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Jeffmar, besides Joel Richardson who's books have you read?


 2016/4/11 12:38


I think Jeff has read the Bible. :-)

 2016/4/11 13:16


Do you think all we need is the Bible?

No books?


 2016/4/11 15:27


Charles Spurgeon, Horatius Bonar, AW Tozer, Leonard Ravenhill, Michael Brown, chip brogdon (though I vehemently disagree with his thoughts on ultimate reconciliation), John Piper, Paul Washer (Gospel series), David Kirkwood, Lots of Andrew Murray, Oswald Chambers, CS Lewis, John MacArthur, David Wilkerson, John Bunyan, various other "Puritans", Jonathan Cahn, Art Katz, LOTS of Auto-Biographies of historical preachers/theologians/missionaries, etc. I have a pretty decent library, why?

"Read lots of books. Major on scripture." The books that do the best job of expounding explain and tying in relative Scriptures are the ones I tend to like the best & The stories of great missionaries and preachers of the past who lay down their life for the gospel

 2016/4/11 15:43


Sorry, I meant books on the subject of Mystery Babylon.

As for books in general I understand you completely. I actually had to start a used Chrsitian book company to thin my collection years ago. Churches, retiring pasters etc would call me to take theirs away. At one point I ended up worse off ( I sold 2200). Today my collection is manageable ( at least by my standards) we moved last summer and my 4 boys might say my collection is still a tad big LOL.

I like Joel and have all his stuff but Mecca? Who would care? Who trades with Mecca? Why would the sea merchants be weeping? It doesnt sit pon many waters, But nukes hitting the US major cities ( Which are almost all coastal )at the same time ( a single hour, burns forever, not inhabitable )and the US Dollar is instantly worthless, that would make them weep. A new world currency instituted and no single military power to stop it in the mayhem? There is only one group interested in controlling the world, and besides the Church only one group that thinks its the worlds savior. The Anti-Savior or Anti-Christ and that is Islam.

Marc mc

 2016/4/11 17:19


Mecca is in Saudia Arabia. Who trades with them? "Petro-Dollar"? And the more I dove in (almost by accident) & looked at the Biblical texts line by line, the more it made sense. Check this YouTube video & then Joel's teaching & then tell me if "there's even a crack of doubt" of what you've (& I've) always previously thought?

1.) search on YouTube:
"Babylon the great & the Caliph Antichrist"


2.) search on YouTube:
"Joel Richardson 2015 - The Underground Episode 7, Where is the United States in Bible Prophecy"

I'd be curious if you had any doubts after hearing out the case entirely?

God Bless,

 2016/4/11 17:43


"Sea merchants" - are "merchants of souls"

Revelation tells us that "sea" = habitation of people

Even the OT tells us that.

Religion trades in the souls of men.

 2016/4/11 17:58


Jeff back to my point who other than Joel agrees with that position?

Marc mc

 2016/4/11 18:17


Not sure to be honest. I know whoever took the time to break it all down on that YouTube video obviously does.

 2016/4/11 19:20

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I too looked at the whole Masons thing for years, and still could not connect the dots to Mystery Babylon

"The syncretism -- "the mingling of fable with truth" -- of masonry is well known. The tragedy is that the Christian church, in a misguided desire for "peace", has allowed the leaven of the occultic -- the leaven of the Freemasons -- to mingle with born-again believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. This has "neutralized" the power which God, the Holy Spirit, wishes to pour out upon God's people. " [James L. Holly]

"...the Masons apply their occultic symbolism to Biblical vocabulary" (!!)

Freemasonry is the true successor to the mystery religions.

Wilmshurst affirms:

Freemasonry is the modern manifestation of the ancient mystery religions.

 2016/4/11 20:06Profile

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