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Hello Diane,

This quote, "our calling involves BEING more than DOING" seems to be a theme I keep encountering this week. I have heard this message several times through other people.

I am still trying to understand this more and better apply it to my life. (Maybe you can help me with understanding that?)

There is a bit of a contradiction to application. If I apply it and try to do, then I am less being and more doing. The difficult lesson then, I suppose, is just letting things be. Sometimes I get so eager and passionate to do God's work that I do more harm than good. I am trying to let God do the "doing" and just be ready and willing to let Him work through me in His time.

This is what I gather so far, but I have so much more to learn.

Thanks for sharing,


Blake Kidney

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 Re: words and different usages

Sister Diane,

Thank you for your kindness. I'm gratefull.


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 Being and doing

Blake said:

If I apply it and try to do, then I am less being and more doing.

In other words, to sit down and do nothing so that we can simply BE, is really a focus on our doing.
Ahh! The challenges of trying to fit concepts into formulas!!

Really, there is no such thing as being without doing, or doing without being.

I used to be a DOING person. That meant that I found my sense of worth in what I did. I was addicted to DOING. But inside, I was fearful, lonely, shamefilled, etc. Everyone valued what I did, but no one really cared about who I was on the inside – that is, except God.

God changed my value system through some hard knocks of life. He took away all my DOINGS through a very long illness. I felt useless, a nobody, and at first it was horrible. With God’s help I discovered that who I AM was more valuable to him than what I DO. I learned that what I DO doesn’t define who I AM.

In our world, almost everyone plans their life according to their DOING, but few plan to go after developing their BEING. I think that is true for Christian careers as well as secular careers. That’s why we see religious leaders who may have graduated with high standing, but their inner character is weak, and underdeveloped. These kind do not make the best servants of God. They need inner transformation – something that cannot be learned academically.

I suspect that there are more scriptures that speak of our need to develop inwardly, (grow, mature, be holy, etc,) than there are about our doings. That would make a good Bible Study.


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 Re: Being and doing

I read something recently that touched on this idea of being vs. doing. I thought I would share it here in the hopes that it would edify others as it has edified me...

The calling to be a bondman is God's general calling for the Old Testament the bondman has no rights, had no recourse when wronged and received no remuneration for his labors. The Hebrew people were prohibited to become bond-slaves to each other; however they did take bondmen from conquered the New Testament the picture seems to change. What amazing disclosure we have when Paul casts aside this prohibition and refers not only to his own relationship as a bondman, but Philippians chapter two presents the Lord Jesus as the great example of a Bondman. He explains how the Lord Jesus deliberately laid down His rights in heaven, stooped to becoming a man. But even more, He "made Himself of no reputation and took upon Himself the form of a Bondman."

Is there any question as to how God might use us as bondmen? Here is the method often hidden from our view. We are not primarily called [i]to doing[/i] but rather [i]to being[/i]. It is when we will [i]be[/i] in His hands that we are made usable. We see this in both Paul and the Lord Jesus. It was because our Lord was willing [i]to be[/i] a bondman that "He was made..." (Phil. 2:7). We see the same pattern in Paul's testimony where he insists: "I have made myself a bond servant..." (1 Cor. 9:19 A.N.T.). Then a few verses later how God "made him all things to all men." This is God's way! It is not so much our working as it is His working through us. When we choose [i]to be[/i] then we [i]are made[/i]. Oh that God's children could understand this being instead of doing. [i]To be[/i] as broken bread in His hand, [i]to be made[/i] food for the hungry, water for the thirsty, light for the darkened. This is God working.

-from [i]Unto Full Stature[/i] by DeVern Fromke

Ron Halverson

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