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 It's Time to Get Back to Jesus - 1

THERE is only one safe and sure center of Christian experience, doctrine and testimony and that is Jesus Christ. Stand at any other point, no matter how good, and you will become lopsided. Stand with Him and you keep your balance, for by Him all things consist.
- Vance Havner

Our life is not to be found in our correct doctrine or in our piety, as important as these are. To get life from these is religion. Our life is rather to be found in Jesus Christ, and in Jesus Christ alone.
- Gregory A. Boyd

 2016/3/6 14:13

 Re: It's Time to Get Back to Jesus

In the vein of focusing on Jesus, here is something I worte a few years ago............

The Character of Jesus is higher than the highest heavens. His love and compassion and mercy and obedience are beyond what our feeble minds can comprehend. And since we can only compare with what we know, we can say with full assurance, and still fall pitifully short, that our Saviors love would render the deepest ocean to but a single tear from the Masters eye. The sun that blazes brilliantly in the sky, but a spark compared to our Lords burning passion. The universe and all others combined, smaller than the smallest chamber of His heart. This is the God we serve; this is the Jesus of the Gospels; this is Jesus, God amongst us:


You are higher than the highest heavens
You love is deeper than the deepest sea
Your mercy is beyond all comprehension
And your grace goes on eternally

You are the bread of life, the one true vine
You are the glorious gate for the sheep
You are the way, the truth and the life
And deep cries out to deep

You are master and lord and king of kings
You are worthy to be praised
Your the anointed one, the prince of peace
I will worship you all of my days

You are the ressurection and the life, oh lamb of God
You are the creator and ancient of days
Your the alpha and omega, beginning and end
You are perfect in all of your ways

You are the conquerer, creator, exalted one
You are victorious over death and sin
Your a father to the fatherless, faithful and true
You are this fire that burns deep within

You are my rock and my fortress, the foundation of life
You are the God that healeth thee
Your the lion of Judah, my lamb of God
You are the Christ that set me free

You are incorruptable, infallible the hope of mankind
You are the light that shines in the dark
Your majestic, omnipotent, eternal king
You are the lord over all of my heart

 2016/3/6 15:18


Thank you, Frank.

I hope others contribute to this thread anything and everything that focuses on the Person of Jesus Christ. It's hard to divide on the Person of Christ and I hope we can see that He is the most important topic to agree on.

 2016/3/6 15:56


Amen. We can certainly disagree (if we are humble, teachable, gracious & kind) on "non-essentials" (meaning non-essential to salvation, but not necessarily "un-important"), grow in certain areas, grow in our understanding, etc. (as the scripture says, "and if on some points we disagree, this too God will make clear" - to us in His timing, my added) but we can certainly all agree that "THE MOST IMPORTANT (though not the ONLY important thing) is the person, work of, & ongoing ministry in our lives now of Jesus Christ!

 2016/3/6 19:58


Yes, amen Jeff.

Apart from Jesus Christ who we love and serve and Who loves us, nothing is so important that it can keep us from walking in unity and brotherly love.

Romans 8:38-39

For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,
Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Not even disagreements can separate us from the love of God, because we agree on the most important Subject.

 2016/3/6 22:46


THERE is only one relationship that matters, and that is your personal relationship to a personal redeemer and Lord. Let everything else go, but maintain that at all costs, and God will fulfill His purpose through your life.

- Oswald Chambers

 2016/3/6 22:47

 It is time to get back to Jesus, alone...

When you can't figure out whether to sit at His feet, walk in a manner worthy of His call, stand in battle, or run the race with diligence, it is time to get back to Jesus, alone.

When you can't even remember: The twenty-two characteristics of a good wife or husband, the seven steps of appeal to authority, the eight things to do when you are worried, or the nine ways to love, it is time to get back to Jesus, alone.

 2016/3/7 20:27

 Re: It is time to get back to Jesus, alone...

When you hear: it is pre, mid, post, a, or pan, don't take the "mark," it is "time, time and half a time," and you can't get through the next hour, It is time to get back to Jesus alone ... When you hear testimonies of others: raising the dead, praying all night, fasting forty days, leading thousands to the Lord, and memorizing the entire Bible, and you hear it through someone who hasn't done any of it, It is time to get back to Jesus alone...

When you hear: have faith, work hard, repent, conquer, give, suffer, sacrifice, evangelize, make disciples, wait on Him, walk in Him, pick up your cross, claim your possessions, and pray, and you feel pulled then different directions on a rack, It is time to get back to Jesus alone ...

- Jim May

 2016/3/8 21:08

Joined: 2011/8/14
Posts: 1044


But truly Julius,..we know, there is a "JESUS',...and there is "ANOTHER" Jesus.

There is much deception in the world.But do we always want to hear
about it ?

Would you not say that there are many people,that are truly being deceived,that think that we can 'just "have" Jesus',...a man by the name of Jesus,...the word wrote-out,..and thinking they have the real Jesus ?

Not really knowing,that His Name is EVERYTHING,that is in that Name ?
...The WHOLE Word of God, What He spoke,..preached,..taught ?..And unless we have that Jesus,................?

I am thankful,that through His Shedding of His Blood for us,an entrance,into this Life has been afforded for us,as He draws us by His Grace,to KNOW this true Jesus...He truly desires this for us.

May we grow up together,in Him.

Please bless us all with the GREAT BLESSING,of hungering and thirsting O'Lord.
And thank you O'Lord,For knowing all about us,and caring.


 2016/3/8 21:58Profile


Amen, there are many false Christ's. We did not receive a religion about Jesus but rather the actual Person. Jesus did not call us to religion where all these false Christ's come from but to Himself.

THE so-called "church fathers" of the first few centuries of Christianity . . . reduced Christianity into moralistic and ethical religious rules and into creedalis-tic concepts of correct content of thought. They so quickly let go of the dynamic life of Jesus Christ as the essence of Christianity, and allowed it to become merely a belief system.
- James A. Fowler

 2016/3/8 23:26

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