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I don't know about you but my experience has been less exposure to entertainment, generally correlates with increased spiritual sensitivity.

I had the same experience.
I also noticed that not all entertainment is equally harmless: for example listening to a popular worldly song coupled with evil official videoclip is more harmful than listening to a simple street musician. The reason is that subliminal messages and satanic symbolism is not found in the street musician but might be found in professional music videos, where the makers often purposely and hiddenly express their satanic ideas.

 2016/8/27 23:04

David Wilkerson when he was a young preacher and experienced a dry period, sold his tv.
I believe he was lead to do so by the Holy Spirit. Everyone should be doing as the Spirit leads, we can not make a rule of this.

Todd, I have been praying for you, and continue to do so. God bless you, Zsuzsanna

 2016/8/27 23:44

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 Re: Paris Reidhead: "Finding the Reality of God."

"Some have the erroneous idea that God has His first-class citizens and second-class citizens; that the important thing is to get people "saved." Then if somebody wants to move on to "the deeper life," "the higher life," "the fuller life," or "the sanctified life," – well, that's up to them. But _everything_ God provided through the Lord Jesus and his work on the cross is important. That's why the Spirit of God insists, "how shall we escape, if we neglect" anything God intended to be ours?

"In a parable, Jesus taught about a king who sent out many invitations to a great banquet. (See Luke 14:16–24.) One of those invited refused because, he said, his new real estate acquisition required him to go and manage it. Another was also busy buying and selling and said he had to take care of his financial interests. Still another man had domestic interests which resulted in his refusal of the king's invitation.

"So whether it is real estate, building a bank roll, or ones sensual desires for comfort (and it may be many other things), The application of this parable to our hearts says to the listening soul that the world is too much with us these days.

"In His parable, Jesus pointed out that the worldly heart is not compatible with the heavenly riches God has planned for his own."

Paris Reidhead;
In: "Finding the Reality of God."

~ Forrest

 2016/8/28 20:57Profile

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