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 be mean to a non christian?

wow i just saw something that troubled me so much cus it opened up my eyes to how people can be. I saw the trading spouses show...for those of u that dont know what it is, 2 moms switch with the others family. Well one lady was christian and was telling these people that they are evil and all this non loving stuff cus they believed in a different religion. The family that was christian with the mom that had the different belief, well they had friends over that were christian, and the 3 christian ladys were so mean to that one mom questioning her why she wasnt christian and how she was of the devil...what can u tell people about this. i know you should say they should be loving but they will try to use biblical things and show that its ok to be mean like that to non christians. and then the christian lady was all psyco screaming and SHE looked like SHE was the devil. she screamed that they were of the devil blah blah blah going crazy. this is really awful that some christians do this whats the best things to say to these people


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 Re: be mean to a non christian?

What is the evidence of a person being a Christian? It is not passion, fire, or anything like that. It is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance. Someone may be as fired up as they can be, but how is their meekness. Do they instruct in meekness?

Now I must admit that I get fired up inside about getting sinners converted, but that is no excuse for being unkind to anyone. Jesus spent time with sinners.

Now the other side is that we should not hide the truth from sinners by not discussing sin, law, righteousness, judgment, and hell. These should be discussed, but all in meekness. Not with a grovel voice and red face, but in love. So that we, like God, would not be willing that any should perish, but that all would come to repentance.

Hal Bachman

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Christians should NOT be aggressive. That in itself is a bad witness.

May I also ask what a Christian was doing on one of those rubbish TV shows anyway?


Michael Hancock

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We were just talking about a similar subject in a different column, ane one of the observances was that you can hate the false relition, and still love the people.

I don't necessarily agree that we shouldn't be aggresstive, but our outreach must be done in love. What I mean is this: If we're too worried about hurting a person's feelings that we don't share the Word with them, then we're useless in our outreach. We must challenge their conscience- this is the purpose of the Law. But to assume that a person is evil because they believe in a false relition is wrong- there is no love, and no message that will be received.

Grace and Peace...

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We don't usually watch that type of TV show... but we had seen an advertisement this weekend for that episode, and watched in horror last night. I wont judge this women's walk with the Lord because that show is probably so edited by the producers that many things were probably taken waaaay out of context... HOWEVER... the behavior and attitudes of these "Christians" was appalling and sickening. I had a hard time even watching it. It was a good teaching tool for our kids tho because they have never seen believers act that way. Yet many do. So after the show we pulled out our Bibles and read together about how believers should act, and how Jesus treated non-believers.

Overall... what we saw on that TV show last evening was hard to watch, and very sickening. And she cussed and said "In the name of Jesus" in the same sentence. Blasphemey.


 2005/11/3 10:45

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Cache Valley, Utah


It's obviously a big television stunt to make Christians look bad. I'm sure there are real people like that, but the show's purpose was probably just ot draw it out and make them look stupid... and they succeeded.

Glad I don't have TV (please don't respond to this statement!)

Eli Brayley

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Christians should NOT be aggressive

What do you mean by that?

ag·gres·sive adj.
1.Characterized by aggression: aggressive behavior.

2.Inclined to behave in an actively hostile fashion: an aggressive regime.

3.Assertive, bold, and energetic: an aggressive sales campaign.

4.Of or relating to an investment or approach to investing that seeks above-average returns by taking above-average risks.

5.Fast growing; tending to spread quickly and invade: an aggressive tumor.

6.Characterized by or inclined toward vigorous or intensive medical treatment: an aggressive approach to treating the infection.

7.Intense or harsh, as in color.

I looked up the deffinition and which of these do you think a Christian should/shouldn't be?

Josh Parsley

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 Re: be mean to a non christian?

What about the sin of debate? Does it factor in here? Some time ago the LORD convicted me of this sin. It is listed in Romans 1: 29: "Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers," I used to be 'good' in arguing but since the LORD convicted me of it, I will refrain. Does this this not apply to situations as you just mentioned? I know well-meaning Christians will get frustrated when their point of view is being rejected with hostility so one responds with like and quickly you have a full blown argument going which helps nobody...and definately the one YOU want to convinced will remain unchanged.

Many years ago I saw a recorded debate between Randel Terry, a pro-life activist, and Faye Wattleton, who headed Planned parenthood. Mr. Terry got so flustered and exasperated while Ms Wattleton sat there cool as a cumcumber...almost regardng Mr. Terry like a pesky fly...never once raised her voice or showed her emotions. In my book her behaviour was far superior to Mr. Terry's. I thought it was a poor testimony for the pro-life position.

The point: arguing rarely convinces your opponent.

Just my thoughts...anyone disagree? :-)


Sandra Miller

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interesting this is posted.. just a couple hours ago i was out on my campus with a banner and a girl came up to me and was telling me about that tv show and that christian lady. the lost really see those things.

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What about the sin of debate?

It would be interesting to find out the Greek word used for "debate", and what exactly the meaning is.

I have learned a lot discussing different topics on here... and yes, debating at times. Sometimes tho, we debate because of pride or wanting to be right. I think we're all guilty of that, and in that instance, that would be a sin.


 2005/11/3 17:04

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