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Flinstone, GA


Will pray - thanks for the update.

Keep updating us, please.


Kendal Shipley

 2005/10/16 16:51Profile

 Re: Prayer Update on Libby, MT

I talked to my dad this afternoon concerning the meetings at Libby, Montana. Last night it was a small crowd. Some Amish relatives of Ora Miller (the brother who is hosting these meetings) did come, praise the Lord! My dad called it a 'pioneer work'. They are praying and believing God to do a great work this evening and tomorrow evening. Really pray for there to be a break through into this strongly religious (Amish) community.

Thank you for praying!

"Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen." Ephesians 3:20-21

 2005/10/18 15:55

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Hi Roniya,

I was wondering.. is there a big Amish or Menninite community around where you are from? I remember when I was going to see Mr. Daniel that I seen a few signs that had a picture of a horse and buggy and said share the road.. or something to that effect.

I know there are some people that use to be Menninites (they are still very close) that are from Monroe, MO.. or I think that is correct.

Josh Parsley

 2005/10/18 15:58Profile


Hi PreachParsly,


PreachParsly wrote:
I was wondering.. is there a big Amish or Menninite community around where you are from? I remember when I was going to see Mr. Daniel that I seen a few signs that had a picture of a horse and buggy and said share the road.. or something to that effect.

Yes, we do have quite a few Amish and Mennonite people in our area. I don't know how large the Amish community is...every now and then we see a buggy on Sunday afternoon. :-) Where we used to live (45 miles aprox. west of where we are now) there is a strong conservative Mennonite community.
I am unfamiliar with the group at Monroe, MO (I have never heard of Monroe...sorry!)


 2005/10/18 19:03

 Re: Prayer Update

Brother Keith is speaking this evening at Grace Bible Church in Stone Lake, Wisconsin. He will be speaking twice on Saturday and Sunday. Pray for him as he prepares his messages.
LaMar Troyer (715.865.2511) is the contact person for these meetings. Is anyone from SI going to be there?
Was anyone from SermonIndex at the Kalispell meetings? I heard that there was a group that drove twelve hours from Canada to the meetings and that they found out about it on SermonIndex. It would be great to hear a report from them. :-)

The rest of the Libby meetings went well. The peak attendence was the second night with 39 people in attendence. Pray for the seed that was sown in hearts.

Keep praying!

 2005/10/21 11:53


Greetings Praying Saints,

This morning my father talked with David Tietz, the host for the meetings in Michigan with Brother Keith. The meetings there went very well. Their congregation numbers about 75 people and around 300 attended the meetings, praise the LORD! Bro. Keith spoke seven times. So please pray for strength; it is very exhausting to speak so many times. It sounds like people came in from all over including Canada. Were any SIer’s there? It would be a wonderful blessing to hear more testimonies from the places Bro. Keith has been.

Bro. Keith is speaking tonight in S. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The S. Milwaukee Church of the Nazarene is the hosting church; contact Tom Rodriguez for the meeting place (#414.762.6169). This church is having a funeral this morning. One of their members passed away last week. She was a dear older saint of the Lord’s. Keep them in your prayers. Bro. Keith will be there November 7-9, he travels to Wolcott, CT for the next meetings, November 11-13.

Let us keep praying and believing God to be glorified!


 2005/11/7 10:39

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


Are there any people going to these meetings coming up?

S. Milwaukee, WI
November 7th- November 9th
S. Milwaukee Church of the Nazarene
414-762-6169 (Tom Rodriguez)

Wolcott, CT
November 11th- November 13th
The Wolcott Community Bible Church
203-879-1520 (Todd Williams)

Hagerstown, MD
November 14th- November 16th
The Berean Bible Fellowship
240-626-6574 (Royace Allen)

Rochester, NY
November 18th- November 20th
Old Paths Bible Baptist Church
585-225-8406 (Charlie Barkowski)


I should be going to the meeting in [b]Rochester[/b]! Hopefully I will be staying with brother Doug Renz on this site and we will have a few days of fellowship during the conference.

Also I just got up the audio messages from the Mount Vernon, MO conference that was preached by Keith Daniel on this tour about 2 months ago:

(Mount Vernon) Daniel

(Mount Vernon) My Godly Father in-law

(Mount Vernon) The Creation in Genesis

(Mount Vernon) The Parable of the Sower

enjoy some videos should be coming soon also..

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2005/11/8 12:48Profile

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Escondido, California


Thanks for all your hard work Greg. I will be checking out "My Godly Father-in-law" upon Roniya's recommendation.

That would be awesome if you got to hang out with Doug and his family. They are a neat family, have the cutest kids, and I'm sure you will be blessed with rich fellowship! If they remember me, tell them I say "hi". Thanks. =)

Yolanda Fields

 2005/11/8 14:26Profile

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 Re: Keith In Rochester, NY

Hi Brother Greg,

I am still planning on attending these mtgs. You are welcome to stay with us during your visit to Rochester, NY. I need to call the church and find out what time Keith is preaching.

I left Charlie Barkowski a voice message and will let you know what time Keith is preaching.

Yodi, yes, our children remember you and the visit, especially Lillianna. It was a special time.

I am in an evanglistic play at Bethel Full Gospel church in Rochester, and I found out that this is one of the churches that Charles Finney preached at during the revivals at that time. What great history in Rochester.

May God be glorified! Amen.

Doug Renz

a Jesus freak

 2005/11/8 15:07Profile

Joined: 2005/1/14
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Just a thought.. you may not want to post your phone number on here. Anyone in the world can see it. I would edit it and take the phone number out and PM it to Greg. Just a suggestion....

Josh Parsley

 2005/11/8 15:11Profile

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