'Test all things ... try all things'

I knew a brother, who dreamt often of being greatly used by God, but it was just his ego working out his wishes through his dreams, which is often the case.

Others have had dreams, that many in the Body would get a witness to as being something that the Lord had just that week shared with them through His Word or someway.

The enemy makes people move fast, without giving them time to test something.

The Lord asks that we test all things.

"We must never think we are beyond being deceived" ... and that one statement that a good teacher said, has saved many from 'being' deceived.

We're living in very 'spiritual' times, for both God's side and the Enemy's side of counterfeits and that will only increase as time moves on.

We must pray for discernment and always pray that the Lord God will protect us from all deceptions, as the helpless sheep that we are without HIM.

And yet, be wise as serpents but as harmless as doves, somehow. :-)

Lord Bless and protect us all. Amen.

 2006/2/28 4:25

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Well I had this back in 1990,before I really started to read the bible,four year after being baptized,in the church.This dream is still with me.I had a lot of stuff that really changed my life,happen to me .that I can't explain nor try to, but This dream that I had, which checked out with the word, meant to be private?,but being on this subject of tongues,and re=reading act,coming across dreams,i never really talked about it,and may not be the right place too bring this up.

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Hi GQ, I don't' think anyone would mind if you wanted to talk about the dream.

Or if you wanted, you could speak privately with some here through PMs, if you'd want some second opinions or whatever.

I don't know if it was meant to be private as you asked. You would have to feel that one out with the Lord and see if you get a 'peace' to share it or not.

I would hope that if you chose to post it, that you do have a peace and the posters here will respect your sharing.
Some are more given to dreams. I'm not, but have a friend or two that that is how the Lord speaks to them once in a while.
Me, I want to sleep without dreams ... unless they are very happy.
I once had a bad neck and I lay on the couch in desperation to escape the pain, and I dreamt of a military Dr., don't ask me why a military Dr., but he was so pure and godly, that I didn't fear him at all.
I sat on the exam table and he took my neck in one hand and lifted my chin with the other.
The Dr. was so pure inside that I relaxed in his hands. Something I would never do with a Dr.

It was strange though, because I knew I looked like a mess when I first walked in that room, but he looked at me and just his look said, "looks don't matter" and I knew that was coming from the Lord, because it wasn't human like ... because it went way down in me and I relaxed that looks didn't matter with this Dr.

Anyhow, to shorten this, I immediately woke up after relaxing in his hands, and my neck was healed and I said, how strange. Why would God disguise himself as a military Dr. ?

This Dr. was so pure, he even smelled like the cleanest thing I've ever smelt in my life, as he stood by holding my neck and chin up.

Strange. But that's the only strange dream that I can remember.

I'm not that big on dreams, but I can usually tell when the few that others have told they have had are from the Lord or not and what they mean, but not in my own case.

The dream just left me with the realization of absolute pure Holiness of the Lord and maybe He knows I'd have flipped if I saw HIM. Yeah, that's for sure.
I saw Him when I was young, about 10, but children handle those things more naturally.

I was in the Military, so maybe that is why he chose a military Dr., knowing I wouldn't fear him. I don't know. But it left me with just an awe of the kindness, purity and approachableness of our Lord. Even though his purity and cleanness frightened me at first, when he put his hand on me, I felt such unusual peace.

Definitely not an every day experience for me. Phew.

Well, here I've rattled on again.
I better get some rest.
God Bless you GQ and you do what feels comfortable, between you and God.

His Love.

 2006/2/28 7:13

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bro Warrior
you wrote

Unless they are there to pull people out of the fire, i just don't see it your way.

this is a good point.i think also some may be there to be an example for the others who're still unsaved so that they won't have an excuse come judgement day. it's easy to say that "well they're saved and they should walk way from that church" but we should remember that what the Lord is woking out through one saint may not be immediately plain to us. in my experience, the church i'm at right now is one in which the vast majority are not Spirit-filled. my initial response to this was "well Lord i need to be in a place where there are Spirit-filled believers so i don't want to come here any more." the Lord replied by saying that if these people didn't know what it was to be Spirit filled, then how would they know unless such a one was among them? now i must say though that being this example doesn't so much involve me talking about being Spirit-filled as it is behaving myself as such. our conduct speaks louder than what we may say.

Farai Bamu

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