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 Re: Did Ravenhill ever hear about the Toronto / Brownsville "revivals"?

On one of Derek Princes sermons, he said he had a friend of a friend that went to Toronto and asked the Lord how much of what went on there was of Him; he said the Lord replied, "About 25%, which is a lot more than what's going on in most churches."

That is and was a fair and true statement from the Lord that 25% is more than what's going on in most churches.

Now, Derek Prince has sermons where he has called out people for making animal sounds and that that's not Biblical at all. That God made the donkey talk like a human but never made a human talk like an animal. And then proceeded to tell about when he lived in Africa and had to deliver people from animal spirits.

Laughing in the spirit is in the Bible, now I don't know about 1000's laughing in the spirit but only God knows and I will let Him be judge. If you have never laughed by the power of Holy Spirit, how can you sit in judgment of it and declare it of satan? I'd be careful of doing that if I were you that is a spirit of pride.

God bless,


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