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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Is a male of more value than a female?

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 Re: I don't see anything wrong

No. I see nothing wrong with it means I need someone to explain what's wrong with it. Is that simple?

The context is: should we require gentile christians to keep any requirement that was given to the jews before?

We do things not because they are required, but because we want to do them. Why do we want to do them? Because the law of God is written on our hearts.

 2016/7/17 2:46

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Lol so can i get some tatoos

 2016/7/17 7:12Profile

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Savannah, Why do you call Julius J??

Julius graciously expressed that he does not take offense, but I am offended that you deny a brother the basic dignity of being addressed with his propper name. Even a criminal in court is called by his propper name.

You started a post about the estimated value of various persons. Are there persons in your view that are not worth being called by their propper name?

May the other brother who deliberately misspells Julius name take note of this, too.

2 Corinthians 11:29
Who is weak, and I am not weak? who is offended, and I burn not?

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 Re: why


You ask,

"Savannah, Why do you call Julius J??"

For the simple reason that if you take note of his posts, he ends with J.

If you take offense I extend my apology to you.

 2016/7/17 8:04Profile


If per chance the "playing the victim" & "veiled accusation" bit is directed at me - I wanted to address it directly not deceitfully: I gave (some of) my thoughts on the OP & maybe "why" or what is some of the "principle" or theme intent in the OP verse from the Law from what we see in the NT Clear and spoken plain as day. That the woman is "the weaker vessel". That's NT Scripture. In the full context there And the meaning of the original Greek, that isn't "just" talking about "physical strength" ONLY either I don't believe. And when it says to "live with your wife in an understanding way" in such context, and "I do not permit a woman to have authority (in the assembly - "synogagae" in the original) or to teach, but to be in submission" and "it was not Adam who was deceived, but Eve" (as one person already pointed out. And "but let a wife submit to her husband in all things...and a wife must respect her husband". I am just quoting the Word of God (NT Epistle clear instructive doctrine for the ekklesia no less).

That brought on a "sideways" set of comments of immediately posting comparing such Biblical evaluations to the abuse on women in Islam. That is not right, nor accurate, nor honest. So rather than skirt around and not address it directly, I did. That's how "speaking the truth in love"
Is pursued. I didn't attack you, malign you, or attempt to goad you on. Those things were never in my heart. I just thought comparing what God said IN HIS WORD (& even His Law in the OT) to Allah & the anti-Christ system of Islam was wrong. Dead wrong.

And FYI, I don't respect "the weaker vessel" less, but more. If you took on a woman's name to act like one on the forums, my first question would be "why?" Lol. Seems strange you even say that you would do that? I treat my wife with respect. And love her for the special place God gave her as a woman. And my children as children. And other women and children also. I never said (nor did anyone else?) anything about not being able to get an education or pursue a job (although I have NO problem stating that once a woman is married and has children Titus 2 & elsewhere are CRYSTAL CLEAR that her priority is in the home itself to her husband and children, before God. You may call that "Sexism" or "Patriarchy" or whatever. I call it clear Biblical NT Epistle Doctrine. I call the scoffing of that Feminism. And in certain cases it "may" be necessary (certainly single moms is one example) or whatever for a season, but in many cases in our society it is just from buying into the cultural philosophy, not being willing to make sacrifices, and not trusting the Lord by faith to provide (which we never SAW before provision was made as we have gone along, but have trusted God at His Word & He has made the way progressively as the years have gone by - and we have 7 kids on one fairly humble income & I am "an ex-convict who will never be able to find a job" as one prominent attorney told my mother in law many years ago. The Lord showed Himself to be true and every man a liar! 😊🙏🏻☝️💪🏻).

Anyways, if your comments were (in a veiled way) directed at me, they weren't accurate to my heart or intent. I just didn't take kindly to comparing the Lord and His Word to Allah & the doctrines of demons that make up Islam, sorry.
God Bless,

 2016/7/17 9:39


by jeffmar1130 on 2016/7/17 9:39:41

If per chance the "playing the victim" & "veiled accusation" bit is directed at me

No, you have never changed my name to a female gender. But, you should know this, already. I am not playing the victim because I have taken no offense and never brought this up. It was brought up by someone else in this thread. Not something I dwell on.

I have tried to make is easier for people so you can just address me as J.

 2016/7/17 9:56

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