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 Re: The Psalms

I've been studying the man of sin/lawlessness/Antichrist a bit lately also. I can relate to a degree.

Meanwhile, I've found a bit of refreshing in reading and thinking on the Psalms lately. Every expression of the human heart, from the lowest to the highest, can be found somewhere in the Psalms. David's cure for spiritual lack and thirst seemed to be bold confessions of faith and worship. If that helps.

David Winter

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I have read the Psalms
I think ever since i was told in school about revival and never really experienced it for my self

I know with end times theology the definitive of building a third temple
To me there has been so many archaeological discoveries that have grounded the bible in history and the science has helped
I feel so dry when it comes to biblical revelation , i feel like god does not say anything to me any more
I have always wondered why have i studied massive amounts regarding the scriptures but not been able to give it out or even preach
I worthless when it comes to relationships.i have so wanted to dig into the scriptures at my level but people get bored so easily
I cry out for mid week Christian fellowship and to be bombarded by the holy spirit's love
I feel so dry regarding gods love

With the scriptures that can be so clear to me can may be not so clear to someone else

I struggled with miracles when i was younger i did not believe in miracles until god healed me in my bedroom.
Without anyone turning up Jesus showed up

As that was years ago you get skeptical regarding miracles and jesus loving you

There was certain prophecies at my baptism that have never come true

As one who has only experienced one miracle i find it really hard

Sometimes i feel i am more like Soloman who screwed up his life he built the temple saw god twice but yet built temples to all the other gods

I so want to be like David and have a heart after Jesus
Can god truly heal all and restore the years that the locusts have eaten

To me there are verses such as the Magog and hog war that can be taken to be at various times through the bible but the bible specifically says that the falling away will reveal the antichrist

What made me think it was near was working at the Christian bookshop and looking desperately for good books but not finding any

It has been so sad seeing Christian bookshops close as that was a safe haven for me , i felt it was like my second home and then having things such as our dog die and not having the Christian fellowship at the bridge feeling a bit of a loose canon never feeling truly part of the body of Christ in church

The bible also says that the antichrist will reside in the third temple

I have always wondered is there light at the end of this dark tunnel
Can i fight like Christian in pilgrims progress

There's something that screams for true Christian fellowship and true revival in my heart as i feel a desperate mess

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: antichrist

I'm sorry about your current situation. Hopefully things will begin to improve soon.

We all need more faith. We see problems everywhere. And too often we place our hope in our country's leaders. It's easy to forget that Satan has deceived the whole world or at least is trying too. His goal is to change your way of thinking and move you away from Jesus. If you follow the TV news you will continue to be suckered in to the lies of Satan's kingdom. From a child we have all been told who our enemies are, who to hate, etc. We follow along, trusting blindly. Jesus didn't worship Satan and receive authority over all the earths kingdoms, but someone did.

Turn the TV news off. Stop studying about the historical Jesus and instead seek the risen Jesus. He is still separating the light from the dark. And the enemy is still sowing tares all around. The world has been trapped in the overgrowth of the tree of good and evil for many thousand years. Everyone in that tree has a tenet of religious truth they cling too. All seem happy in that tree. None know they need freeing from it's deceptive branches. We don't know to ask to be freed as we think we are already free. Amazing how deception works. It's a merciful act of Jesus to cut you out of that thing. When you are set free you are free indeed.

From that point on we must stop planting trees of bitterness, hatred, revenge like we used to do. Now we need to plant trees of kindness, love, gentleness, hope for others to sit under and be refreshed. No more trees of slander, gossip, etc, which will have to run their course and bear their fruit. When we look at the sermon on the mount we see Jesus teaching his disciples; "you have heard it said... but I say unto you..' He begins to wash away the old tree. We need to sit at the feet of Jesus, discard those old books we have in our libraries that only espouse theories or the historical Jesus. Jesus said if a man sue you, give him your coat... Don't plant trees of revenge and evil. Plant trees of kindness and good instead.

We must shake the vestiges of that old tree from our lives and ask Jesus for truth and truth alone. Ask him to live in us, to be alive in us. That's how we can expect our prayers to be answered and needs met. The historical Jesus we read about doesn't seem alive. We need the living King in us.

As to the anti-christ spirit, Jesus faced it too. John and Jesus were types of the two witnesses at the end of the age. They witnessed to those in Judea and surrounding areas who were blinded by the Jewish religion of the day.
The pharisees could not see either. They only saw Jesus as an earthen vessel. They couldn't see the living God inside that earthen vessel. Everyone sees us the same way. People see our earthen vessel and think that's all there is but can't really see the real you living in those jars of clay. Remember how Jesus said they could kill the body but not the soul. Also Notice there was an earthquake and a resurrection just like at the end of the age.

Now in order for Satan to deceive you he has to have a messiah and a kingdom and a religious system. If you take a real look at today you will see that we are going to pick back up in Israel where Jesus left off 2000 years. They still don't like Christians. They have enacted the 7 Noahide laws. If you worship Jesus off goes your head according to the punishment prescribed for law number 1. The world is so blinded and the church that they are unknowingly helping to build the antichrist system that will be their own destruction. If you buy a Trump coin or send money to support the system in Israel you are supporting the third temple and the advancement of "The Jewish Utopia". Or you can read the plan under "The Greater Israel Project". America is being used and will be finally thrown under the bus. Satan is a master deceiver.

Get back under the feet of Jesus. Ask him to clean the old tree from your life. It takes time. Seek the tree of life and start planting good trees. Your faith will grow stronger when you see what is really taking place, the deception, the government lies, the brain washing. The governments, schools, and even many of the churches have been infiltrated by the anti-christ system. The rabbis are speaking in churches today and telling the congregation to give up Christ, go back to Judaism. Salvation is of the Jews they proclaim. And you must grab hold of a Jewish man for God is with him. And people are leaving Christ. Didn't Paul say this would happen; "Who has bewitched you...'

Jesus warned us about the anti-christ system. It's going to reappear. It was the fig tree which was cursed long ago. "When you see the fig tree bring forth it's branches and leaves know the end is very near.." It's being built and it's tentacles are everywhere.

Go ahead and laugh me off everyone, I have done my job. I planted a tree of hope for you. Get back under the feet of Jesus. He is your Shepherd. Grab hold of the Jewish man, Jesus. Not just any old Jewish man because not all believe in the same God. The women knew to grab Jesus garment. Don't let the things in the news frighten you or Islam. These are part of the deception. be sure to look at "The Greater Israel Project".

James R Barnes

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