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Many I think are missing the point. The question is not "Is TV evil?" but "Is TV holy?"

This and the rest of your post was very well said. Creation, fall, and redemption, all covered.

I think [b]groh_frog[/b] does not think TV is evil though, he is rather overjoyed by the freedom experienced when we live in simplicity.

Sometimes we have refrain from certain activities to find out how much we depend on them and not God.


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tacklebox, well put. And Agent, thanks for the compliment.

I agree with you, tacklebox. I've seen bible studies that are on video, and I think they're a good thing. But, I'd like to think that like Agent said, there's so much freedom in not having to filter everything you watch. But if you're idle in your time; even if you're not watching a show that should be condemned on public TV, you're still idle with your time. And looking back on that someday, how will you answer for that time that you were given?

Grace and Peace...

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 TV out, Blessing IN

Dear Brethren

We have also experienced the Lord's nearness and blessing in our lives since the TV has gone out. I dont know how TV is in your country, but here in South Africa it is full of filth, Blasphemous and propagating other religions. And christians, beware of secular movies. They blespheme and disrespect the Name above all names. Somemone showed me "Ghost in the Darkness", a true story and even in that film the Lord's Name was taken as a curse word. I regret watching it becuse of that.
O, how the churches has fallen, to even think or consider and wonder about something so clearly a tool in the evil one's hands.
People will argue about TV, because they still love their sin.
Confess your sin, surrender afresh to Christ and be filled with the HOLY Spirit. May God help us.
O, for more of Him!

In His unchanging love,

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