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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Third temple - Is it the church?

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Hi Zsuzsanna,

Did you read it or did you mean you are going to read it? It was quite good. A lot of people do not understand why the Tabernacle of David was mentioned in Acts 15. I thought it was very enlightening.

Blessings to you.

 2016/4/17 15:54


Rev, stop it your making sense and negating the agenda. of J
and T. (Must be the same person or follow the same religion)

 2016/4/17 15:59

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 Re: Antiochus fulfilled much but falls short

My take is that much of it may have been fulfilled but not all of it could pertain to the historical Antiochus. Many who take this view seem to disregard the near/far fulfillment aspect and characteristic of much Biblical prophecy. The events foretold many times had a partial or near fulfillment in the immediate circumstances and life of the prophet and the nation yet the prophecies many times also spoke to and hearkened to a later complete and exhaustive fulfillment. So Antiochus, while fulfilling many of the prophecies, was still just a type of a distant and exhaustive eschatological fulfillment in the future. It can be demonstrated easily that many prophecies follow this same characteristic of near/far fullfillment.

Plus, it is said that after desecrating the altar by offering a pig sacrifice on it that Antiochus also erected a statue of Zeus in the temple. So Antiochus did not exalt himself and magnify himself above every god or so called god of worship. He pointed to Zeus to be worshipped and was thus keeping in line with the religion he knew. The man of lawlessness/son of perdition Paul spoke of will do far more than that as the spirit of antichirst long active n the world will find its full indwelling and manifestation in one person. It will be the mystery of iniquity come to full blossom, magnifying and exalting itself above god or so called object of worship as it particularly and specifically wars against the mystery of godliness that came to a full manifestation in Christ - "great is the mystery of godliness: He (Christ) was revealed in the flesh, and was vindicated in the Spirit" (I Tim 3:16.) The mystery of iniquity, opposing all gods but itself, can't possibly have been exhaustively fulfilled in Antiochus since he forced worship of Zeus. In the eschatological future, the willful king, the despicable person, the man of lawless/son of perdition, we will see the continuing struggle bewteen the two competing seeds first mentioned in Gen 3:15 and the seed of iniquity, the manifestation of the mystery of iniquity, will find a final and full manifestation. It will be the final outworking of the ancient controversy began in Gen 3:15.

*Rev 12:11!


David Winter

 2016/4/17 16:05Profile

 Re: almost agree

"The future prophesized events in the scriptures have all now been fulfilled. "
Not all only Daniel 11 and maybe some others

"The end is behind us and we are now living in paradise restored."
The end of the OT system is behind us, and through the blood relationship with God is restored for Jews as well as gentiles.(Hebrews 4:16 )(although the fullness of it will come later 1 Corinthians 13:12)

"The invisible kingdom had been established with the invisible king reining"
Invisible kingdom: church (Luke 17:21), Invisible king: Jesus ( Bible)

"Reining over the spiritual ethereal vapour like domain."
Reigning over the spiritual kingdom (John 4:24)

 2016/4/17 16:19

 Re: Tsuzanna

Sister just curious. Are you seeing the events as described in Matthew 24 being fulfilled in 70 AD. Not trying to get into an argument here.

But wanted to hold off on posting something until I understood it what your views were regarding Matthew 24.

Brother Blaine

 2016/4/17 16:20

Joined: 2006/9/16
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 Re: Basically another useless post

/Rev, stop it your making sense and negating the agenda. of J
and T. (Must be the same person or follow the same religion)

It offers no scripture or comments of its own but is made for the sole purpose of demeaning in a personal way other posters.

Do you have any views Notdarkyet that you are able to articulate and write out and not provide a link to or copy and paste? Or do you consider dropping in with personally demeaning remarks about other posters a sound statement of your views? What are your views and why do you never take time to write them out and express them in a civil and engaging manner as the others here try to do?

David Winter

 2016/4/17 16:29Profile

 Re: Tabernacle of David

Yes I've read most of the posts. What I liked was the sincerity and love in that thead, the topic itself was uplifting and enlightening, I finished with the feeling that God loves me. Theologically I did not know which points to agree with but I think I got the main message which is how the tabernacle of David represented more direct relationship to God than the
tabernacle of Moses and so it was a type of the church or Jesus himself.

 2016/4/17 16:32

 Re: Matthew 24

Not all. Some of the events, yes. Please see detailed in a previous post
under alternative theory. (Please see it as only a theory to be discussed)

 2016/4/17 16:37

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Joplin, Missouri


In verses Matthew 24:4-14 Jesus talks about wars coming , the destruction of the temple, the fierce persecution of the church by the Romans, and the free spreading the gospel after that persecution is over. In verses 14-23 he talks about the days of the destuction of the temple. The disciples receive specific instruction how to save themselves when the Roman army is coming against Jerusalem. In verses 23-28 he warns the disciples not to be deceived about his coming and describes what it will be like. Verses 29-31 are about how the old testament system would fall and His church (or the kingdom) will shine and spread througout the ages. Verses 32-35 tells the disciples that these things (end of OT system) are near and will happen in their life time.
In the verses after this he talks about his second coming and the end of the world and how to be ready for it.

Thank you for you perspective, but I am having a bit of trouble with some of your interpretation. For example, I cannot reason how you say verses 29-31 of Matt. 24 speak of the change of covenant from law to grace. It seems to me with the other verses, you are reading an opinion into the verses, giving them that flavor. Matthew does not clearly indicate that verse 15 and following speak of the destruction of 70 A.D.. One must read that interpretation into the text in my opinion. What one reads into the text can very heavily effect ones interpretation. I do know that Daniel speaks of the people of the prince that is to come, which I take to mean that there is a relationship between the destruction of 70 A.D. and the abomination that makes desolate, but that they are not the same event. Two time periods and two different people. One in 70AD, and the other by the prince that is to come.

I don't think that Matt. 24:34 is difficult to interpret, but I think many traditional eschatology teachers have read into it something that may not be there. The budding fig tree, in my opinion, is not Israel becoming a nation. There is no clear reason for it to be. Instead, it is an analogy of our seeing the signs and knowing the time is at hand. An likewise, I do not think "this generation" is those who were live when Israel became a state again. Again, we would have to read something into the text for that interpretation. Instead, it is that generation that sees what was just mentioned previous to that statement...The person that sees all of these signs taking place, including the sun being darkened and the moon not giving her light.

Just my opinion.


 2016/4/17 17:24Profile

 Re: Tsuzanna

Sister thank you for responding to my question. I was going to post something but I think I will hold for now. I do not want to interrupt the flow of the conversation here.

 2016/4/17 17:42

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