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 Jessie Penn-Lewis 1861-1927

Hello there,

There are three main biographies of Jessie Penn-Lewis:

Mary N. Garrard: Mrs. Penn-Lewis - A Memoir
Published by the Overcomer Bookroom in 1930, 307 pages

J. C. Metcalfe: Molded by the Cross - The Biography of Jessie Penn-Lewis
Published by CLC in 1977, 141 pages

Brynmor Pierce Jones: The Trials & Triumphs of Mrs. Jessie Penn-Lewis
Published by Bridge-Logos in 1997, 349 pages


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 Re: Jessie Penn-Lewis 1861-1927

I was in conversation with someone on 'the war' just last week and we both had the same reactions to it. It is very repetitive and neither of us had been able to finish it in spite of starting it several times.

I find it too negative and would certainly question many of her ideas. I suspect that it is her outworking of the care she offered to Evan Roberts following his breakdown. I acknowledge the danger of passivity but she makes the saint so vulnerable that life seems to become something of a minefield. I find the New Testament so much more robust than this.

Sometimes people have personal direction from God in their counselling of others that cannot be denied but I always question the wisdom of publishing and so making a 'manual' avaiable.

Personally, I would not recommend 'the war'.

Ron Bailey

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I mentioned it to my pastor that I started the book and he recommened that I did not finish it. He said he did not agree with Jesse. And he mentioned that he felt she did not bring anything good to Evan Roberts. I agree with what you posted.


Josh Parsley

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 War on the Saints

I agree with you brothers.

I read the whole book twice many years ago. The whole outcome was negative. I question many things that are said in this book, many things that cannot be substantiated by the Scriptures.

I do not recommend this book to anyone.


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