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Joined: 2005/1/6
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Hemel Hempstead

 Purity in the Summertime!!

I find it is hard to stay pure in the summertime than it is in the wintertime
Jesus please purify me and help me to be clean and help sort out my electrity and my situation!!
Does anyone face the same problem!!
Jesus please keep me pure!!

Dominic Shiells

 2005/6/24 11:27Profile

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 Re: Purity in the Summertime!!

Hey there, deltadom...!

I appreciate the honesty of your posts! I suppose that if each of us answered just as honestly, we would admit that we each face the same battle. It is that constant "war" between the "flesh" and the "spirit." We are encouraged to "walk in the spirit" so that we do not "fulfill the lusts of the flesh." I find that, in my life, the best way is to not put myself in situations where the temptation is great -- regardless of what that temptation is (sort of like Lot pitching his tent [i]toward[/i] Sodom). And I constantly pray that the Lord help me to hate whatever sin attempts to tempt me the most.

I also pray that God show me each situation as HE sees it. In a struggle against lust, we can pray that the Lord help us view each young lady as a sister. In a struggle against worldliness, we can pray that the Lord remind us of Christ's loving death for this lost world. If we struggle with hate, again, I pray that God remind me of his loving death for each individual.

Sometimes, it is nice to find a close trusted brother to speak honestly and candidly with about our struggles.

I will be praying for you today. Please do the same for me. May the Lord bless you and keep you!

Matthew 11:28-30


 2005/6/24 11:53Profile

Joined: 2003/7/21
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 Re: Purity in the Summertime!!

I think the season proves to be more of a problem for our age group than those more mature in their years than us...but I haven't been that age yet so I can't say with certainty.
deltadom, if you're in your 20s like ccchhhrrriiisss and I, then you're probably on a college campus, SURROUNDED by girls who have more desire to ensnare you than respect your lifestyle of faith.
As far as they go, think Proverbs 11:22.
I'm a girl, so I don't suffer the same temptation as you...not exactly attracted to the scantily-clad females...but it's ironic (or just plain shameful) that the tables are turned for me... I live in the Sunshine State of Florida, and grew up in South Florida (near Miami), so when summer rolls around I want to hit the beach! But you know, those one-piece bathing suits just aren't made in my size (a moderately tall, very slim 20-year-old). One piece bathing suits are marketed toward senior citizens and older mothers who are trying to hide they're just not appealing, or they have support in places I don't need get the picture. I put on one of those and we've got straps falling down all over the place, extra fabric that GIVES me weird floppy rolls, etc.
So my temptation? Gee, that little black bikini would fit PERFECT. But it's a sin to be a stumbling block for others.
I agree with you. Now that I'm living in Tallahassee, where the winters sometimes require mittens and a scarves (especially for us South Florida babies), winter is a lot less tempting. I don't need to worry about whether or not I'm a stumbling block when I've got a huge sweater on. :-P

Mary M.

 2005/6/24 13:32Profile

Joined: 2004/10/13
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 Re: Purity in the Summertime!!

I have to agree with you. One thing I always remind myself and others is this, "you can't stop a bird from flying over your head but you can stop it from making a nest in your hair, or for thoughs without hair , on your head. Of course I'm talking about the thought life. What most distressing at times to me isn't so much how the world dresses(or undresses) but who sisters in the Lord come into the santuary only half dressed during summer, a real lack of modesty.

2Co 10:3 For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh:
2Co 10:4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)
2Co 10:5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ


 2005/6/24 20:59Profile

Joined: 2004/9/4
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Washington State

 Re: Purity in the Summertime!!


Brother I hear you! All of the men in my family suffer from hypersexuality and I'm the only one who is saved. I must be in constant prayer and God's Word daily or I go sprinting in the wrong direction. I avoid suggestive television programs, Hollywood, the mall, beach and anywhere else which would inflame my lust for the female flesh. My role model is Joseph and my warning is David.

Put to death therefore what is earthly in you: sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry.
Colossians 3:5, English Standard Version

God bless,


Des S.

 2005/6/24 22:27Profile

Joined: 2004/10/29
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The Netherlands

 Re: Purity in the Summertime!!

Hey deltadom,

a true honest post, and i'm praying also to The Lord to keep me pure.

i'm a taxi driver, drive every friday night, and at day time when necessary.

and the fasion of today is clothes so small, and they do it all for attention at pubs, parties, etc. girls love the attention and boys love to see them dress like that.

and it's somethimes very hard, than i feel the struggle of saying, "Jesus i want You, Jesus i need You, i've got to breakthrough so i can see You" helping me keeping my eyes on Jesus, and deny myself, i have to deny myself in this, otherwise i'll be no different than any other, this always a point of getting conformed to the world or getting renewed in your mind, it's always a choice.

BarlowGirl made a song about today's fasion, they refuse to walk in small clothes, they refuse walking around in clothes that are showing off their body.

[b]BarlowGirl - Clothes[/b]

[i]Clothes aren't what they used to be
They don't seem to fit you and me, anymore
Modesty is out the door
Flaunting what we've got and more is in
Yeah, it's in

They're sayin'
"Don't ask why, just wear what we say
You'll look like a model if you'll only obey
To get the attention, just do what we say"

Pay so much for clothes so small
Was this shirt made for me or my doll?
Is this all I get?
I looked so hot but caught a cold
I was doing just what I was told
To fit in


We're sayin'
"Let's ask why, don't wear what they say
Don't want to be a model; they can't eat anyway
That kind of attention will fade with the day
So, I'll stand up and say. . .

Clothes that fit are fine
Won't show what's mine
Don't change my mind
I'll be fine[/i]

Lord keep our hearts pure!!


i've seen BarlowGirl on stage last summer, and they were dressed (very) decent, a beautiful example!


 2005/6/25 8:30Profile

Joined: 2004/9/4
Posts: 39
Washington State


Too bad the ladies from Barlow Girl are unequally yoked to a secular record label. Warner Music Group owns Word Entertainment, the label Barlow Girl is [url=]signed to.[/url]

Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? 2 Corinthians 6:14, ESV

Could I Be Called a Christian? by Steve Camp

Could I be called a Christian
If everybody knew
The secret thoughts and feelings
Of everything I do
Could they see the likeness
of Christ in me each day
Could they hear Him speaking
In every word I say?

Could I be called a Christian
If my faith I did not show
If I do not go to places
Where the Lord would have me go
If I do not love His truth
If I do not guard His trust
If I cherish more than Jesus
My greatest hidden lust?

To obey all He’s commanded
To do all that He said
To place no confidence in the flesh
To glory in Christ Jesus
It’s He who justifies
To find your life you must lose it,
To live you must first die.
Let every man examine his own life
“Could I be called a Christian?”

Could I be called a Christian
And believe not his holy word
If I take Him as my Savior
And refuse Him as my Lord
If I could not love the outcast
And not burdened for the lost
If I fail to deny myself
And each day take up my cross?

Living In Laodicea,


Christians don't tell lies they just go to church and sing them ~ A.W. Tozer

Des S.

 2005/6/25 9:10Profile

Joined: 2004/7/7
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 Re: Purity in the Summertime!!

Brother, believe it or not, but I find this thread refreshing! Why? Because it seems so often like we must be the only ones who are disturbed with the nudity one sees in public. Last night I had my fill again when we went to Wal-Mart. And it is not just the young, it is also older women. Sir, I call this visual abuse!!!

My Dh and I want to go on vacation this summer and do some sight-seeing. But where do we go where we will not be bombarded by nudity? I want to relax, and not fight disgust. We cannot go when it gets cool because of our occupation - we grow tomatoes hydroponically and need to be home then to care for our plants. Maybe someone can give me an idea where to go to?

Blessings to you brethren who have this battle and are not giving in...BTW, we older sisters fight another one. So it does not appear that anyone is left without a conflict of some kind on this issue.

One brother mentioned how it is seen in the church. Last week I saw it at a funeral, of all places. Wonder if we need to provide jackets for these who come immodestly dressed. Will likely anger them but is their anger more excusable then brothers and sisters who want to be pure?


Sandra Miller

 2005/6/25 16:10Profile

 Re: I'm certainly glad that this... being discussed.

Praise God. I'm also glad to see women contributing. Thank you ladies. God bless you real good.

Ginnyrose, let me answer your question first, since it is most recent in my heart. Where do you go on vacation? I know of this wonderful mission group in southern Mexico that you could go and work with them for a week or so. Ever thougth about that? My wife and I hope to go next April, if not sooner. It's the ultimate in Christian vacation, the mission field that is. God gives you refreshing and energy along with amazing grace that you would not find on any other vacation. Think about it beloved.

Now to the subject. There is a "water park" near by that I really love. I love those slides. I do. I just don't tire of them. I've been there twice, but not in recent years. My flesh is just not that strong. Oh and by the way, I'm almost 62, so yes, us old guys are affected.

It should not surprise us that unsaved folks are used as stumbling blocks. But we should not be as christians. That is why I appreciate the input of the ladies. One thing that really cracks me up is for a woman to by a "low cut" in front top. Then everytime they lean forward they put their hand up there to kind of hide themselves. I can't figure this out. So maybe you can help. If they were afraid of somebody "seeing", why wear such stuff?

Wow, yes we do live in a society that is drunk on lust. So we have to go to great lenghts to "guard our vessel". The question is, "is it worth it"? I have to think that is most assuredly is. It's also biblical.

Have you ever been outside for example, with an open top drink in your hand and a sudden puff of dust come up? What do you do with your cup of soda? You put your hand over it. Why? You guard your vessel to keep out the dirt.

It's no different in the flesh. Nobody forces us to turn on our tv sets, buy tickets to amusement water parks, movies, and so on. Are these things more important to us than our purity? Too often, they are. It is idolatrous and not pleasing to our God. God hates idolatry.

To me, there is nothing so refreshing as to be used of God in any capacity, especially to help or bless someone who cannot possibly bless you back. Try that as an alternative to some choices you've made recently and see if there are not more satisfying things to do with your life in this summer season.

Now God has given me a refuge of sort. lol. My wife and I live and work in a retirement residence. So there is not alot to lust after here. But we do have to get out in the world and go places, especially on our days off. It's almost unavoidable, this spectacle on parade. I just have to keep it to a minimum and pray, pray, pray. Am I always successful? Why did you have to ask that? lol. No, I'm not. Oh God, deliver me from this body of sin. I sure would not want to be blind, but seeing has many pitfalls. If the eye causes us to sin, we are to pluck it out. I'm not recommending that you do that literally, but we must make every effort to keep our vessels pure and our opporutnities for uncontrolable lust to an absolute minimum.

Oh, no, I don't go that water park any more. It is just impossible to keep from lusting. Beaches are a "no-no" too. Just can't handle it. So I try to stay away from the obvious.

Thank God that we even have concern over this. Thank you again Delta for bringing it up. I'm looking forward to reading more comments, especially from the ladies.

Can we talk about the ladies? From the man's perspective? I asked my wife what attracted her to me? She said my voice, and that I made her laugh. Had she given me a list of 50 things on it with these two included, I would never have guessed. This I know, that just because we men are weak in the "visuals" does not mean that women are exempt from temptation. At least we have major source of temptation identified. So how about it ladies, care to "bare all" and show us your weakness instead of just the "outward parts"? lol.

I had better stop before I get into trouble. lol. God bless you all as you live your life to please Him.

In His mercy and grace,


 2005/6/27 9:13

Joined: 2005/2/24
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 Re: summer vacation suggestion

My Dh and I want to go on vacation this summer and do some sight-seeing. But where do we go where we will not be bombarded by nudity?... Maybe someone can give me an idea where to go to?

[url=]Safe Summer Vacation[/url]


Mike Compton

 2005/6/27 10:50Profile

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