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Hi F,

I, for one, appreciate your posts and think I understand where you are coming from.
I will certainly not be the one to discourage your zeal for real practical holiness in daily living and a true consecration.
A prophet was never a comfortable person to be around and maybe your forthright sharing is making a few of us squirm a little?
Keep pressing in, brother.
I think we all can use this opportunity to take stock of our lives and where we are not redeeming the time in these evil days.
Have some of us become puffed up through much learning but sub standard living?
I have been challenged and pray the Lord grant us repentance and a renewal of obedience to our First Love.



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Is anyone equating "vain" with "sin"?

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 Re: Encouragement


Thank you for your encouragement brother. It is always a cup of cold water when we have the encouragement of the brethren. Much appreciated and I am sure you will not lose your reward.

Grace to you to stand in this evil day!

~ Forrest.

~ Forrest

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twayneb...I matters little what I do in life, I could always have spent that time doing something else, and that is where there is a fine line between pursuit of God and entrance into condemnation of the enemy.

Love this statement, this is something plain and simple to understand.


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Forrest- you mentioned on another thread that you were feeling outnumbered or ganged up on.

I dont think its anyone's intent to gang up on you- sorry it is coming across this way.

I don't think any of us have a problem with what you are saying in general terms.

What is bothersome is when you start touching on specific things that I, or others, have no personal conviction from the Lord about.

Let's use the Andy Griffith show for instance. I have watched this show for years because I like its down home humor and it really is light hearted innocent entertainment. I have never one time, in all my Christian life, ever felt a check in my spirit about watching an episode of this show.

Now, when you, or Spurgeon, or whoever, starts calling watching this show, a "vain amusement" it is going to raise my hackles. Because the implication is that I am not spiritual enough or obedient enough to "perceive" that the HS is warning me about watching this, and you (or Spurgeon or whoever) has the right to tell me as much.

But it is EQUALLY possible that the Lord has no problem whatsoever with me watching this show. And THAT is why I have no check in my spirit about it.

That being said, YOU may have the hugest check in the world about watching this show. You sense the HS telling you not to watch it. If that is the case, you should not watch.

But just because you have a true check in your spirit, it does not mean that the HS is similarly checking every other Christian on the planet.

The tone of your posts is that practically anything other than Bible reading, witnessing, praying, is vain amusement.

I certainly shouldn't have played baseball, which raises my hackles once again because I loved playing baseball growing up through high school. My parents, who are very solid believers, and my dear departed grandmother, a saint of saints, loved watching me play and she loved her Chicago Cubs. But she loved her Lord and Savior far more. They never had an issue with me playing baseball. But you are suggesting that they were encouraging me to take part in a vain amusement and that their watching me play was a vain amusement. And you don't have any right to say that for anybody else, only yourself.

So that is probably why you are feeling a tad ganged up on. You are stepping on toes that perhaps do not deserve to be stepped on because the Lord has no problem with what the toes were or are doing.


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Great post Todd! May I interject something. I don't think Forrest has any patent around here on his thoughts, I think he might be feeling a little ganged up on, because he's sort of new, and come through the door with a Bible in one hand and a whip in the other. Maybe he was a southern baptist preacher at one time in his life. We've heard the same from a few others here, but I think we've grown immune to their rants. I've said this many times here before, we're all headed for the same destination, we're just on different roads, personally I want to be on the road the Holy Spirit is leading me down not man.


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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11



I did not follow this thread from the beginning, but we have to make it clear that SermonIndex promotes the message of holinesss and godliness and does not side with modern preaching that makes everything in our culture and world acceptable to the Christian.

On the about page is says:


Sermonindex is not an attempt by man to build something for God. It began as God gave the burden and only will continue as He is guiding the work being fully trusted. It began by a work of God's Spirit and for His glory: Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the LORD Almighty (Zechariah 4:6). The work and ministry of SermonIndex can be encapsulated in this one word: Revival. Concepts such as Holiness, Purity, Christ-Likeness, Self-Denial and Discipleship are hardly the goal of much modern preaching. Thus the main thrust of the speakers and articles on the website encourage us towards a reviving of these missing elements of Christianity. This biblical balanced Christianity is something needed desperately today. Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain (Psalm 127:1). The desire for a Spiritual Awakening (revival in a larger-sense) is close to the heart of this ministry. That we would see God working in such a way that sin would be forsaken, restitution be made, Christ honored and the morality of society even changed.


We are living in a day of deception where the things of this world are growing exceeding lustrous and bright and not "dim" as the hymn says. We are not to love the passing world (1 John 2:5) and seek things above (Colossians 3:1-3).

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Great post Brother Greg, I would love to hear a few of your personal thoughts on grace, I guess grace is still relevant, even in today's times.


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 Re: The Great God Entertainment by A.W.Tozer

The Great God Entertainment
by A.W.Tozer

A German philosopher many years ago said something to the effect that the more a man has in his own heart, the less he will require from the outside; excessive need for support from without is proof of the bankruptcy of the inner man.

If this is true (and I believe it is) then the present inordinate attachment to every form of entertainment is evidence that the inner life of modern man is in serious decline. The average man has no central core of moral assurance, no spring within his own breast, no inner strength to place him above the need for repeated psychological shots to give him the courage to go on living. He has become a parasite on the world, drawing his life from his environment, unable to live a day apart from the stimulation which society affords him.

Schleiermacher held that the feeling of dependence lies at the root of all religious worship, and that however high the spiritual life might rise, it must always begin with a deep sense of a great need which only God could satisfy.

If this sense of need and a feeling of dependence are at the root of natural religion, it is not hard to see why the great god Entertainment is so ardently worshiped by so many. For there are millions who cannot live without amusement; life without some form of entertainment for them is simply intolerable; they look forward to the blessed relief afforded by professional entertainers and other forms of psychological narcotics as a dope addict looks to his daily shot of heroin. Without them they could not summon courage to face existence.

No one with common human feeling will object to the simple pleasures of life, nor to such harmless forms of entertainment as may help to relax the nerves and refresh the mind exhausted by toil. Such things, if used with discretion, may be a blessing along the way. That is one thing, however, the all-out devotion to entertainment as a major activity for which and by which men live is definitely something else again.

The abuse of a harmless thing is the essence of sin. The growth of the amusement phase of human life to such fantastic proportions is a portent, a threat to the souls of modern men. It has been built into a multimillion dollar racket with greater power over human minds and human character than any other educational influence on earth.

And the ominous thing is that its power is almost exclusively evil, rotting the inner life, crowding out the long eternal thoughts which would fill the souls of men, if they were but worthy to entertain them. The whole thing has grown into a veritable religion which holds its devotees with a strange fascination; and a religion, incidentally, against which it is now dangerous to speak. For centuries the Church stood solidly against every form of worldly entertainment, recognizing it for what it was—a device for wasting time, a refuge from the disturbing voice of conscience, a scheme to divert attention from moral accountability.

For this she got herself abused roundly by the sons of this world. But of late she has become tired of the abuse and has given over the struggle. She appears to have decided that if she cannot conquer the great god Entertainment she may as well join forces with him and make what use she can of his powers.So, today we have the astonishing spectacle of millions of dollars being poured into the unholy job of providing earthly entertainment for the so-called sons of heaven. Religious entertainment is in many places rapidly crowding out the serious things of God.
Many churches these days have become little more than poor theaters where fifth-rate "producers" peddle their shoddy wares with the full approval of evangelical leaders who can even quote a holy text in defense of their delinquency. And hardly a man dares raise his voice against it.

The great god Entertainment amuses his devotees mainly by telling them stories. The love of stories, which is a characteristic of childhood, has taken fast hold of the minds of the retarded saints of our day, so much so that not a few persons manage to make a comfortable living by spinning yarns and serving them up in various disguises to church people.

What is natural and beautiful in a child may be shocking when it persists into adulthood, and more so when it appears in the sanctuary and seeks to pass for true religion. Is it not a strange thing and a wonder that, with the shadow of atomic destruction hanging over the world and with the coming of Christ drawing near, the professed followers of the Lord should be giving themselves up to religious amusements? That in an hour when mature saints are so desperately needed vast numbers of believers should revert to spiritual childhood and clamor for religious toys?

"Remember, 0 Lord, what is come upon us: consider, and behold our reproach. The crown is fallen from our head: woe unto us, that we have sinned ! For this our heart is faint; for these things our eyes are dim." AMEN. AMEN.

Taken from Root of the Righteous, Harrisburg, PA: Christian Publications, 1955, p. 32-33.

Taken from this blog:

~ Forrest

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I knew a brother who went to be with the Lord last year, He was the brother I have mentioned here on several occasions who used to drive 3.5 hours each way to teach a handful of hungry men whom God had called out of the institutional denominational church.

He was a gifted teacher but trust me he stepped on a lot of toes. This brother had lived a completely separated life, everything brother Forrest is saying this brother would give a hearty amen to.

I loved this man, he was a very dear and close brother in the Lord, but in the end of his life he had been abandoned by all in the area of spiritual things. He had seven children all of whom still go to church but even they had abandoned their father. I was one of only a handful of friends who spoke with him regularly at least 4 - 5 times per week.

This man had no ties, affection, or desire for the things of this world, He loved the Lord with all his heart and he was not a man who would compromise his beliefs for no one.

The reason he was left alone was because people could not stand his convictions, his convictions made them feel uncomfortable. When I first met this man and his wife they were happy serving the Lord and he had six of seven of his children still living at home. The eldest moved away estranged from his father till the day he died. Then his eldest daughter married, and then eventually another son rebelled against his parents wishes and eloped. Then another daughter married.

Then his wife died leaving him with three children left in the home. Two more married, and the last left in rebellion and went the way of the world for a season.

While his wife was alive and five of the children were home they began a house church and all five children appeared content in their families home church, many other families came and participated and eventually people began leaving offended even to the point of the children.

As his health was declining, he would not go to the doctor, hospital, or take medicine. Either God was going to heal him or he was going to die. I remember getting a phone call from him in the middle of the night as he was truly at deaths door but I knew a phone call to 911 was not an option for this man, period.

As he struggled to breath, barely being able to speak, and was cold and clammy, we prayed and warred because that was the ONLY 911 call he was going to allow. By Gods grace and mercy he rebounded and began to warm up, his breath came back, and the Lord intervened.

This happened several months later during the night and the same thing happened. He lived for thwo years after these episodes but was clearly declining in health.

I drove to his home 3 hours away the day he died, I got to pray with him and I was the one who had to make the call to 911 which was something I never would have considered before because of his convictions.

There were two elderly sisters in the Lord who also loved this man very much and they were there for several days because he could no longer care for himself and they cared for him and were heartbroken that his children could not see, admit, or believe their father was nearing the end.

As we prayed all day and ministered to him he couldn't even lift his head and realizing the two sisters caring for him would no longer be able to handle him, I felt a peace and the Lord told me to call 911. A couple of his children came and were shocked at his state of being and then the phone calls went out. They were horrified, shocked, and in tears.

They too knew their fathers convictions when it came to hospitals, doctors, and medicine. When I said it was time to call 911, and that the Lord said it was okay, they agreed.

As they put him on the stretcher he only had enough strength to say, "The blood of Jesus". I hugged him and whispered in his ear it was okay and that he was going to be with Jesus and that I would see him soon.

When he went to the hospital that man finally got what he had so longed for this side of eternity and that was to have his family united by his side.

Even the estranged son came and each one with heavey tears kissed and loved on their father and thanked him for being the man of God he was. He was far from fake or hypocritical, he was a man who chose to be separate and came out from this world.

Did I agree with every conviction, no, he was not my vessel, but the Lords. Did we ever argue, debate, disagree, no, because we loved each other enough that there was no desire to hurt or offend one another. It was true Christianity in its purest form.

Do you know why I will not debate or argue? Because of him, he was my mentor, my teacher, my friend, my example. He was a man of God to the utmost, one of the faces I look forward to seeing when I reach heaven.

If we have convictions, hold to them with everything you have, when others have convictions, don't try to talk them out of them, just love them, and pray for them, and in doing so, you will fulfill the law of Christ.

I say this with the sincerest humility and concern, I love you guys, you don't know what an encouragement it is to me, when we have moments of unity and like mindedness, extending grace and love to one another.

I love to see when heated discussions end up with an apology or confirming love one to another.

We had a young lady post here recently and shared a beautiful testimony at first it scared me because my first thought was, "Is she reading every thread"?

I was offended for her and ashamed. I recently seen a picture of Jeff's beautiful family and kids and I thought to myself, would I feel comfortable if they witnessed some of our discussions and debates?

I love 1 Corinthians 12 and I am going to do it a bit of injustice by pulling out two scriptures for us to consider.

1 Corinthians 12:25-26 KJV (25) That there should be no schism in the body; but that the members should have the same care one for another. (26) And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it; or one member be honored, all the members rejoice with it.

I will rest on this, time for bed.


David Fella

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